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Hello everyone!

This page is about my ongoing project.

Built upon pez2k's GT2 plus (mainly for the fixes).

My goal with GT2.1 is to hopefully make GT2 the best it can be, while also being a showcase of most of what can be done to the game.

  • Completely redone opponent pools and tuning (with actual car parts!)
  • Removed any and all rubberbanding
  • Texture and model fixes/improvements
  • New race soundtrack (within the current limitations of hardcoded track lengths, and period accurate)
  • Fixes in physics and other broken parts (such as TCS)
  • Lots of little graphical changes
  • Inclusion of as many new cars as i can fit in it
And a whole lot more stuff here and there.

If you've been following me on YouTube, you've seen my mod in all my recent videos, even if it doesn't look too much like it yet xD

If you're curious to see modding research and discoveries, head on to this thread here. You'll find all the stuff we've done, including things included in GT2.1 eventually :P

Now for a few screenshots:
Title screen for GT Mode

Retuned GT500 and GT300 cars

Renamed cars for improved clarity in menus

Altered replay names to reflect cars better, as well as 2 little graphical changes that makes night tracks so much better in my opinion... can you see them?

A few examples of the changed opponent pools (Sunday Cup 1-3 here)



Here's my spreadsheet. Make of it what you want lol. It's a bit of a mess xD
The interesting parts will be in the ToDo tab.
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This sounds awesome @submaniac93

Any intention to add new events or is that too much work at the moment? The last I read about adding events was it was a pretty complex process, I've not kept up to see if there are any breakthroughs there.

My attempt to get involved in creating new car textures failed miserably and I've not had much time to try again/keep up with modding news.
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Creating new events is technically easy, the problem is that the game can't load them, instead going for vannilla ones. It seems there's some hardcoded stuff in the game that currently we can't avoid in regards to events. So i'll be editing only existing ones. Thankfully, there are many already x)

Currently, i'm focusing on the opponents. It's a very very long process (creating, editing, deleting literally thousands of entries, as the vanilla game already has 1200+ entries and it seems to have room for more)
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Pretty cool. If this is based on GT2+, is there anything major from GT2+ that doesn't make it over to 2.1?
Nice one, Submaniac! Can't wait to try this out!!
Also, good luck with the development.
I got a question: this will support only PAL initially? Or you'll port things over to the other regions eventually? (I play the NTSC-U version mainly cuz that's the version that got shipped where I live and the Soundtrack).
Also, the USA version got some cut tracks, if you made a US version, would be cool to se these tracks back, specially Cars from Fear Factory
This sounds awesome! Can't wait to play it when it's released.

Will you release a list of the opponent rosters and their tuning (or at least tire choices), so it will be easier to match our own cars to the events?

If you need any suggestions for music, I made this playlist of "supplemental" songs based on the sound of the original soundtrack, all released around that time.

EDIT: (Language warning for some of these songs...)
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@Epic B
I started from an old build of GT2+, but i'll only be keeping whatever fixes (or remaking those i'm missing) pez2k made for the game. I'll update cars that have wrong specs according to his data (like on the Golf V6) but the rest will be my own work.

@Alex Carriel
PAL base because it's what i'm used to, much like it was for pez2k, but i'll do a similar thing to GT2+ where i'll have patches for all versions eventually.

Thanks, but i've already made the OST into the game, so i won't be using anything else for now.
However, all 3 regions have different hardcoded track lengths, so i won't be able to have an unified OST (sadly) so i'll keep those in mind for later.
Also considering i'm not expecting everyone to like the songs i've chosen, depending on how hard it is, i might make 2 versions of the patches, the second of which keeps the original OST.
About the opponent roster, i likely won't make a detailed list of their tune, but i'll write the tires they use somewhere, as well i'll provide saves with all of the tuned opponent entries (not those that are stock though, or race cars), so that anyone can go head to head with them.

I've not gotten around to it yet, but i'll try and put my spreadsheet online so that y'all can see what i've planned, and what i've done.

EDIT: I posted a link to my current spreadsheet. I'll update it from time to time.
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In a while lol. Won't be releasing anything until i've completed most of the opponent revamping. Since that's kind of the focus i'd like it to have substance whenever i release the first alpha.
And since my free time is limited by my job, it'll take a while.
this news is really great! i hope in some new livery .. i saw something on your youtube channel ... focus, supra etc .... great I'm with you
Are you going to do something with the opponent list in the Luxury Sedan Cup? Are they gonna keep being only LUXURY sedans, or are you going to include some cheaper ones? Because, with the name of the event, it sort if seems like what's in the game is correct, even though that makes it very expensive to participate if I want to play along and pretend the events actually have limitations like this.

Also, one that could be changed is the first Wagon Cup race, to use slower ones, as they would otherwise go unused.
I've tried to include as many different cars as possible within the implied limitations/theme of the events. So luxury will stay luxurious-ish. Some entires are cheap in comparison, like the Xantia, but since that one is technically the top of the line model of the time, it's kind of fitting.
My opponent lists are in the spreadsheet linked in the OP, you can check it out. I'm not gonna make any major changes from it anymore. Most of what i need is there already, as well as ideas for alternative ones if the seemingly hardcoded list of events is broken one day and we can add more events.
Is it possible to add racing modifications to cars that don't have them, not even in a beta version (if a model was created)?

