NSX-R Prototype LM Race Car '02

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by mtsmtts, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. mtsmtts

    Brazil Brazil

    I buy one NSX-R Prototype LM Race Car '02 for cr.1,700,000.00.

    Its a good car? Its rare? I try to race with the nsx-r in the "like the wind" and i lose the race... :guilty:

    well... some pics:

  2. freedomweasel


    It's good, but I doubt it's fast enough for the race you're in.

    Try the furai or a ZR1 with race mods.
  3. The reason you are losing with it is simply because the cars you are racing against are 24h endurance machines which have around 700-800hp. That NSX has perhaps 450-500hp max. Try a Peugeot 905 Evo, Toyota Minolta, Mazda 787B, those kind of cars.
  4. DemonBlade


    I saw this pop up in used cars and couldn't resist. Not going to win you many races but for sheer driving pleasure it's one of my favourites. Enjoy
  5. mtsmtts

    Brazil Brazil

    yeah... I will try with my fully tuned GT-R, 835hp, 1350kg.
    And about the car, its dificult to get one of these on the dealer? I can trade it for some other good car? thx
  6. Sum1s2pid

    United States CA, USA

    Even maxed at 630-something horsepower with a Stage-3 turbo, you're going to get your butt kicked in Like the Wind. It makes for a challenging Dream Car Championship, stock, if the Silk Cut XJR isn't in the line-up.

    Also, as in GT4, you can purchase a GT Auto wing for a bit more downforce and slightly better looks. All in all, it's a very nice car when up against equal opponents. If you ever see the Road Car variant, don't hesitate to buy it. It's awesome.
  7. kazuyam


    I don't think that will do the job. Never tried a tuned street car but the LMP race cars at Like The Wind have around 750 to 850hp + with around 750 to 800kg weight.
    I think, there are no other premium cars for less then a million to win that race. Either do the B-Spec as mentioned before to win Furai or Audi R8 LMP or grind to buy the 908, Mazda or R10.
  8. dabest2500


    It's a very fast car :tup:
    Rare too.
  9. veyron1001


    It may be too late but you win the NSX prototype race car
  10. Lawndart

    United States Earth

    This is where HP really matters, 500hp will get you up and going quick but at speeds and down-forces needed for like the wind you need more to compensate for the resistance at those speeds...

    The RM NSX and many like it are fantastic cars and ones you'll know doubt have a lot of fun with in other events but you need an LMP, prototype, OR the RM Z06 if you just want to blow away the field. Also, look for tunes, even the Z06 RM struggles without a good tune in "LTW"...
  11. dabest2500


    From where?
  12. GTP_roadrunner


    Yeah, I´d like to know this, too. Because you definetly DO NOT win this car anywhere. The only car I'm still searching for in the UCD. You think it had showed up anytime? This car starts to drive me mad...
  13. Corpsey


    This car actually handles really well around turns but doesn't have the same potential as some of the GT-R's you can buy.. (LOCTITE ZEXEL GT-R '00) it's more of something you'd enter in Super GT. Like the Wind is a minimal drag challenge.. the cars on that challenge (and that you should be using) are made to use their drag to their advantage by holding them to the track (via downforce) at high speeds around the corners, though you want to balance drag vs. speed;
    decreasing aero: will put you at higher speed on the straights, but also throw you at those high speeds into the turns (so if your tyres can handle it that's another factor)
    increasing aero: via Body/Chassis Aerodynamics increases drag, reducing speeds on the straights, but will also hold you to the track around those turns.

    this isn't just for like the wind but Aerodynamics is definitely a large factor on that course.. I've got a 3:16 (3:17 often) completion time with one of my cars and I haven't even tried with some of the more powerful cars that I own yet (currently preparing for b-spec endurance so I havent had a moment for a-spec in a while)
  14. XPOWER180


    Don't get rid of the NSX, it hardly ever shows up in the UCD and it's one of the games hidden gems; awesome car with near telepathic handling!
  15. BroncosXR8

    Australia Sydney, Australia
    PSN:GTP_BroncosXR8 or BroncosXR8

    Got one from a ticket, LVL 24 I think it was.
    Nice car and when stock clearly faster than the 'JGTC' NSX's.
  16. dabest2500


    You can't get this car from a level 24 ticket.
  17. PAWEL17


    Another car that eludes me, just like the altezza lm.
  18. GTP_roadrunner


    You wouldn't believe me guys, but spent the last 2 days with cycling the UCD all the way, and NOTHING. Meanwhile I bought my 3rd R390 roadcar, just to desuperheat my nerves...

    If this will continue, I'll soon run through a wall :)

    Far past >6k days in the game...
  19. Counter_Z23


    It's a really good handling car.

    In fact, you can take it to GT Auto and buy a bigger rear wing for it, increasing downforce by some margin.
  20. zqxwjv


    Drove both this and the road going version in GT4 (Honda NSX-R LM Edition Road Car ('02)). I liked the road going version a lot better, more power and better handling.
  21. I got this car from level 17 ticket, actually I got all of the car in that ticket before the trading limit.
  22. M3Alex

    Brazil Belo Horizonte

    I win one from Lvl 17 ticket, more or less the same of a NSX Super GT
  23. boredgunner


    Keep it it's very rare and it might be the best NSX in the game. As others have said the other cars in Like the Wind are far too powerful (many are over 800 HP while that NSX is only about 610 HP) but the NSX-R is one of the best in its class and great to show off, or for online races with a strict HP limit.
  24. GTP_roadrunner


    You know what´s funny? On mygranturismo.net (which besides is a geat overall-info) this car is listed with "rarity 4".
    On MY scale of ten, it would take a place on 11 :(
    I don't really have any idea if I will ever see this car in the (my) game...
    Maybe there´s a difference in if it´s a US or EU copy of GT5? I don't know...
  25. boredgunner


    That's because the rarity value is determined by how many people registered on that site have that car in their garage. It isn't determined by how many appear in the UCD cycle. This is why some premiums have a rarity rating of 10 (like my MOTUL AUTECH GT-R '08). So far I've only seen the NSX-R Prototype LM Race Car once (I bought it of course) and I've seen the Road Car version twice (at the same time, also bought it). The Nomad Diablo GT-1 has a rarity rating of 2 and I've only seen it once while the Ford Falcon has a rarity rating of 6 and I've seen it quite a few times.
  26. GTP_roadrunner


    Ok, this explains some things, thx for that. All others you mentioned, I at least have 1 piece in my garage already. But that darn NSX-R Proto Race Car seems just like being a ghost. Interestingly, today just popped in a "Pontiac Solstice". Never seen that car before, didn´t even had that one on my wishlist. Then just all of a sudden...it was there :)

    edit: Do you know at approximately which day it showed up in your UCD?
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2011
  27. Just received this car with my 1000 ticket. I was disappointed. I didn't know this car was good, expensive (1.7 cr, holy crap), and rare. This thread just made me feel better. =)
  28. GTP_roadrunner


    If you had taken it out on the tracks, you might have get an answer on this much sooner ;)
  29. GTP_roadrunner


    Halleluja, I love you all, guys. Just popped in for me. Now I'm a more complete human being :lol:
    This car gets a special place in my hangar...
  30. vinny32

    PSN:On Request

    Enjoy, buddy. They really are pretty great.
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