NFS Payback 2017 - Post your latest Photos and Screenshots

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^^^ No it's not just you. In the warehouse, vinyls are very pixelated, like a .jpeg image with low compression. This is also the same out in the open world. I still like taking pictures in the warehouse though, because the lighting is different and can occasionally capture some really good results.
What resolution/settings are you running Carbon? Anything special?
1920x1080, cropped to 1920x818. High-ultra settings running at 10-20fps on my 2GB GTX 750 Ti :D I have patience to deal with the lag. DOF is from Hattiwattis camera tool. The lighting is best in warehouse and garage so those photos might look better.
^^^ Same here for resolution. I'm running a 690GTX and getting 20-30 fps with settings not maxed out. I'm at high or ultra on most settings however. FPS sometimes drops to unplayable in tunnels and at night. I don't know how you can manage to race at 20 fps or less!

It pains me to play this game without 60fps and everything maxed, but new GPUs totally got priced out of range after the cryptomining craze took hold.
Currently awaiting 399 treatment... Until then, it'll be sitting in the garage for a few weeks.
I need help with something guys.... I downloaded Cinematic Tools in order to take better screenshots. Everything seems to have installed and is working just fine, however I cannot figure out how to actually take the screenshot. The camera controls override the usual game controls, and nothing seems to work - I can adjust all of the camera settings, but once I actually want to take the screenshot, I can't figure out what to press and/or where the screenshot is saved. There's nothing in the readme file for Cinematic Tools..
As with the previous batches, the latest 3 DLC cars have plenty of customisation options. So much so, I haven't taken a photo of the Giulia because I keep wanting to change something about it. :ouch:


(I'm probably going to change the Range Rover to a chrome colour when I next hop back on)

Oh and PSA; the wheels have finally been ordered by brand. Makes finding the new rims easier! 👍
^^^^ Man we moved into our new house this last weekend and they haven't got internet hooked up yet! (I'm only messaging while here at work). It'll probably be a week or so before I get to play the new update. AAGGGGHH!!

*Happy to see that wheel brands are sorted now - that's really helpful.
When the update dropped, I've remembered that the game had a 993 when looking at the dealership, so I've checked the submitted liveries, only to find a lack of a certain type of livery, but shortly afterwards I've checked the RSR, and realized it was lacking said type of livery.

It was at this moment that I've realized my true calling.




Ruf-man, away!

And unlike the previous photographed livery these are published, so if any PC players want Rufs in a NFS game...
Also can't exactly do much about the dual stripes on the CTR and the BTR, the liverymapping doesn't allow for separation.
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Very much enjoying the amount of customization available in the game. Became really fond of this offroad Civic, it just happens to drive pretty well regardless of terrain.
My Giulia stopped being camera shy. I really like the 4C-inspired headlight mod.

Also, my Range Rover has gone full-Mansory.

Uncapped cars that should no longer be slept on

Now that I've bought some more cars and was disappointed by the published liveries on two of them I've decided i should take matters into my own hands again.



And yes you can tell I got lazy when it came to the wheel decals on the hood
The other car I was disappointed with the published livery selection with was the Foxbody, since it has parts for the DTM version, but no published liveries based on the two actual DTM cars as far as I've noticed, didn't bother with making a livery for that one yet, but the RSXtegra should be published on PC.