Nicolas Rubilar Wins GT Sport World Tour Nations Cup Final

He looked like he left everything in the ring this time around. Mega performance and a well deserved win.👍👍

Listening to them singing their national anthem was cool too but my advice is they just stick with racing... They're much better at that than singing.:D

Congrats to all the participants though. Very entertaining races and the rally was mad. That one had me laughing and I'm mightily relieved I wasn't in it.:lol:
Near Nürburgring
I had a good time watching Manufacturers and Nations Cup Finals. ESport can be such a great form of motorsport... really exciting action, you get to see the drivers up close, their stress and their tension and emotion. This is such a well made show and true sport. Best thing is - you can go right away and do some GT Sport yourself, anytime you want! Its the biggest racing game this gen, for all the right reasons. It brought sporty competition to the masses.