Meet the GT4 players...

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  1. Skython


    New Zealand
    I didn't even notice that it said MPH, I just read it as MPG.
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    PARAGON GT Premium

    United States
    Lets see . . .

    Looong time GT player just stepping back into GT 4 again from a year or 2 break. Working through what car to use on a new game that I haven't already used.
    Completed GT1, 2 & 4, never completed 3 for some reason.
    35 yrs old, married, 2 little ones.
    Love classic cars.
    Halo addict, getting into GOW lately.

    Ummm . . . thats really about it.
  3. hot_shoe



    I ride an '84 Nighthawk 650. It doesn't look like much, but it was the fastest 650 of the day. Most reports claim a 12.1 quarter mile, but I found one magazine that said they ran 11.8's. Hydraulic valve adjusters, clutch, and cam chain tensioner, and shaft drive delivering 72 HP. Doesn't sound like a lot, but the 750 Interceptor didn't have that much more. It requires about as much maintenance as a car, it's extremely comfortable, and I love it dearly. You might want to look into a Nighthawk-ish bike - standards/UJM's are easy to ride and great to learn on. Most people get bored with a 250 in about three weeks, just keep that in mind. Sorry for the diatribe....

    In fact, that's why I couldn't complete all my races. I didn't do Autumn Ring because a last minute motorcycle trip to the mountains came up. :D

    My kit car tastes change every day, but I was never a fan of the Cobra. It just seems so generic. I find engine swaps more interesting, but that's just me.
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  4. AndersonG22


    Nice bike man, Im getting a 250r because Ive never drove a motorcycle before. Once I master the 250r I should be able to get most my money out of it when I sell it to upgrade. After that Id like to get a race bike with mirrors, a super sport, either a yamaha yzf r1, gsx r1000, or cbr 1000rr. I might get a 600 if the 1000's feel to heavy in the turns. I might have to get something that doesnt have an extreme riding position such as the bikes I listed above, the bikes I would love to get. I have a torn muscle in my shoulder, I really hope it doest bother me on the bikes I listed. Ill probably get one and ride it for a few months to see if I can strengthen my shoulder. Who knows, after I ride the 250r, I might want something entirely different.
  5. Fabianoprkr


    Meet the GT4 players? Meet the post thread!

    I'm 18 years old, living in ugly Germany -.- . I'm Fabian I'm 18 years of age
    At my Freetime im Doing some Parkour and Freeruning
    I use The DS2 Controller. In 5 days i have the DFGT :)
    I play GT4 and GT5. I Started with gran tourismo 2 and ps1.
    Im a Very Good driver
  6. BH-21


    United States
    What is so ugly about Germany, when I was there the land and scenery were pretty nice.

    To bad a real license isn't as easy to get there not to mention a car to use it with.
  7. PF


    Wow, what a spinout, yesterday, perhaps 8-10hrs before your post I was thinking 'What was the username of that bloke that used to post on gtp heaps several years ago and I used to get confused with Parnelli?'
    Good to see you back, mate, just as I'm starting again too.
  8. Silverknight22


    United States
    I guess I'm one of the younger ones then

    I'm Harrison,12 and at freshman in high school. Even though I have a PS3 and GT5 I still like to play GT4 for fun. I still use a DS2 and like the wheel but nothing's better then the original package. Happy birthday to Your granddad Mike and Happy Birthday SVX

    PARAGON GT Premium

    United States
    Yep, I'm still around. Never really left. Just kind of lurk around now a days.
    I spend a lot of time in the rumble strip just reading things.

    After finally hitting 100%, I kind of fizzled out on playing GT.
    Then I got a 360 and became pretty addicted to Halo.

    But still here.
  10. SVX

    SVX Premium

    New Zealand
    Thanks a lot mate!
  11. hot_shoe


    12 years old and a freshman?
  12. lan88


    Im Lanny and im 12. I play maplestory, but my dad hates me playing any kind of games. Ive been a car fanatic since infancy. My favourite car is the Pagani Zonda C12S 7.3. My fave used to be the Lamborghini Murcielago. I use a DualShock2. Im asain. Im an atheist, and I've never really understood religion. My fave car in GT4 is the Minolta because its so dam fast. My fave production car in GT4 is the Ford GT, its real fast with great handing.
  13. barrelroll


    hi guys...

    I am aby,13 years old,im indonesian and im 9th grade class,i have played playstation since 2001 (how lucky i am.) and getting addicted with gran turismo with my brother.currently playing GT1,GT2,GT4,GTPSP.i love group C cars and F1 favourite car is tommy kaira zz2 '99 (until they redesign it.) i am muslim,and i like drawing,creating fantasy group c dream is become a game maker or race car designer(like newey,or gordon murray)..

    Well,nice to see you guys.This forum awesome.
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  14. PsYk0Wo1F


    I am Alex, 15 years old living in australia, i use an xbox 360 controller to play gt4 (i use pcsx2, parents wont let me set up the ps2 much >.> yes i do own the disc, its a legal copy) and my favorite music is techno / dubstep / hardstyle, along those lines. Im beginning to get into music and making some of my own, you can listen here if you want :)
    Its nice to meet you all :D
    Oh i forgot to mention, my favorite car is the 180sx, and i also play GTPSP aswell as GT4 (lack of a ps3 prevents me from playing gt5)
  15. VicGuanajuato


    Hi everyone!

