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If you guys struggled with this race just wait until you do the GR1 race at Daytona!

I won these races relatively easy, I can't get past 6th at Daytona.

I either can lap faster than the leaders and catch them, wearing out tyres and gulping fuel or I can I stop for fuel on old RH tyres and lose 3secs a lap. Either way this will take some beating :-(

So far tried, Toyota TS050, Audi '16 and McLaren Vision. BTW the McLaren is very fast :-) And nice to drive.

Oh and finally, the AI ALWAYS cut the Bus Stop chicane and DO NOT get a penalty where as You have to be every careful not to. BTW they will even cut the grass and overtake you there as well >:(
try mazda lm55 vgt it is a beast you will won definitely
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I used the cappuccino and there are a couple of tips:
1. Make an SUV out of it- max the ride height, that should give you a bunch of pp to play around with. You can lower other suspension values as well to get more pp
2. I shouldn't have done any weight reduction so I went with +200kg. That allows you to get more hp
3. Last 2 races you need top speed so take off all the downforce
4. First 2 races, make the transmission as short as possible, Tokyo you need to make it longer
5. MOST IMPORTANT TIP: you MUST set traction control to 0. Having any traction control, even 1, will completely kill your acceleration.

If you follow these tips, this menu actually becomes really easy

great tips, was gonna post similar.

  • you HAVE to set TCS to 0.
  • focus on horsepower at the expense of handling (jack up the ride height and car weight, to give you more headroom on PP)
  • tailor the transmission for the race.

that will get you there.
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It was very easy with the Copen. You dont even have to be able to drive in my eyes... I used this tune for the Autopolis Endurance race, and had no troubles with it in the menues...

Only things to mention: Dont uses any aeroparts, Shortshift

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I put the big turbo and a race flywheel on the Suzuki, if you shift it a bit early it flies past the other cars. It does take until the last lap or 2 to catch the leaders on one or two tracks though.
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The magiorre race made me throw my controller. Had to turn off brake assist, traction control, add downforce on the back, and use manual shift. Terrible, just terrible.
Low RpM Turbo is kind of pointless with the cappuccino, so please use the HIGH RpM Turbo and just reduce the engine power a bit... you still have a better power output at the end of the rev range.
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I used a tuned Cappuccino and placed 1st in all 3 on first attempt. Use the Cappuccino and put all your remaining available PP into power. These cars are so underpowered even on CS tires (required) they can handle the tracks assigned in MB40. I don’t know how to post screenshots from PS5 here, but I tuned it to 101hp by adding a few parts and did some minor tweaks to suspension to allow me to extract a little more power from the tune. Add racing brake pads, they only add less than 1 PP, but allow you to remain full throttle until VERY late in these tiny underpowered cars, which IMO is a must as you’ll see the AI braking way earlier and taking longer to accelerate out of and away from the turns.