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Another backstory or Get on with Season 1, or manga?

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  1. Backstory including some new characters

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  2. Season 1

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  3. Manga for season 1 part 1

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  1. KazaMR2


    The Room is live now! I hope to see most of you here. :D

    Also there will be another tune up I forgot about a pre-scene before the first part with a Tureno.

    Room is down.
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  2. Sai

    Sai (Banned)

    United States
    I need to find a good time for me to join, sorry for missing out on Monday. Skype me room dates and i can start contributing to this awesome idea.
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  3. KazaMR2


    Update - I'm planning a opening movie for NS as we can't do any actual filming as there isn't enough people for a full lobby, therefore we need more participants. If you can try get your friends to also help out as there is only about 6-10 people short of a full lobby on the trial sessions. I hope we can get Project NS on the high rise but it will take time.

    The Opening movie will consist of all the cars used in NS Series 1 - I'd advise most of you to get all the series 1 cars setup so that if someone can't make it we have backup.

    The OM filming will be on Wednesday 18th GMT: 4-8pm.

    I hope to see most of you all there. :cheers:
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  4. KazaMR2


    Lobby is down - not many people joined and Co-producer couldn't get online.

    The next session will be Saturday 28th 12-5pm UTC, we will need...

    1st scene - Craig's R32 and Rob's Evo 7 and about 2-3 traffic cars and 3 Camera cars. (which will be explained later)

    2nd scene - Craig's R32, Matty's Aristo, Bailey's Mustang and 3-5 traffic cars.

    3rd scene - Jack's Supra (the setup will be posted soon), James' Supra, (which I will use)
    and 2 camera cars.

    4th scene - Mikey's Subaru gen 1 (RCKakashi has) and Elliot's Levin (which I have) and 1 camera car.

    5th scene - Kaza's MR2, (which I have) Craig's R32, Rob's Evo 7, A full stock Lexus LFA in 'Kyanite blue metallic', Steve's 240ZG, about 3-4 random street racer styled cars, and 2-3 traffic cars. (By street racer cars I mean anything you would see at a car meetup in Japan's highways more % Japanese tuner cars styled)

    6th scene - Callum's GT, (which I have) and about 6-7 traffic cars.

    The Camera cars will need to have no lights at the front and rear preferably use the DAP Racing Kart #17.
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  5. Firehound427


    Ah :censored:, forgot all about it. Sorry!
  6. Sai

    Sai (Banned)

    United States
    Been busy, sorry bro.
  7. rubbertoe34


    United States
    If no one else has picked Rob's role yet, I'll go for it :) (My name's Roberto, so that'd be fun lol)
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  8. KazaMR2


    Lobby down for opening scene part 1!

    (edit) It was a success as we got 2 scenes for opening done. Thanks for everyone who came!
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  9. KazaMR2


    The next session will be on Wednesday 2nd 12-5pm again (As this is best time for the majority so far)

    We might re-do scene 1 again but the 4th scene is done.

    Edit: We will have to do scene 1 and 4 again as we need to do them without Camera cars so their ghosts don't show on replay mode.

    Edit 2: Session was called off.
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  10. KazaMR2


    The next session will be Friday 4th 12-3pm. (cut the times for more dates less time in one day)
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  11. Firehound427


    I'm afraid I cannot attend that early. Sorry again!

    It seems that my schedule ALWAYS gets in the way. Every time I try and join, my schedule says nope. Either that or life throws something at me. Every. Damn. Time.

    EDIT: Let me see if I can't make it up in some way. There's this thing I am using called S-Tuner. It allows you to build up a tuner car exactly how you want it. Add body parts, change the wheels, set up the suspension, even pop the hood and build the engine. I admit, there are a few faults. It can get laggy. It takes a bit of time to build up a car, and it doesn't always go right. There's a limited selection of vehicles, mainly Nissans with a couple of RX-7s in there. However, I think this would be ideal when creating a new character, as you can build up their car, get the feel right and get it looking how you want it, before you go and spend money on creating the car in GT6. Here's one I made earlier:

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  12. KazaMR2


    Looks awesome I'l check it out!

    Edit: My gawd... I'm gonna be on this 24/7 its a great idea :D Thanks a load for telling me about it, It will really help out with project NS too!
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  13. KazaMR2


    Good news!!!

