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  1. GTP_ADE

    England Hethel, Norfolk


    FINISHED ??? Nah...Almost 1 whole year since the last Mini Madness event, we will return to where it all began. Monaco. Lets see GT5 out with a bang.

    Sat 9th November 8.00pm GMT.

    Sign up open.

    Registered drivers.


    Room will open at 8.00pm GMT, qualifying will start at 8.15pm GMT. Race 1 @ 8.30pm GMT

    Car..Classic mini cooper 1.3i (standard)

    Race 1...Monaco...16 laps

    Race 2...Monaco...16 laps

    Date...Sat 9th November 8.00pm GMT

    Tuning...Absolutely everything...182 BHP (when run in)

    Weight reduction...Full strip down...652 KG

    Tyre...Sports soft

    Transmission...Fully customisable

    Suspension...Fully customisable

    LSD...Fully customisable

    Regs...All driving aids off except ABS

    Room settings...Grid start, Grip real, boost off, damage weak, penaltys off, boost off, slipstream weak.

    Pit stop...Not compulsory.

    15 minutes qualifying. Fastest first, then reverse grid for the 2nd race.

    These races will be held in my private lobby at 8.00 pm GMT, so if your interested please post in here with your PSN and I will send you a Friend request. Any skill level welcome, just as long as your a clean racer.

    This event is for FUN, which means there will be NO points and NO prizes. Bragging rights are all you will be racing for and to get your name on the Mini Madness wall of fame (if you win). The grid is going to be fairly full and some accidents are going to be unavoidable, but please try to keep your driving as clean as possible. That means NO punting, ramming or blocking on purpose. If you do cause a crash, or make someone else loose a position due to careless driving, you must slow down and let that driver back past. Any DIRTY driving will mean exclusion from any future MINI MADNESS events.

    Before entering room please re-boot PS3, ensure PS3 date and time is set from the internet and clear cache.

    Headsets are welcome, but if more than 12 drivers attend, please switch off during the race.

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  2. jamesybograt


    I'm in mate
  3. GTP_ADE

    England Hethel, Norfolk

    Great, should be a LOT of fun, fully tuned the little mini reaches 183 BHP, full weight reduction gives 652 KG. Thats 273 BHP per ton.
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  4. coop500

    Scotland Norway

    Im up for this :)

    PSN Cooper500sport

    I'm no good but I'll stay clean! :D
  5. GTP_ADE

    England Hethel, Norfolk

    Great, you are in. PSN FR sent.
  6. GT Flaw

    United Kingdom Newcastle

    I'll be there.

    What car do you think I should pick for the 2nd race jamesy? :p
  7. GTP_ADE

    England Hethel, Norfolk

    Haha, I think that is a gauntlet well and truly thrown
  8. jamesybograt


    I'll pick it up and slap you with a lap of monaco.(shazamm:lol:)
  9. GT Flaw

    United Kingdom Newcastle

    I'll get some laps in tomorrow night and that'll determine the smugness of my next post.
  10. GTP_ADE

    England Hethel, Norfolk

    That is indeed a very respectable time. I have managed a, but that was a trial with the pad, and an auto box just to see what the mini was like.
  11. R063R

    Northern Ireland N. Ireland

    I'm in too, guys.

    I had a wee nosey thru the garage earlier and I have it picked out already if I somehow manage to grab first place.....
  12. jamesybograt


    well if everyone has picked the car (if they win) we should put it up hear.
    (just to see if we pick the same ones)
  13. R063R

    Northern Ireland N. Ireland

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours....
  14. jamesybograt


    mine's a big un
  15. jamesybograt


    just a hint .
    it will be a FR car between 388pp and 512pp :lol:
    (sorry no race tyres)
  16. rbl007

    New Zealand Hamilton

    I'm in. Just as soon as i finish this 1000km Suzuka Race in the Red Bull X2010
  17. R063R

    Northern Ireland N. Ireland

    Oooooh, behave....

    Wouldn't be the Jaguar XKR would it....? I hadn't realised how much of a beaut she was - even if I don't get 1st in MMM then I'll be having some fun with her in photomode
  18. WarriusZero

    United Kingdom Cumbria

    I can't ignore the effort made. I'm in.
  19. GTP_ADE

    England Hethel, Norfolk

    The grids filling up nicely, and we still have 2 days to go. Itsginge wants to race with us, but doesnt have the mini, so if any of you have a spare, or even one in the UCD, would you be kind enough to add him on PSN and lend him the car for the race.:tup:
  20. coop500

    Scotland Norway

    I can but it wouldn't be till fiday till i could send it.
  21. GTP_ADE

    England Hethel, Norfolk

    Ok mate, I will let him know, unless anyone else has one that they could send earlier. Are you looking forward to the racing?
  22. coop500

    Scotland Norway

    Yeah should be good, I'm kinda biased towards these cars though! Would love there to be a premium one in an update. The model used in the game is pretty shocking!
  23. GTP_ADE

    England Hethel, Norfolk

    Thats why I picked it, I have never seen anyone host a classic mini race, and now you can change the rims, it looks mean when fully slammed. It is a bit of a handful though, but should be fun with a good number on the grid.
  24. coop500

    Scotland Norway

    Yup! should get a race series going :D . If we had a livery editor it would be great!
  25. GTP_ADE

    England Hethel, Norfolk

  26. GT Flaw

    United Kingdom Newcastle

    You can have it back now, . :)
  27. jamesybograt


    well we can share it if you want

    looks like its going to epic if we can keep it up through the race:sly::lol:
  28. GT Flaw

    United Kingdom Newcastle

    I'm curious now what's your xxx,mine .247

    Pretty sure there's a mid 1:54 in there if I can string my best sectors together.
  29. I'm up for it,

    PSN cozjnr
  30. R063R

    Northern Ireland N. Ireland

    I am SO off the pace for this one that it isn't even funny.....
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