Meeting with Kazanori Yamauchi him self

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hi every one :)

during my trip to japan couple of weeks ago, i had a chance to visit Polyphony Digital studio.

the day i visited the studio was a non-working day for them. but thanks to Sony for arranging with K.Y him self to be there just to meet with me :)

there were only me and my friend, K.Y, interpreter and a couple of sony staff. they intoduced me . and he congratulated me for my wining :)

the guy was super cool. he is as kind as you all know him from the videos over the internet, even more, he was so humble as if he didn't do such a great thing to the gamers world :)

we spend more than an hour there, and we toke a tour on the studio and he explained every section of it .

after that we sit and start my Q&A as if i were investigating him :)

i asked i alot of question, maybe some questions been asked before by magazines, i think other haven't been asked before.

i really want to write everything here but i'll just stick with whats most important info he gave me.

to be honest alot of his answers i felt like he didn't want to expose detailed info.

-first of all i asked him about the Nurburgring, when its coming ? and what takes it so long? and i told him that alot of people waiting for such a great track.

-K.Y simply said its gonna be in GT5

- then i said GT5!!!! Ohh my God !! thats way to far from now.

- "he laughed" and said : why are you saying that ?

-Me: because of what i know is that the team still didn't think even of targeting a release date for GT5 and to be honest i dont believe GT5 will come before 2 years which is a long time/

-K.Y : "2 years hahaha, no no. dont worry much about that its gonna be sooner than expected"

- Me : any hint about when?

K.Y: he laughed again and said soon.

-Me: how do you get the feedback from the gamres of the game ?

-K.Y: we have a staff that surfs the internet specially looking for such detailes, collected from reviews, forums ....etc.

-Me: is it these informations taken only from japanese gamers?

K.Y: No, we also look into europe and the u.s gamres

Me: any near update coming to GT5 Prologue?

K.Y: we just released the Spec 3 update and about future update there is for sure.

Me: is it soon ?

K.Y: "smiled" we will anounce it in our website before there is any update. but we will anounce the information only before an update is goin to be released in a couple of days like what we did in spec 3. even GT5 will release at the same way "laughing" we will do every thing as a surprise.

Me: about being able to have our own private room for racing is it coming soon ? a 1000's of people were hoping such a feature is coming to the last update (spec3). and i think its the most important feature that the game should consist . rather than what we do now from syncronizing our watches just to meet our friends on a race (and i explained to him how)

K.Y: "laughed" thats crazy but also that feature is coming to GT5 for sure .

Me: ok there is one question that have never been asked before, and a detail that had never been officialy mentioned any where. which is the "catch up mode" or "Boost" as GT4 stated it, some people call it "Rubber band effect" whats the deal with that ? everyone is annoyed of it , is there is any chance to get rid of it in the future?

K.Y: "ahhaaa" we but that feature to allow a fair race for everyone for instance, if you started in the 16th position in a rooling start at fuji-speedway there is no way to win the race. also it does help but not that much. its only active when the gap is huge (more than 2 seconds). also there were some event that the RBE were not active. we will only remove it completly only when there is going to be a qualifying laps to sent every on position in the starting grid. Plus only very good and proffesional players will like playing without it active.

Me : what does it actually do ? is more grip ? or more speed ? for the left behind cars . or less grip, speed for the leading car?

K.Y: its a compination of both grip and speed for both.

then he asked me whats your favorite track in the game?

i told him suzuka .

then he said ok .. then we'll but an event called super-proffesional-event where the RBE will be disabled just for you "and he smiled"

then i asked him about porsche and lamporghini's are they goin to be in the game? why isn't already?

K.Y: the thing is we are working on it , because like the porsche have some contracts with other games manufacturer, and those contracts has just ended so its possible for us now to negotiate.

Me : what about the damage feature ? how far is it?

K.Y :thats also coming. the negotiations are taking place already. the only problem is that some manufacturer like porsche (NOTICE HE SAID PORSCHE, DOES THAT MEAN SOMTHING ALREADY HAPPINING) say's its ok to crash and total our cars we have no problem, and other manufacturer like Ferrari say's : we won't allow you to show some damage on our cars even if its the side view mirror damage :).

then i asked him : is there is anything you can show me that have never been anounced. or anything new?

K.Y: what would you like to see?