    Scene 3 and 4 are done for the opening scene now. Thanks to everyone that came and I'l post sometime soon to when the next lobby will be. :D
  14. MyogiWarrior34


    Does this have the backgrounds included? Like, which BGs do we have available for this program? I might consider DLing it too for my works as well. :3
  15. Firehound427


    I remember that there are different backgrounds in S-Tuner. The ones I can name off the top of my head are Warehouse, Workshop, Car Park, Dragstrip, Tunnel (which is in the image I provided), as well as different skies.

    As for DL'ing, it is actually a browser-based Internet program. No downloading required.
  16. KazaMR2


    I think I have too much time on my hands...

    240Z at side of road.fw.png

    240Z going quick.fw.png

    S30Z Plain .fw.png
    My S30Z (might use this as a car in Anime :p)
    L28 Twin turbo, Toyo Proxes T1r, Enkei RPF1, Custom bodykit and wine red leather... Ohhhh how I wish it was mine now! :lol:
  17. MyogiWarrior34


    Because of a lot of missing parts such as the side lights / hazard lights... I feel as if I just wasted 20 minutes of my time. Still awesome tho. Untitled.png
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  18. KazaMR2


    Hi everyone, I was just wondering when would be the best filming times for everyone again, as I already know some of you are in different time zones so we'l have to find the right area so most members can join. PM me on the NS private chat so it doesn't clog this one.

    The best time will be: 12-2pm or 6-8pm usually
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  19. KazaMR2


    The next meetup will be on Wednesday 16th 12-2pm UTC. We will be doing whichever event depending on the amount that turn up on the day.

    Session called off as servers online were acting up and lack of participants. :boggled:

    The next meet will be Friday 18th 6-8pm UTC (this is the switch time). I hope most of you can make it! :D

    Room down. Next week there won't be any session as I'm on holiday. :sly:

    Edit: I'm back now! Time to get on with plans. (I accentually voted on my own poll so it should of ended 50/50)
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  20. KazaMR2


    Hi everyone, there will be a filming session on Wednesday 30th 6-8pm UTC. I hope I can see you there and there is the next backstory coming up in a few days so keep updated with the fourm! :D

    Room is down. - Lack of participants
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  21. KazaMR2


    American racing - Backstory Bailey, Matty. This backstory takes place also in 2004 where Matty was hanging out with Bailey for the first time.

    Somewhere on a highway in California at 10am...

    American racing 12 Edit.jpg

    There is 2 blue coloured cars on the side of the freeway as if crew car like!

    Bailey: Hey Matty! There is barely any cars on now, lets drag?

    Matty: Your right lets go.

    As they set onto the freeway for a highway drag, Matty smirks over at Bailey before they begin the race.

    American racing 13 Edit.jpg

    Bailey: Alright! on the next sign we launch then 3 signs after is finish got it?

    Matty looks behind as if cautious of the cops and continues forward.

    Matty: Euup lets go on this one.

    They near the sign, tension starts to rise! Bailey feels pumped and his heart rate climbs up a notch.

    3, 2, 1, START!!!

    Matty and Bailey both floor it and Bailey gets an early lead.

    American racing 14 Edit.jpg

    Bailey: AH yes! I've got this in the bag

    Matty: (wonder if the new setup works this is looking risky so far)

    They continue to speed onward past the 1st sign and Matty appears to be catching on Bailey.

    American racing 15 Edit.jpg

    Bailey: (HUH! What's this power that Matty suddenly used?!)

    Matty: (It must be working now! 6000rpm the turbo kicked in at 1.0 bar and is rising to 1.5 at 7500rpm)

    They pass the 2nd sign post and they are neck and neck to the finish! Can the Mach beat the Aristo?

    Matty: (I have this in the bag for sure now! YES!)

    American racing 16 Edit.jpg

    The 3rd sign passes and Matty is the victor!

    Matty: Aha! I knew I'd win in the end.

    Bailey: How the! Dammit!

    American racing 17 Edit.jpg

    They pull over at the offramp and get out to chat about the race.

    Matty: How you doing Bailey not so quick now eh? hahaha

    Bailey: Darn, how did you gain so much speed so quick?

    Matty: Turbo! Its best rarther than that terrible supercharger of yours.

    Bailey thinks to himself, Matty is right as my supercharger is low tech I'l get him next time.

    Bailey: I know we'l race on the roads next time then I'l have you sorted!

    Matty: Alright that's a deal, hey catch you at the meetup tonight at 6 right?

    Bailey: I'l be there.

    Part 1 end.

