Multi-monitor support in GT6?

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    Everyone will tell you to buy 3 instead of 5 and go bigger. But before you listen to them, look at the angles they have to put in on 3 big screens to get the 180 degrees field of view (FOV) (which is what your really want).. Its obscene. Maybe with large, wide, curved screens I can see it working, but that is going to run to how much??

    Flat 27" screens are really cheap. 5 of them means less angle between each screen. Mine are 27's and I have a 180 view with a really shallow transition angle from 1 screen to the next. The extra ps3's cost me about $40 each!

    But beware..... 5 screen support on PC (should you be planning to go there) is a tricky business.

    The gaming community will grow tired of VR real soon - wearing a sweaty headset is not fun, and the FOV is shee1te - you HAVE to move your head to look around as you will see nothing from the corner of your eye. All the while screens are getting cheaper. At the end of the day, it depends how much space you have. My 5 screen rig is over 2.5M wide and about that deep once you take the seat into consideration.

    Is there an any advantage in buying GT5 academy over standard? I ask because I am looking to buy 5X GT5 - mainly because there is apparently no limit on screens (gt6 limited to1X3 or 1X5), so I can perhaps go to 9X2!!!!

    If it helps, here's a vid I made for the "racing school" on the hub.... it was very difficult to get the 5 screens in the frame (I had to put the camera at the back of the room), and it really does no justice to the feeling you get when you are sat in the middle of them.

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