Nurburgring Postpones 24 Hour Race, Casts Doubt on GT Sport World Tour Event

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September is a quite long delay. Hope everyone could make it at least to this date. I guess not everyone free for the whole year and September practically.
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Tough but wise decision. I could not see any other outcome for it. At least we have a new date as opposed to Spa 24 that was postponed indefinitely!

That kind works for me. Due to personal reasons, I was going to miss the race in May that would be my 4th N24 in a row... now it seems like a good possibility being there! Let’s just hope that things go back to a somewhat normal level.
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United States
I don't think the Spa 24 hours was canceled or even postponed at all really, it's not scheduled until late july..that was probably the wec 6 hour race you're thinking of..