    I'm Vic, 32, married, from Guanajuato, Mexico. To be completely sincere, I hadn't played this game until some months ago; now, I'm a big fan for GT4, GT PSP, and GT5.

    I'm a translator and teacher. I love prog rock and classical music. In fact, music is my life. Also I love reading.

    Well, that's who I am. Thank you!
  16. E RaK

    E RaK

    United States
    I'm Evan,, I'm 18, and I share the same birthday as SVX! I haven't been playing GT as much as I used to, but instead drive real REX's and STI's at the Subaru dealer I work for! Otherwise you'll find me karting at F1 Boston and whipping the 3 series shaggin' wagon along the north shore!
  17. ianmcnll


    I'm 62, so I guess that makes me the oldest so far.

    I am a Yamaha keyboard clinician, currently working with the Tyros4 arranger keyboard.

    I'm using Logitech G25 and love GT4.

  18. BobK

    BobK Premium

    Heh, you're at least two years short on that. I'd make the claim myself, but there's at least one gentleman whom I believe is older than me.

    In any case, welcome to GT Planet!
  19. Cedar


    United States
    I'm Seth!

    14 years old, turning 15 in one week's time!
    I've always been a car guy (I could lean out the window of my mom's Nissan Quest and name the make, model, and year of every car I saw when I was 5), and I plan on going into some type of automotive engineering.

    I've played GT3 since I was 7 (never have gotten to play GT1 or 2), and got GT4 as soon as it came out. Got to 98% completion, then my grandparents moved this year (it was my grandfathers PS2), so I took home the PS2. I hope to get a PS3 and GT5 before Christmas if I can get straight A's this quarter.

    I'm a Christian, but I feel I haven't been living out my faith as I should... no major stuff like homicide or messing around with anyone, just not living my faith out well.

    So yeah, there's a quick background for you! :D
  20. Bopop4


    I'm James and I am 16. I have been playing GT for 10 years now and have raced karts for 4 years. I also dirtbike and ride trials. Still have the original PS2 from when it came out and it has not broken once. I also like to swim, bicycle, and knex.
  21. Corr


    just an old guy, ;)

    played GT series since it the first one came out and everyone after that except for GT5, which, from reading the forums here, isn't much to miss. Anyways, unemployed for the time being, used to work high-tech silicon manufacturing and burnt on that career. GT4 is the best of the 4 that I've played for one feature, B-SPEC. I got some serious carpentunel in my right thumb from playing the series so much *grin* I 'might' reconfigure the controller but... NAW.. definitely a solid B-SPEC'r..

    see you guys on the boards.. ;D
  22. DX_9


    A 2 YEARS BUMP!!! lol.... i guess i gonna revive this thread cause it sounds good...
    I'm Dimas and i'm 13 (yes. 13.) i'm just a "fat" (is 62 kg too much for me?) kid living over here in Indonesia where my buddy doesn't even know what is Gran Turismo :banghead: i've played GT1, 2, and 4. the first time i play GT is when i visit my uncle which have a "brand new" PSX around 2004. He also bought some games, and i love cars back then (still love cars even today, after a transition to be a PC Gamer) so i picked this game with a big GT writing on it. and then i just fall in love with it. then around 2005 he gave the PSX to me (yay :D) and i bought GT2. fall in love. again. in 2007 my dad bought me a PS2. then bought GT4 as the first game. can't stop playing it until now. (still remember when i struggle to do a lap of Seca with a Citroen Cwhatever :lol:)

    if you don't understand what i write, sorry for my Engrish.
  23. nitrorocks


    United States

    Similar goals for me.

    I'm Kol, 17 years old. Christian, try to apply that to my life. I used to play GT all of the time, but am usually into PC-based sims nowadays. I love racng, and my ultimate dream is to become a racing driver. I know that's difficult though, so I'd like to either run my own business, or do something as a race engineer. I also watch mass amounts of TG.
  24. Zooleg


    Hello, Im a 16 year old and I have been playing GT my entire life (just after I figured out how to accelerate in GT2) I would play my GT4 more often but all of my PS2 remotes die after about 5 min into the game. I finally started to get around the track cleanly when GT4 came out. When I started in GT2 I would never brake, and I mean NEVER even at Seattle Circuit, GT3 showed improvement after some attempts at braking, and in GT4 I was able the give to the A.I. a good fight. GT5 was my first GT I did fully by myself, with level 40 A and B-spec. With watching Top Gear, and playing GT6 I can give a fight to some people, but I can accept a lose. I do play some GT1 on my PS3 and really have some fun there. Finally I have never FULLY completed (100%) a Gran Turismo.
  25. Gema GTR

    Gema GTR

    Gema, 16 years old, from México, played 1 to 4 GT and GTPSP, my favorites are GT1 and GT4.