Old tracks recreated

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Post tracks that are close to the real tracks. I don't know how to post tracks directly on to the thread but my profile has a photo line under "tracks" that has a Apricot Hill recreation.
Hi, it's not possible to post the track directly on here. To share the track you have to set it to online in GT5 (in "GT Mode" under the "Track List" button). Go to your track and press triangle to choose "Set Online". You can only set one track online at a time. (perhaps you already knew that)
And for people to then download your track they have to be friends with you on PSN.

Curious to see what the track is like in 3D. What's your PSN? and I'll add you, or send a FR to ANNIHILATOR90.

Just in case you want to post your pics in your first post, simply copy paste the code below.