Morse code on Nike One 2022

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    What does it mean? The pictures I took of it were on the "backwards" side of the car (the one where the writing and decals are backwards sometimes), and it didn't make much sence. After reversing the image, it came out to "". Any ideas? The URL doesn't work, and searching on Google resulted in nothing. This name isn't even in the GT4 manual's credits. <--actual picture <-- reversed (to read as above)
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    alright now thats just weird, good eye on pickin somethin like that out

    now I'm gonna be sittin all day tryin to look online to find what this is, better call work and tell em I'm gonna be late
  3. Freq


    Not all of the code is visable in my pictures. In whole, it's "," which is the site for an automotive designer. ^///^ Sorry about that. It's a neat find, neverthelss. I couldn't find crap for this on Google or the forums.

    Sorry to anyone who got as excited by this as I did last night.
  4. LoudMusic


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    Interesting easter egg. Thanks for sharing (:

    So how's the Nike car drive? Is it worth spending time with? What kind of mods and tuning can you do?
  5. dreesemonkey


    That's a really cool find! Good eye :)
  6. AEM Spec V

    AEM Spec V

    You can't race it in any races, but it is fun to drive, pretty quick.
  7. ewitspaul


    cool thing about that car that I find is, it has 8 gears
  8. zr2man


    Sweet find. You must be very observant. The nike car is pretty pointless because you can't race it at all in any races, very dumb.
  9. Cosmic

    Cosmic (Banned)

    Sounds pretty useless then.
  10. Beltaine


    There ya go. Obviously Nike paid the man to design the vehicle. Not sure where else it appears, but it seems sort of silly for a company unrelated to the automotive industry to pay someone to design a vehicle for them to be used in an automotive video game.
  11. LoudMusic


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    I wouldn't call it useless. From my experience most people that spend lots of time in Gran Turismo just run repeated hot laps in as many cars as they can on their favorite tracks.

    Is it tunable? What kind of engine / motor does it have?
  12. LoudMusic


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    I believe they call that marketing. Now every young boy who plays Gran Turismo 4 has an image of Nike making cool stuff.
  13. 79vettfan


    the car is useless and you cant even get money off of it so whats the point of spending time or money on it
  14. hacker-pschorr


    .....and here we are on a web forum talking about it. Next the hotwheels car.
  15. F1GTR

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    Gran Turismo has,in essence, become a billboard
  16. devilman2075



    well the poitn of teh car is it is set in nike had them make it saying that u never knwo what could happen in the future and anything is possible

    i cant wait till 2022 and i can get me a real nike i wish
  17. LoudMusic


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    Because it's fun. There's a LOT more to the game than completing the Simulation mode.
  18. Effo_Nienforr_S


    The Nike car has 8 gears for some reason. I would think the programmers know enough to realize that this car would not even have gears, per se. Technically, you would have 2 gears, forward and reverse, however, this car does not have a transmission at all. The car operates exactly the same as a mag-lev train, with the wheels being the magnetic track, and the axle floating above the low point of the rim, acting as a stator.

    awesome idea for a drive train, no moving parts, and no mechanical restriction on speed. only ONE problem... how to power the thing.
  19. thegreatms


    i just send an email to this Phil Frank guy, he wrote me back in like 5 minutes, I gave him a link to the thread. Maybe he will stop by.

    here is the email:


    Thanks for the note. I designed it for the collaboration between Nike and GT4 so all were in the loop. Where did you hear about it?

    Phil Frank

    -------------- Original message --------------

    Nice little easter egg on the nike car in gt4. I wonder if the nike guys even noticed it?

    Michael S
    Mechanical Engineer"
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  20. Jondot


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    Can anyone show me a picture of the whole car, unfortunately as i live in the uk, i'm only gettin gt4 in 5 days time, and i would like to see what this weird car looks like. By the way, that's weird! Why put a url in morse code backwards?:crazy:
  21. Jondot


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    Don't worry about posting a pic, i have just found the car on the car list, well i say car!
  22. homer110123d


    I thought that when it said I couldn't race it because it was a special car it meant I had to have the S liscence to race it.
  23. denki


    the turning ratio of the nike is ludicrous, because the front wheels are so far spread apart for such a tiny car. and for the three seconds i played with it, it tops out at 138 mph, which may or may not be changeable. i didn't really care, as it is, really, a useless car, and i would much rather have won a 4WD car i could actually use in the game. even if it was a storia 4wd from daihatsu, i could tune it and use it in the K cup, but nooooooooooo. crap nike. the only cool thing about it is the glowing airbrake thingy in the back. you'll see it when you get it.
  24. jimihemmy

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    it sounds like Mr. Frank put his own little signature in the car....who would have thought that the LED pattern was morse code! It's probably just his way on getting his name ON the car...

    sort of like the Rockstar logo constellation in the Grand Theft Auto Series.....

    btw, great find! :tup:
  25. pfd


    Here you go. The drivetrain and interaction concept behind the Nike ONE from a few car/sports guys within. The overall idea was for a fun collaboration with our friends at GT4 and nothing more. Some of the stuff below is pretty rough and "innovative" so be prepared.

    [The idea here is that the below content would be displayed in the context of a search performed on the ssww (solar system wide web) during the year 2022].

    EMC2—Eletro-Magneto-cumunetics, Version 2: Nike Patent


    The super efficient transfer and storage of kinetic energy to usable electromagnetic energy. Service Release 2.


    In 2012, The Nike Sports Research Lab developed the first so-called Spark Suit. Essentially a wearable generator, it used nano-ion pumps to convert any movement—running, walking, even breathing, into usable electricity. A new generation of Microbatts and Microcaps made it possible to capture and store this electricity for later use. This technology has affected geo-politics worldwide and seen various applications in the sport world, especially as evidenced in a new vehicle called the Nike ONE.

