Gran Turismo PSP Online: Ad-Hoc Party Now Available

ad-hoc-party-logoAfter a few weeks of waiting, Ad-Hoc Party is finally available, for free, to everyone around the world! Watch the video after the jump to see a quick demonstration with Gran Turismo PSP, then head on over to the new “official” GTPlanet lobby to start racing: World G1, Lobby 1. If you’re in the mood for a quick event but the lobby is quiet, leave a note in our official GT PSP online racing forum thread to organize a quick game. Enjoy!


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  1. Dorihako

    Yeah i find this very annoying here in Australia. we get left out of all the new
    competiotions and features…. i have to make a fake account in the US which will reqire me to
    wipe everything on my ps3 and ps3 and set up with fake address.
    why cant this be easier to do?
    it makes me just stick with single player :( thanks alot sony

  2. Flanos

    very awesome, way better than racing AI opponents … highly reccomend trying this out!! sometimes it can help if you create a lobby then leave it come back to the garage screen and choose your hosts game .. I dont know why but it works better on second try

  3. Imari

    It is four players only, but it’s still fun. It’s a bit of a hassle to get a race up and running at times but totally worth it.

    I guess I understand now why they didn’t feel the need to include career mode. Shame not more of us have lots of friends with PSP’s…

  4. wiseguy

    1. you have to have the ethernet cable plugged into the PS3. It will not work if you are connecting through a wireless router. (your ps3 is acting like a router for the psp while providing in game chat, private rooms etc).
    2. not sure about eu, but you can make a us account and then download it.
    3. setup simple. just follow on screen instructions.

    ad-hoc is awesome.

  5. luke

    couple of qu’s

    1. does yor ps3 need to be connected by ethernet, will it not work if it is wireless.
    2. its not on the eu psn store at the moment, is that meant to happen.
    3. how the hell do you set it up.

    any answers would be greatly appreciatec.


  6. TOLL-Scibba-HRT1

    yes good stuff sony GT PSP GOS ONLINE thank you but one problem why is the adhocparty only in US store?????????????? that not fair sony release it in all ps3 store please

  7. Deko Wolf

    @Tim: No Tim, you are doing right.
    But for some stupid reason the damn thing is only available on the U.S. (and Japan of course).

  8. EdvanDi

    Hey guys,

    have you seen this video?

    Nordschleife PSP vs. Real Car. He is driving and she is playing on her PSP on the passenger seat and wants to beat his time.
    She sucks, but I guess it’s pretty hard playing while doing 160mph on the Nordschleife…

    It’s all in german..sorry :)


  9. IronM@sk

    Youtube version please. That Giantrealm crap is so not AdBlock/NoScript friendly. I unblocked about 15 scripts and still the bloody thing wont play.

  10. Imari

    This is kinda fun. If you have a PSP and a PS3 you should definitely give it a go, for GTPSP as well as other games.

  11. S3 Racer

    nice saw the jap version and tought that it would be cool to have that non hyroglyphic version.
    Finally online we play!

    What new about gt5?

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