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This is a thread dedicated to Need for speed Shift 2 where I'm going to upload every mod i had. The final goal of this thread is to make a mega patch of all the stable mods the game had until now
Unfortunately to make the mod patch (which im going to name patch 1.3) the base game needs a heavy redesign, so if your goal is to play with the mods im going to post, you're going to need the patch for the game. Which I named patch 1.2
The link for the thread is down below, so first, check that one
Now because of the bad optimization and insane amount of issues that can happen here is a discord link where i am more active than here
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To begin with your game needs to be unpacked to be able to put the mods,so here is the pacth link and guide of the game unpacker

Second, all the mods I'm going to upload are going to be adapted to the patch 1.2.
This is because putting 300+ cars with its own rules are going to make your pc explode, independently of the power, especially because this is not a well optimized game
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Before Install Any car I suggest to install any of the mods I upload with a 0A,0B,0C or 0# (in that specific order) most of the mods are self explanatory but others aren't, for example the G-tyres is one of the two physics mod i remember, i prefer this because i don't have a wheel but the other physics mod is designed in that way.

Now the first car pack you need to install is the Ferrari add-on. As far as I know almost all Ferrari mod use this add-on in some way, there are some exceptions but almost all use this add-on. The upload version has very little changes so if you had the original one you can install that too
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The second car pack I upload is the ALMS prototype 1998-2012, I dont know who is the op so sorry for that.
This has a heavy redesign in a lot of things so lets list it
- Solved a lot of the issues whith the exteriror hud so now all of the cars has acceptable motec lights
-Changed the ip of the cars, I thinks that the original is to race with all diferent types of cars in one race, but because all of the cars are heavy the game cant hold it very well so now the ip is:
-2000 for group c cars
-2250 for lmp2 cars and pre 2005 lmp1 cars (like the bmw v12)
-2500 for lmp1 cars
-change the torque curve of the mazda dyson to one more look like the skyactiv-d
-slight modification of the torque curve of the nissan R390, changed the ip to 1810 an change the class to gt1 so you can compete with that car ocassionaly
Next car pack is the 2003-2008 DTM, not much to say here, raise the ip to 1650 only and probably some minor tweaks
The next pack is the 1978-1979 ELMS, but because of the redesign now should be called 1970 group 4/5 so the changes are:
-Totally retune of all 3 engines in the pack now the ferrari 512 silouette has a correct torque curve and the porshe 935 has a detune so it can be a fair competitor, the 512 competizione now has a hp proper of a grup 4 car of the era
-Redesign of all aero of the cars, especially in the porshe, again it was too op
-Redesign in all the tyres
-change the category and ip, so now it should be gt500 legends at 1400
-Redesign of the gearbox of both ferraris
-Changed the soun of the ferraris to be an actual V12 instead of the 6i of the csl
-Tuned the CSL 3.0 to be a proper group5 car, that include the previous changes of the other cars
-Tuned the capri RS3100 to be a proper group 4 car, now is a 1175 ip car, along whith the competizione
-Removed the basic colors of the capri and csl
Next pack is the ALMS 1998-2010, Again nothing much to say, change the category so now are in the gt1 category, and solved some issues with the motec.
Similar changes can apply now for the FIA GT3 2012 car pack
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Next one is the first old vs new of BMW, I only have 4 word for this pack: what a *****ng disaster. Every car has his own problems but all in one pack makes a bigger mess. This is an advise: Unlike the Ferrari add-on I do not recommend to use the pack make by winnersd because all the problems and changes I'm going to list it:
BMW 3.0 CSL E9
- Re tune the engine so now this car is a group 4 car, same changes of the ip of the Capri and 512bb
-Added 2 livery, the chassis 2201362 and chassis 2264107 number 28
-Re tune all the engines and make changes in the ip and specs, some cars are too op to the original category (M4 and M6 F chassis)and the others or were too weak, or the torque curve destroy its performance etc, etc.
-Change most of the sounds to a proper one, for example the m4 have a v8 sound when the modded car (2014 model) has the N55, basically all the cars has a wrong sound, the only cars that I don't change the sound are the m5 and m6 f chassis
-The newer cars mods has an dct/auto transmission so i change that too; Removed the manual animation of the m5 e60 and change all the cars to a 7 speed transmission