Me: Nurbargring maybe..!

then we walked to the console and started it, and it started as some data base with alot of cars names and alot of tracks, me and my friend tried hard to look into the list, what i can say is that there were a lot of cars.

he asked me what car to chose. i said F430. then he started the game and said here you go give it a try :)

i was about to cry that moment. a full lap in ferrari F430 at the Nurburgring and K.Y him self watching me :).

after i finished a full lap he said wait ...... he changed somthing and said here you go .. its the lemans track give it a try. :)

everything was happening like a dream to me my mind stoped thinking whats going on :)

after i finished a full lap at leman's track.

i thanked him for his time and toke a couple of pictures with him .

but the surprises didn't stop there.

he bring to me a Ceramic-White PlayStaion3 console and a White PSP and said "if you have some space in the airplane you can take it with you :) this CW PS3 model havent been released yet in the market (i think he mean the japanese market)

i asked him for a signature on the PS3 and the PSP and he said yes sure:)

that was one day that i'll never forget, i really had fun. he was dealing with us as a friends.

i know i missed a lot of questions i didn't mentioned here but this is what i remember and most important info.

guys please forgive me if my english isn't that good, its my second spoken language. so please take it easy on me about the grammer and the spelling thing :)


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WOW, Thanks for sharing that with us. I am very encouraged by some of Yaz's comments like, damage in GT5 for sure sounds promising.
Sooo jealous right now.....

Thank you so much for asking good questions, finally a actual Gran Turismo fan asks the questions 10+ rep :D


Did you drive a high res version of GT4's Nurb or a new remodelled version?
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Wow, that's a fantastic opportunity. Thanks for asking the questions we've all been wanting answering (even if he didn't give too much away) 👍 :cheers:

It's a shame you didn't get the chance to rabbit punch him in the back of the head for not including working reverse lights so far.
Well that was an excellent post (even with those grammatical errors, I forgive you) and a good read. 👍 Sure sounds like you really had a good time there, too bad it was on a non-working day, could have been a better sight too see them work there and what they actually do on GT5. ;) Sigh, wish I could be there as well someday..... :(

Anyways, looking forward to the pictures (if you are posting them here at least)
good for you!
looks you had the time of youre life^^

great questions and answers ofcourse he would not spoil everything yet but it looks promissing.
how was "the ring"? can you compare it to gt4 or even the "new" gtr evolution track?
and how was Le mans?

so we all would like to know if there are more relevent questions you asked give us all q&a :P

but great for now. you made some of my day thnx. and great fun with the white ps3 etc:)
WOW you are very fortunate, Do you have any pics to post of your trip?
Or the signed ceramic white PS3. Would be nice to see how it looks in white. :) Oh, and this may be the most worthwile interview with KY in ages. 👍
Cool story, KY seems like he's a pretty cool guy in person. It also shows that he's interested in what the fan have to say, which I think a lot of game designers forget now days. Do you think you can upload the pictures for us? I mean come on, we'd all love to meet him, why not show off a bit :P. I'd like to see the white PS3 as well if it's possible, I wanted one to begin with but had to settle for the piano black one.
Nice work!! atleast we have some info now... LOL Cool that you got to meet him though.. :)
Great work... you are one lucky man :)

And one more thing... Porsche is a possibility... WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic Q/A session.

Why professional journalist's don't ask these questions is beyond me.

Very revealing answer regarding RBE.

Very nice.👍
But why is Ferrari allowing Forza to have damage on their cars but not Gran Turismo?

Because Forza car models look CRAP!!! LOL.... the GT car models are TTTOOOO beautiful to show crash damage 👍

This is possibly one of the best GT5/5p interview so far... all the Qs that fans would want to ask & not the marketing bulls**t that magazines dish out.. Great job! You're the MAN.... hope to see the photos you've taken of your Japan trip soon.

Great post, Super Fla - thank you so much for sharing it with us and i think you did a great job with the questions you asked:tup:. I´m sure i had been to excited to remember all the questions,lol.
I really hope that the super professional online race will come soon:tup:
BTW, the signed white PS3 could be something for ebay,lol, but i would keep it like a treasure...
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Great post/interview. Some nice info in there, hopefully PD do get porsche & lamborghini on board as they're really missed. Also found it interesting he said he assumed only the best racers would want the RBE turned off. At least from what i read, it seems like the majority want it off, not just the better drivers. Anyway you're a lucky guy & hope you had heaps of fun :)
Great post/interview. Some nice info in there, hopefully PD do get porsche & lamborghini on board as they're really missed. Also found it interesting he said he assumed only the best racers would want the RBE turned off. At least from what i read, it seems like the majority want it off, not just the better drivers. Anyway you're a lucky guy & hope you had heaps of fun :)

Yeah, very good read, thanks for posting.👍

Unfortunately K.Y. is really wrong about the RBE.. even friends of mine who never played a racing game before got mad at me when I turned it on on GT4 to 'help' them.
It simply destroys the aspect of simulating real driving!
However if GT5 doesn't have a option to turn it OFF, I won't buy it.