Microsoft xCloud Streaming Beta Begins For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers

I don't have a controller, but I loaded it up on my S10 5G and the intro screen worked, at least.
I've been using this for a few weeks now (beta version) and it works pretty well, when connected to 5 GHz wi-fi or 4G mobile.

I've been playing Streets of Rage 4 and FH4 mostly, using a DS4.
Can we expect to see Forza Motorsport 7 and 6 on xCloud, along with FH3 and FH2? As that would be awesome, I own them all so if that had to a factor of be cool with it but hopefully not. Would be great if they added the other Forza games too. Tried FH4 today at work on 4G, flawless so far but only loaded in home and cars no actual gameplay yet heh.
Even if I was a Xbox user playing games on a small mobile device or even a pad is just not for me....far more for playing racing games. I can't appreciate playing those things on a small screen. I need a big screen in order to enjoy in general and as for racing games I need to be able to connect to and use a wheel.