If so, it would be interesting to see some, like the Midget, hehe. Or a RUF. Wasn't there one RUF used in Pikes Peak, or some other hillclimb rally?

EDIT: Also, where do I look to know what those codes on your spreadsheet actually mean (which cars they are)?
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I don't know .. I would like to ask .. is it possible to put martini livery on alfa 155? I saw that the martini livery already exists in the game, could it be transferred to the 155 cleaned from the red etc? I ask
it would be dynamite

155 martini racing.jpg
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@RodSk8Dude It should be possible with pez2k's latest tooling. Creating or editing models is possible via the use of Blender (which i hate so i've not come around to do much besides lose brain cells trying to understand how to use it).
But technically, even if it's just a texture edit, creating a RM has been possible for years now.

As for the body code to car name reference, i've added a page to my spreadsheet using pez's own dump of data. My own list is a mess to port to excel since it's a .txt file and his is much more precise because it lists the correct name for each region as well, while mine is a frankeinstein of NTSC and PAL.

@Mattiko88 Yeah, anyone can go ahead and make that, i'm not stopping anyone. I'd be delighted if more people wanted to play around and make things for GT2!
However, "porting" isn't a term you can use with GT2, you can't port a paint scheme, you have to adapt and paint it yourself on the texture of the car, because each car is drawn differently in some way, and there's a super high chance of whatever base livery you want to use not fitting properly on your targeted model.
Speaking of 155 liveries, the 155 DTM and the racing mod for the regular 155 (which is based on a BTCC car I think) have the liveries swapped around in game.
Speaking of 155 liveries, the 155 DTM and the racing mod for the regular 155 (which is based on a BTCC car I think) have the liveries swapped around in game.

It's not necessarily as simple as that - the DTM car doesn't match any of the Supertouring liveries, it's purely fictional. The RM is fairly accurate to the DTM livery, but there were several Supertouring 155s that ran in a similar livery, like the French 1993 car and the 1995 JTCC car. Rather than entirely retexturing the whole car, it'd be easier to tweak it into the JTCC car (although still a very lengthy job).
Hello. I may ask an incorrect question: is it possible to increase the number of opponents on the track? I mean, the competition will not be 1 or 5, but for example 7, 11 or 15. Is it possible to implement this? Thank you in advance for the answer.
There is no way to change the number of opponents with our current knowledge, but provided we could, adding more is totally impossible. Besides some of the old GT1 tracks, that have support for up to 13 opponents depending on the tracks (or at least, they have working grid spots), none of the GT2 tracks have more than the required 6, and the game won't load more than 6 anyways.
Hello. I don't know if you will approve of this idea. Is it possible to have rivals in the Event Generator using a racing modification? I mean, if you entered the Event Generator with a racing modification applied, then your rivals also use a racing modification like you. Is it possible to implement this?
Hello. I don't know if you will approve of this idea. Is it possible to have rivals in the Event Generator using a racing modification? I mean, if you entered the Event Generator with a racing modification applied, then your rivals also use a racing modification like you. Is it possible to implement this?
I'm sure you can set it so that the AI cars are using racing/race modified cars, but I'm pretty certain you can't set it so that it will choose racing cars/race modiified opponents based on the car you enter being a racing car/race modified.

It would be a nice if it were possible, I just don't think it is.
The event generator is specifically designed to omit race cars and RMs from its pool sadly, so i can't do that. Whether you use a race car, or a race modified one, it won't ever pick a car that uses a RM or is a race car.

So what i'm doing instead is making a stock version of every car in the game as an opponent, so that if i ever don't use a certain car, it'll at least have a chance to appear in the event synth. Race cars excluded of course.

I've done a test a while ago by removing every opponent but 2, one of which was a race car, and the game never used it against me.

While doing this testing, i figured out that the game picks opponents as close to your car's power level. So if you pick a car that's 500hp, it'll try to pit you against any car close to 500hp, tuned or stock.

Found a screencap i did, the second opponent was the HKS 180SX.
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Please work on this. This is exactly what I've wanted in a mod for GT2. It sounds awesome! Thank you!
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There is nothing to restore about the car. It only ever was a name text in the game's files. So no, neother pez nor I will create it, most likely. At least i have no current plans to.
It's also not really a real car, I think it's almost definitely just another place where PD got a name wrong and corrected it later in development, like the 'GT40 Mark III Race Car' mistake.
@submaniac93 I saw you'll put the Opala, and as the creator of the body, would ask you, kindly, if you can, credit me as "Dark Magician".
btw, if you want, you can use the dekotora77's rFactor sounds for Bravo Modding Team's Ford GT LMGTE, since they sound quite similar.
and my sound suggestion for racing exhaust
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