    Writer notes -

    As most of you have probabally noticed Matty's plate says SLE PRR as a reference to an Aristo not being much of a racing material car - Hence the Sleeper style (and a bit of VIP :D)

    Matty's actually meant to have an Alcyone SVX, shame GT didn't continue in onto the later games. As the Aristo also begins with an A and is sort of unique, its the substitute.

    At this time both of them have little hp Matty with the higher 420hp and Bailey with 390hp.

    Other than how short this part is I hope those who have read have enjoyed it and don't forget to leave feedback! :)

    Part 2 will be uploaded this week probably.

    Also would anyone want to see a profile page with the info/bio on the characters from the anime/manga?

    (also a little info on the main Nihon Supidoran - I have seen a video recently on the current situation of racing in Japan and it seems there is less traffic then I thought late at night in Tokyo. Although still quite congested in C1 area. - Meaning there will be lesser traffic in the anime) Video link -
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  22. KazaMR2


    American racing part 2 - Backstory Bailey, Matty. This backstory takes place in 2004 after the street meetup from part 1.

    On the streets of California near the coast Bailey and Matty are having their rematch as a road race.

    American racing 1 Edit.jpg

    Matty: Woah, oncoming traffic ahead ah!

    Bailey: Yeaaaaah! My time to get ahead.

    American racing 2 Edit.jpg

    Bailey's overtake was flawed and Matty keeps his lead.

    Bailey: Arggg! I'm too close to him, but how does he keep that lead?

    Matty: (He is getting better... gradually :lol:)

    American racing 3 Edit.jpg

    Matty: (Oh come on! Put down the pedal and overtake are you scared of the traffic Bailey?)

    Bailey: I just gotta overtake sometime soon! (Knowing my terrible handle on this muscle machine I should keep on the correct side of the road to avoid a fatal crash.)

    American racing 4 Edit.jpg

    Matty makes a mistake around the next corner and understears from the weight transfer of his heavy Aristo leaving Bailey a perfect moment to overtake.

    Bailey: Alright! Now is my chance to get 'im!

    Bailey overtakes and Matty follows back with him and the go to the PA just up ahead.

    American racing 5 Edit.jpg

    Bailey: AH! Yes I won right there you saw it right or were you too far behind? hahaha

    Matty mumbles and walks to the back of their cars

    Matty: Hey, you have a new exhaust?

    Bailey: Oh yeah I got it just after the meetup when you left early me and Jayson went to fix up the exhaust for more HP annnnnnnnnnnnd...

    Matty: Huh?

    Bailey: The supercharger too! I got a AUR High performance 500 supercharger one of the best on the market.

    Matty: So how much faster is the Mach now?

    Bailey: Its got around about 450hp!

    Matty: Hp isn't everything you know...

    American racing 6 Edit.jpg

    Matty: Ah keeping with the side exhausts?

    Bailey: It suits my Mach, I like it this way.

    Matty: Anyway up for an actual race? As that one earlier I was going easy on ya!

    Bailey: Say what you want but that was my race in the bag! But ok I'l race you again.

    They both zoom into the drivers seat and shift into 1st, Bailey floors it and does a burnout!!!

    American racing 7 Edit.jpg

    Bailey: Wahoooooooooo! What a rush unlike that laggy Arstio - (Pulls a face at Matty)

    Matty: (Grrr why you! I'l show ya Bailey who is the best around here)

    American racing 8 Edit.jpg

    Bailey nearly takes out a Buick on the road but re-adjusts and gets back on track.

    Random civilian: CRAZY RACERS!!! (Beeps horn)

    Matty: Oooh look out Bailey hahaha

    Bailey: (That wasn't my fault! He was going to slow) 'Sigh'.

    As Bailey wasn't focusing he misses the next corner and by just realising gets into a turn with the wheels but the oversteer is bad while trying to get back again he overdoes it and spins!

    Bailey: 'Gulp'

    American racing 9 Edit.jpg

    Matty: Bailey! (Dammit he needs more practice and lessons to get rid of the recklessness of his.)

    Bailey's crash has his arm broken and Matty rushes out of his clean Aristo to the rescue.

    Bailey: (Why! Why can't I be a better driver) 'Ugggh'

    Matty sees Bailey in his condition and gets him out of the car, his Mach 1 is quite badly damaged with the front end crumpled back and the rear left cut in from the barrier! Although this crash is bad the Engine is still intact.

    Matty: Dude! How is your arm? More to the point why didn't you brake in time?

    Bailey: I was... 'OW'

    Matty: Dammit we gotta go before the cops turn up! Can you drive with one arm?

