Official GTPlanet Ad-Hoc Party Races: World G1, Lobby 01

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo PSP' started by Jordan, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Jordan

    United States United States

    If you're looking for a competitive online game in Gran Turismo PSP, head over to World G1, Lobby 01 in Ad-Hoc Party. This will be the "official" location for all GTPlanet users to congregate and organize events with each other. Should this lobby ever become full, please use lobby 02, 03, and so on.

    If there's no-one in the lobby at a given time and you're itching to race, just bump this thread with a reply and you should be able to quickly find a pick-up game with someone else. As always, please respect the GTPlanet OLR Rules and Guidelines when playing and competing on line. Most importantly, have fun!
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  2. Mr.Grandorifto

    Canada St. Catharines, ON. Canad
    PSN:GTP_GODZlLLA (w/ 3 L's)

    Should we have a passwpord? I was going to use GTP
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  3. Silver-Sylph

    United States Ohio

    I'll defiantly be doing some races tomorrow. It was about time Ad-Hoc came to us
  4. Peter


    All I ned now is an ehternet cable long enough and i'm all set.
  5. Northstar

    United States Minnesota

    Semi-OT: where do I DL ad-hoc party?
  6. Kryz11


    PS store on PS3
  7. Northstar

    United States Minnesota

  8. franz

    Canada Vancouver

    I'm gonna give it a try tomorrow
  9. GNX

    United States Somewhere in the North East

    Pretty neat... Dropped by really quick to check it out... Looks like there will be lots of fun to be had... Need to read those rules before I play. ;-)
  10. Imari

    Australia Melbourne

    I will point out it doesn't seem to be in the AU store yet, I had to get it from the US store. If you're having trouble finding it and you're not from the US, that's probably why.
  11. Taffey


    Does anyone know if EU and US adhocParty are running on separate servers? There were a lot of problems running EU/US inter-region games on the JP version of ahP, so I'm hoping that the two versions are independent.
  12. Ultraboy94


    cant do it. dosent seem to be in europe yet...
  13. MarcoM

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    ^^ make a US account and get it from there.
  14. Denur

    Netherlands Netherlands
    PSN:Denur; GTP_Denur

    I am now updating the PS3 FW and will then install the US version of Adhoc Party. In other words, I'll be in G1-L1 soon. :)


    Room is now up&running

    EDIT 2> So far we have been playing Adhoc Party through the japanese version, which is only a beta version. This US version has a proper version number: 1.00, so hopefully they have solved some bugs and it is now more stable and without the infamous disconnections.
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  15. astrosdude91

    United States Houston, TX

    Cool, now all I need is a PS3. I hope to get one for Christmas
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  16. Denur

    Netherlands Netherlands
    PSN:Denur; GTP_Denur

    Things have not gone well so far. A lot of disconnections when people try to join. Looks like a regional thing so far. Not unlike the problems we had with the japanese beta version. :(

    EDIT> One tip and big favour to ask from you all: Do not try to join a race or share cars when two others are already racing. Ask to join the race first and wait until an answer from one of the connected persons. When you just try to connect to a room yourself, chances are big that the ongoing race will disconnect.
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  17. Kryz11


    I was playing all night last night, Its super neat and fun, you can voice chat as well. Altho my buddy was getting few disconnections on his PSP, sometimes it even turn off on him when he got disconnected. Other then that, there seems to be no LAG problems with 4 people, and so far almost everyone used MICS so is way more fun and a blast. It's a nice feeling you can joke around and tell other drivers to watch out after playing GT5P online.

    I would recommend this, I think you can pretty much play any other PSP game with friends now, as long it uses multilayer features.

    But could someone Explain to me, Last night I share and receive cars with different players, it said I could share my cars with so and so and the number of cars were 110, but when I go to my garage, I do not see that number, under search by manufacturer it only mentions I have 51 cars. Glitch or what?
  18. Yeah Nox. Go to your garage but change your viewing (top right drop down) by Manufacturer and the cars will be there.
  19. Mr.Grandorifto

    Canada St. Catharines, ON. Canad
    PSN:GTP_GODZlLLA (w/ 3 L's)

    I know you are not talking about me? buddy.. lol
  20. I was really impressed by how well this worked. (Thanks to the guys I was racing with and thanks especially for sharing your garage with me).

    Voice chat works great and the game was running really well with no lag.

    Some initial issues getting everybody into the same race but once that was sorted out everything ran great.

    Now if only they had been able to get some of these features working with GT5:p......Do they know how much more fun the game is when your not just racing against random people.
  21. Denur

    Netherlands Netherlands
    PSN:Denur; GTP_Denur

    One more lesson: When you are about to start a race, close the room. That will avoid disconnections. :banghead:
  22. seanchump


    Ad-hoc works surprisingly well. For me, the online races on this little handheld were much more exciting and interesting than prologue.

    Count me as very impressed.
  23. Tetradic

    United States NYC

    Is there a "how-to-use-ah-hoc-party" guide out there, not for the Japanese version. I installed it last night on my PS3, eventually found the GTP room but for the life of me couldn't figure out how to get the PSP to see the connection. I could barely figure out the ad-hoc interface. It seems Japanese monkeys designed it and applied random buttons random commands.

  24. MetricJester


    My friend Mr.Grandorifo had me over to watch him play ad hoc party, and this is what he had to say:

    "Be very careful about sharing cars, theres' no way to get rid of someone else's multi-coloured collection. Now I have 4152 cars that I just don't want! I suggest you make a back up before playing with ad hoc Party so that you don't loose your save after sharing cars with someone and then have to delete your save game. Learn my mistakes. Now I have to start over and earn my cars again, because for example I have 29 Lancer Evo 7s in different colours. Make sure the person you get the cars from has a legitimate copy of gran turismo, because the one guy I got cars from had a modded save game and gave me every car in every colour."

    Well, that was about all he said, so have fun racing, and remember the back up copy, in fact back up regularly.
  25. Denur

    Netherlands Netherlands
    PSN:Denur; GTP_Denur

    In the end I've had some good races and have never seen so many GT rooms being setup in one single lobby. But my previous advice stands: once you see all players in your room joining your game, close the room (when you are fewer than 4). That is the best bet of having a disconnectionless race. Once you are done racing, open up the room again and see where things go from there. But, once you are about to start a race, close that room!!!
  26. Silver-Sylph

    United States Ohio

    anyone know where i can find a quite long of an ethernet cable in the US?
  27. venomhitman


    help. im lost where do you go to start adhoc party at?
  28. Taffey


    I picked up a 100 foot ethernet cable at Best Buy a couple of years ago.
  29. Silver-Sylph

    United States Ohio

    Hmm how much did it cost?
  30. FoolKiller

    United States Frankfort, KY
    PSN:FoolKiller79 or GTP_FoolKiller for GT5P

    There is a video walkthrough on the PlayStation Blog. You should buy all cables through them. You can get 100ft for $10.66.
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