BMW M6 F13
If i had headaches to change the Porsche 935 for being too op and search a way to re tune the car while i don't destroy it, this car was the complete opposite, the car was so bad in any way that a re tune don't destroy it more so here are the changes
- Change completely the tires to a working ones
- Retune the base suspension entirely
- Retune the air ducts and the heat of the engine (the car was on fire literally after 5 minutes)
- Retune the gearbox
- Added some missing textures but the car lights don't work, so don use this car in night
Probably there are more changes but i don't remember all
A "little"update for the BMW pack. Turns out that the changes are made are only the half so i make more changes to the cars:
- Change the max ip in almost every car. So now the modifications now are not too op or make the car too weak
- Make more thicc the wheels of all old cars and some newer so now the cars are more stable
- Rework the vdfm of the m6 f so now the car work properly
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OP this is really nice of you and amazing work seeing as the only forums that hosted a plethora of good NFS Shift/Shift 2 mods was nogripracingforums which died in the summer sadly :indiff:
OP this is really nice of you and amazing work seeing as the only forums that hosted a plethora of good NFS Shift/Shift 2 mods was nogripracingforums which died in the summer sadly :indiff:
I think that originally raceroom has the mods but for some reason they delete all, for now im repairing the new vs old exotic 1, spoiler alert; is again a mess
After a hellish week of testing, crashing in the game, crashing the game, scream and then repeat, I finally finish (more less) the first old vs new exotic pack. So here are the changes:
-Removed The mclaren p1 an the ford gt40 mk IV. The first is because i have the original one so im gonna upload that later, the second one is because is very unstable, the gauges are bad positioned and something is missing, making the car very unstable in the game.
- Remake all of the engines, except for the f1
-Modified almost all the definition files
Alfa Romeo 33 stralade
- Added a new tire for the car, so now the car is more stable
-Make some tweaks in the chassis
-Change the swap of the engine from the shelby v8 to a supercharged alfa romeo v8

Koenigsegg Regera
I hate this car now but i make it work at some point
-Change the "original" 7 speed to a single speed
-Make the car rwd
-Modified the Tires
-Other changes

Koenigsegg CC8S/Ford Gt

Almost same changes, Change some basic things, so now they are basically a cheap ccx and apollo respectively

Alfa romeo 4c
-Added the original engine and the turbo ( this car had the toyota 1.8 of the exige)
-Change Sound, remake ip, yada yada same thing that the previous ones

And i think that it's all the changes. Same advise than the bmw pack; download this instead, believe me, the problems that this pack had are far worse that i can describe
Mini update:
After testing and see how both I as a player and the ai react to the car, i decide to remove the koenigsegg regera from the car list. Because of the physic of the game the car doesn't work, and in my opinion the car is boring as hell
After a week or more i can finally upload other pack, this time is the old vs new exotic 2 and again another mess.
The changes are basically the same: tune the engine, change statistics, if the car cant turn or the tires has a problem i make one or change the tire, etc, etc. This pack is very unstable in the mod point, especially the porsche 918, the mclaren 720 and the jag c-x75 so if you want to change anything be careful. And i removed the audi quattro because something is missing and cant work in any way.
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Uploaded the 95-98 EGT with little modifications to the cars, especially the Ferrari f40, and modified the Mercedes SLS SH and radical sr3 to be a rival for the gtx rx7
The next upload is a mod made by me, this mod correct all the drag coefficient and weight of all the cars to a real one, or at least the most real one founded
The next change originally was going to be an update for the Ferrari add-on, but after try to test the cars, especially the B-class in this add-on, i had to modify the entire b-class because the cars were very unbalanced. so that's the next change, after this probably i need to balance the c and d class too
This post is still alive, but I'm having a lot of problems even with the base game, so I'm solving that first, so the next mods now can be, hopefully, correct in one upload
Hey...that us just awesome that u do that stuff...I was looking for that...I love and enjoy this game...its one if the best racing game ever...i try sk many others...but this one ist still.the one....i love the tuning setup...damage and the feel of racing....i already download all u load up.... i have many if the mod cars and other mods exiceted to see what u come up with...maybe i have some cars that u dont have or could help with something else...what u say? What us better the career mode or the tire mod or ptmu? Can u not put them together? I really love that u collect the mods together and get everything done...i wait here for news and other tweaks from u....thank u so much
What us better the career mode or the tire mod or ptmu? Can u not put them together?
For the physics mods i prefer the G tires, that's because is far more simpler and have new camera angles that are better than the vanilla ones, about put it together is not possible because both mods shares some files and its very probably that if you put it together you break the game, obviously you can make some modifications to the g-tyres especially to add ore features, like the wheel support or a harder AI
Maybe i have some cars that u don't have or could help with something else...what u say?
Yeah sure you can help, I don't know what cars you have, because i have a lot too, ( I don't test it all but, i assume what i have aprox 200 different cars extra).
So first of all i share you this link to the discord server ( and probably in the next days i upload a list with all the cars i have so we have at least a base to work with.
Because the threat has been abandoned for a while, I'm going to post for now the changes that I'm making in the base game. I don't know why the devs don't do this, or make it wrong but basically all the cars don't have a proper coefficient of drag, standardized weight or a correct torque curve, so even if i make any changes of a mod, because of this issue in the end, a lot of the mods are going to be unbalanced, so I started to fix that first, for now i have all the coefficient of drag in the cars, and i use the curb weight, because search the size of the fuel tank of all the cars it would be a pain in the ass, about the torque curve i have half of the A class, I need to polish the entire B class, and Im not even started to check the C and D class so yeah, this is going to take some time.
Hola queria saber si los mods van como siempre lo digo por lar carpeta data eso es nesesario tambien
Necesitas hablar en ingles, ya que eso es lo que dicen las reglas del foro, pero a tu respuesta, si, la carpeta data son los datos que verifican a los vehiculos, pero esta desactualizada.
Basicamente los desarrolladores no tuvieron un estandar en lo que respecta a su juego en nada, por lo que me vi obligado a resolverlo, espero ya no tardar mucho, pero por ahora sirve con los mods que hay.

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