    Early History

    The Spark Suit was essentially an accident. Originally developed as a training counterpart to Nike’s Swift Suit, it was designed to strategically impede movement. Internally called the Slow Suit, the idea was that strategic impedance would build muscle mass and improve coordination—Like the weights used by baseball players in an on-deck circle. This clothing would subtly and strategically strengthen and hone an athlete’s muscles.

    The year was 2002 and Nanotechnology was in its infancy. Perhaps the greatest design challenge that Nike faced was in bleeding off the charge that inevitably built up around the nano-ion pumps. These microscopic bio-machines convert kinetic energy (movement) into tiny charges that cross potassium-sodium pathways by the mech-version of saltatory action—basically a muscle cell in reverse. Muscle cells generate tremendous heat. Since our bodies have an incredibly sophisticated system for dissipating heat, the early versions of the Spark Suit tried to utilize the body’s natural mechanism for thermoregulation. They were brutally hot. As the effectiveness of the nano-pumps increased, the thermoregulation solutions had to keep pace. Nike designers experimented with a method that turned the electricity into light—hence the name Spark Suit. These versions were incredibly bright, as energy was bled off via fiber-optic pulses. 10 years in development, the Spark suit looked to be doomed to obscurity.

    Microbatts & Microcaps

    Fortunately, Nike’s research was synchronous with the development of ultra-efficient, superconducting batteries and capacitors—so-called Microbatts and Microcaps. When Nike designers made the connection that there was no need to dissipate the energy—that they could effectively store and transfer it—a revolution in product design was perhaps the smallest result.

    Global Upheaval

    Within a few years, global energy policy was turned on its head. N.O.P.E.C, the New Organization of Power Exporting Countries quickly replaced O.P.E.C as petroleum reserves dwindled and extraction became too costly to justify. Any nation with an active populace could become a world power. The so-called “sportocracies” gained prominence as countries slow to catch the EMC2 wave saw fossil-fuel powered industries fail against the comparatively cheap bio-lectricity. Even a small country with 300 million people could capture 20 terawatts per day, more than enough to power heavy industrial concerns like automotive manufacturing. As individuals became their own power source, obesity rates world-wide dropped drastically. Hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and type 2 adult-onset diabetes were effectively eliminated.

    Nike, while releasing intellectual property rights for the good of the planet, has stayed in the business of product design.

    The Nike ONE

    Their new EMC2 vehicle—the Nike ONE, uses the next generation of the E-Suit combined with heel mounted Microcaps and internal Microbatts to power its HEP drive (Human Energy Potential) with speeds up to 230 MPH. Because the vehicle is powered solely by an individual’s personal energy reserves, transferred to the Microbatts from prior training sessions, combined with their ability to create energy on-the-fly, a new breed of athlete has arisen. Intense mental focus, combined with the need for tremendous physical stamina and a unique blend of fast/slow twitch muscle fibers, make those who master the Nike ONE amongst the most respected athletes on the planet.


    Training to compete in the Nike ONE at an elite level is legendarily intense. Foundational methods follow the basic tenets now familiar to users of Nike’s EMC2 products. Specifically, focused neuromuscular control training to recruit adjacent/local muscle groups (plyometrics) combined with strategic high-load strength training. Intensive cardio work is recommended to improve the efficiency of aerobic respiration. Meanwhile, elite drivers of the Nike ONE have been known to pursue intensive regimens aimed at building tolerance to lactate, a harmful byproduct of anaerobic respiration. This is commonly referred to as pain-training, or PT, and is NOT RECOMMENDED for any but the most serious competitors. PT Methods include sitting against a wall for hours on end, repeated deep lunges while carrying enormous weights, and so-called micro-methods, like standing on the tips of your toes or hanging by the hands from a bar for hours at a time.

    About the Car

    Drivers of the Nike ONE describe it as a cross between wearing a machine and being a machine. Control, acceleration and braking is achieved with the large muscle groups of the legs and arms, similar to working on gym training equipment vs. traditional wrist and ankle movements. The driver controls are centered around a gyroscopic cyber-throttle which integrates cornering, acceleration and braking in a single mental motion. The mind-machine interface uses one non-invasive bio-port at each hand to connect neurotransmitters in the brain to neuro-tranceivers in the vehicle CPU. All controls feature the latest generation Supersensortm components enabling micro-resolute command-calls for maximum efficiency in breaking, acceleration and cornering. Drivers say it helps them make tiny adjustments in speed and direction, and contributes to their overall feeling of connection, power and oneness.

    The Nike ONE utilizes heads-up display with race line tracking, energy reserves, etc… Max Optics Smart Glass that adjusts color to conditions for optimal contrast and clarity, Hub-less MMIW micro-motor-in-wheel, carbon/titainium weave flex frame/suspension, active aero, variable profile regrind tires (motorcycle-like strait line profile and racing slick-like cornering profile) combined with active camber/caster, Nike SHOX seat suspension to name a number of the high-end innovations.

    Now was that out there or what?? Check out the images.

    I'm out. Phil

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  26. BaronCAD


    And you get paid to make this stuff up!!
    You are soooooooo lucky :) :) :) :) :)
  27. BAZZ


    Neat idea indeed. And looking forward to taking it for a spin in game.

    Dont think im gonna pull up on a drive-in with one irl but maybe thats just me.
  28. Carl.


    Awesome design Phil. :tup:

    Nice to have you stop by here!
  29. Freq


    Golly, look what I started! :D Thanks for the background info, Phil. Those renders are kickass, by the way!
  30. Blues


    Rather impressive.

    I wonder what programs he/you used for designing? ie, CAD/Solidworks or 3DSM styled things.