    Bailey: I... I... I guess.

    So they get in their cars again and rush down the road like a storm, Matty decides taking backroads would be best.

    Matty: Follow me OK?

    Bailey: A... alright!

    American racing 11 Edit.jpg

    THE END.

    Writer notes -

    Bailey is ok, but his arm is still damaged for about 4 months after the crash.

    As for Nihon Supidoran we still need the opening scene done- I'l post the next time for the session when I'm ready as I am very busy at the moment.

    As for that I hope you enjoyed this chapter! :D
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  23. KazaMR2


    Hello everyone, little update - I haven't been doing much lately so I thought I'd say why... I'm busy. :lol: But starting next week Thursday 14th 6-8pm UTC there will be a opening scene session on. If we can complete part 1 and 2, then I can finally create the opening scene trailer thingy. Hope to see most of you there! :D

    Edit: The session is finished for now. I'l update the fourm when the next session will be up.
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  24. KazaMR2


    Filming session this Thursday 12-2pm UTC. Hope most of you can make it!

    We will need about 5-7 participants for scene 2 and 6-8 for scene 5, after we get those scenes I can start on the opening scene.

    Edit - Uh oh, seems PD has scheduled maintenance just at the time of recording... oh well I think we can do the session on Thursday instead.
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  25. KazaMR2


    Good news! Scene 2 is now complete, thanks to everyone who came. Now there is only one last scene to do. :D
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  26. KazaMR2


    Hello everyone, I just need to say that the sessions at 12-2pm UTC will only be on weekends from now on and there will mainly be night sessions as I have a course at college so I won't be able to do as much Nihon supidoran work :boggled:.

    Also the next session is 6-8pm UTC Sunday 31st. Hope I can see you there!

    Edit: Thank's to everyone who came to the session, unfortunately not enough people again.
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  27. KazaMR2


    Hi everyone, there will be a filming session on Saturday 20th 6-8pm UTC, Hope you can make it! :D

    Edit: Room is closed, lack of participants again. But!... we did get a scene done!

    The next session will probably be next weekend.
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  28. KazaMR2


    BONUS TUNE! I was bored one day and decided 'Hmm I wonder If Gatchan's Celsior can be re-made with a Chaser'... So, I made a Gatchan chaser AND made his wife's car too. :lol:

    City of Arts and Sciences - Night_2.jpg

    Gatchan's Celsi-Chaser (Tom's Chaser) (575pp 712bhp 1221kg)

    Suspension: Ride height: 75-75 Springs: 10.25-9.30
    Dampers (C): 5-3 Dampers (E): 5-3 Anti-roll: 4-3 Camber: 1.5-1.5 Toe: 0.00-0.00
    Transmission: Standard Transmission
    Drivetrain: LSD: T: 20 A: 24 B: 20 triple plate clutch, carbon propeller shaft
    Brakes: 6-7 Racing brakes
    Tires: Racing S - But if you really want to try to control it with SH, go on try it :sly:
    Installed parts:
    Engine: limiter: 100% All upgrades but sports exhaust instead. Oil change
    Body: all upgrades (body colour hood) Downforce: 15.
    Exterior: Deep purple crystal metallic, No wing, GT-Ab07 in stock silver. (and for the full Gatchan experience use automatic :lol:)

    Gatchan's wife (Aristo vertex '00 (If someone can re-call her name please tell me :lol:) (601pp 820bhp 1,345kg)

    Suspension: Ride height: 100-90 Springs: 7.10-8.50
    Dampers (C): 4-2 Dampers (E): 4-2 Anti-roll: 3-2 Camber: 0.0-0.0 Toe: 0.00-0.00
    Transmission: Final: 3.769 Max speed: 205
    Drivetrain: LSD: T: 25 A: 28 B: 20 triple plate clutch, carbon propeller shaft
    Brakes: 4-6 Racing brakes
    Tires: Racing S or Sports H
    Installed parts:
    Engine: limiter: 100% All upgrades, but use Mid RPM turbo.
    Body: all upgrades (body colour hood) Downforce: 20.
    Exterior: Raspberry red pearl (closest I could find to the pink she has) Custom wing: E,F,J -3 -3, Standard size Enkei SC03 in silver (Non chrome).

    I will upload certain special tunes on the private chat, as for now enjoy and the next session will be this week sometime. :D
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  29. zero4567


    United States
    I have a LOT of money farming to do O_O
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  30. KazaMR2