Meeting with Kazanori Yamauchi him self

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WOW i´m impressed! thanks for this questions @super_fla and thanks Kaz for the answers! it changed my mind abou kaz that he doesn´t care´s about their fans...

And GT5 will come sooner than we think,thats so nice to read!

What you think,how many ~ cars where there on the list? more than 150~200?
Congrats on meeting Kaz. It is nice to know that we don't have to wait 2 years for GT5. Man, what I wouldn't give to have traded places with you. Still, those were great questions you asked.👍
That's great. Your English isn't to bad either. 👍

What a great opportunity and experience. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us!!!
awesome job man and you got most of the important questions out there. though im disapointed you didnt try and select a car that wasnt on gt5p just to see if he had it on his database of cars he dosnt want us to have yet ;).
wow, super_fla, sounds perfect. im happy for you, and also for us getting some info. i would like so much to have been in your shoes. great Q&A man. thanks for posting.
Great questions and very interesting answers.

To be honest you experienced something i dream since years and im jealous, really, really jealous.
Thanks for sharing!

And congrats that you could live my dream. ;)

EDIT: And what cars did you spot in the list?
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Awesome story! A very rare opportunity that most of us could only wish for. :)

Nice of them to give you a white PS3 and PSP - the signed PS3 looks sweet!
Super fla Thanks a lot for sharing....Have you seen the damage pictures or something like that? Is SPec 3 contains damage or friend list? thanks
Perhaps in the context of this interview, GT5 and GT5: P could be the same thing - well, that's how I view it. Effectively they are. Same codebase.
please ,can you tell us a bit about the "feel" of the f430 when you drove it on the nurburgring???did you notice any difference in phisics compaired to the specIII we are racing at this moment???......

yes i noticed that the car got more grip, and i was using S3 tires. more easy to drive , different from what we have now in spec 3.

i also asked him about the physics tweaks they are doing in every major update, like the specII update was a huge jump from specI , then specIII physics goes back alittle toword specI physics why is that happening?

he said we want to reach a point where we are completly satisfied, thats why going back and forth and between is the only way to reach it.

also talk to him about the power-shift with the G25 :) i told him that was really somthing too bad its not there anymore.

he laughed out loud and said : that because shifting like that way is nothing near realistic.

also i saw that shifter from the porsche new steering wheel on the table, K.Y said that this wheel were send to us to test it (but by the look of his face he wasn't interseted)

If you could choose one prize of the following three, which would it be?

1) The GT5: :Prologue racing pod.
2) The flight to Japan with a drive in the new Skyline.
3) Meeting with PD in their offices, Kazanori Yamauchi with Q&A session plus signed ceramic PS3 and PSP.
thats a tough one.!!

Well if people started to ask questions about the game, might as well ask while I still can. When you were there, did you have a tour of the whole area? I don't really know where I saw it, but did you try their simulator as well? I think it looked something like this:


Besides this random question, did you spot anything else "interesting" while you were there? Like maybe some race cars or special memobilia....... :)
we saw the GT4 simulator this one
and other stuff like car parts like after market rims , GT-R bumber

and also as K.Y said the dance floor were the party takes place :), you can see the DJ equipment on the left
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That must have been an amazing experience, super_flo! You're a lucky man indeed :sly:

Thank you for coming up with intelligent questions and sharing the outcome with us, along with a few nice pictures. I really enjoyed reading your story 👍 Your post also strengthens my belief that the final GT5 will live up to my expectations :)
I'm so jealouse I can't even explain... That would be a dream! Sounds like you had the time of your life and that White PS3 just like, doubled its value!!! Sexy consul! How nerve racking that would have been!
This is really great, super_fla, thanks for sharing! It looks like you will be on the news page once again. :) Did you get a chance to ask him if he is familiar with GTPlanet? I know one of Sony's executives has mentioned the site before, but not Yamauchi himself.
This is really great, super_fla, thanks for sharing! It looks like you will be on the news page once again. :) Did you get a chance to ask him if he is familiar with GTPlanet? I know one of Sony's executives has mentioned the site before, but not Yamauchi himself.

when i asked him about the source of the feedback they relay on, i kept in mind to mention gtplanet next. but the excitement and the full list of questions in mind that wanted to come out all over together is the reason to forgot about it along with other important questions.
man your lucky to have a ceramic white PS3. that thing looks beautiful. now i want to have one imported to go with my white controller.
Me: about being able to have our own private room for racing is it coming soon ? a 1000's of people were hoping such a feature is coming to the last update (spec3). and i think its the most important feature that the game should consist . rather than what we do now from syncronizing our watches just to meet our friends on a race (and i explained to him how)

K.Y: "laughed" thats crazy but also that feature is coming to GT5 for sure .
You're one lucky man super_fla.

Totally understandable that you forgot a couple of questions.
Your head must have been reeling.

Looks like you impressed Kaz too with the pedal mod 👍
Thanks for sharing your experience with us
yea know one thing i hope will happen now is all the pessimism will stop when a show comes up and no announcement is made for GT5 or GT5P because as kaz said himself that all updates are going to be released only a few days ahead of time to surprise people ALONG WITH GT5 itself...which that seems really odd to me the last part. so the next time E3 or TGS or and show that PD shows up to plz dont cry when no announcements are made. thats really starting to get annoying.
Looks like you had a great time. Some good questions and a couple of reasurring (sounding at least) answers. A lot of people would love to get to do all that. I noticed you saw a bunch of TVR names, any specifiacally :dopey:? I guess a lot of the names had parts written in Japanese though. Thanks ofr sharing this experience with us 👍.

I'm not into Forum Bumlicking, but thank you for doing the BEST interview with The Man that I've ever read. You got some great info from him, and asked all the questions we're so eager for all the Pros to ask on our behalf.

I'd like to hate you (especially for that signed PS3!), but I'm just really happy that you got to do what everyone on this forum would absolutely love to.

Great stuff, thanks again.
Best interview ever. Thanks for sharing it with us. I so envy you right know :D. If there is one thing I would like to do is meet him in person, just once :D.