Only 1 win in 92 races

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  1. thestig911


    I’ve only had one win in 92 races. My rating is DRC (high C according to Kudos) and SRS. I am always qualifying around mid grid, and usually make up positions during the race, mostly 5 of 6 places on 10 lap races. I never get matched against people in races I can win. My win was when I was D, you start winning and challenging for wins then you move up a rank and cannot win, so you will always settle ina rank where you are in the middle I think. I am wondering who is winning all the races, some people must be. Curious to know people’s win ratios.
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  2. I-Runner


    I'm at 9 wins in ~200 races..

    I don't care if my winning rate is low....

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  3. Nick Cannella

    Nick Cannella

    United States
    Don’t feel bad. I think I have 3 wins in all of the races I have participated in. Is it frustrating, yeah. But, I’m having fun with the game and improving my skills
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  4. BSDShoes


    I also have 1 win in 88 races as a DR C and SR S. Been matched against faster drivers lately (DR B and A's).
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  5. Shottah072


    15 wins, 10 poles and 17 fastest laps in 101 races, i am DR S SR S. Usually there will be a couple of faster guys who qualified in front of me but most of the time i can keep up on racepace and challange for the win or podium. Scoring them consistent is very hard though at this level.
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  6. JacksHerer


    United Kingdom
    Those S guys I see robbing all my chances of winning don't go on the Internet, they don't eat, don't wash and don't sleep as they are constantly playing to improve themselves.
    At least that what I tell myself to make me feel better.

    Some Czech guy called Derek something is always on pole/winning my sport races. Occasionally it's some other s guy, but mostly Derek.

    My stats:
    9 poles
    6 fastest laps
    6 wins
    218 races
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  7. zzz_pt


    My win per race ratio is roughly 33%. In all the FIA races I've made though, I haven't gotten a win yet (made around 15). I have way more 2nd and 3rd places. S/S.
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  8. saidaouita


    I've pretty much came to the conclusion, that I'm terrible.

    (edit) Win ratio: Only one win, a few seconds with a handful of thirds. It is intriguing, how people suddenly get more dirty the final lap, especially when battling for the lead.
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  9. Nick Cannella

    Nick Cannella

    United States
    Me too! LOL

    Distinct Days Game Access63
    Sport Mode Performances500
    Sport Mode Sportmanship86/99
    Sport Mode Races178
    Sport Mode Wins3
    Sport Mode Consecutive Clean Races4
    Sport Mode Pole Position0
    Sport Mode Fastest Laps1
    Campaign School100 %
    Campaign Circuit28 %
    Campaign Mission53 %
    Car(s) bought3
    Credits earned4,582,900
    Mi earned86,300
    Xp Level28 | 72% (6412 pts)
    Distance driven7,956.750 Km
    Time driven2 days, 7 hours, 44 min and 41 s.
    Country codeus
    Profile iD1154108 (Link to Official)
    Status (WIP)(1)
  10. kilesa4568


    A good thing it's called racing and not winning.:dopey:
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  11. JacksHerer


    United Kingdom
    Yeh those winners wouldn't be having any fun if it wasn't for us filling up the grid.
  12. kjeldsen


    Spring Cleaning
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  13. rustafur


    I'm only at 2 wins in just over 100 races finished as a A/B DR and S SR rated driver. My best qualifying placement has been 3rd. The phrasing you chose for the title to include "only" is a bit bothersome to me. If all you care about is winning, you're missing out on a lot of the joy of online racing. There's only 1 Lewis Hamilton in the world. If you're able to find joy in competing, no matter for what place, and in self-improvement in your racing lines and driving ability, man you are going to have A LOT more fun doing this.
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  14. FUNanywhere

    FUNanywhere (Banned)

    188 races and 10 wins.

    I use to win frequently in DR D but DR B and SR S is deadly. People are super fast and mistakes are rare.

    Apart from 2-3 easy wins and 1 a lucky and dirty one, almost all were hard fought. So pretty proud of all wins.

    Also can't give game that much time so it will be like this for me as less practice.
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  15. Sven Jurgens

    Sven Jurgens

    Tip, lower you SR and play during prime time. You'll get more even matches. Matchmaking prioritizes SR. SR.S is a small group so it frequently puts left over higher level people at the front to fill up the room. SR.B has much better matchmaking.

    At SR.S Matchmaking likes to always put me at 7 to 12 after spending effort on qualifying. At SR.B I can get in the top 5 with the occasional pole during prime time. Ofcourse then DR increases and I qualify 20th in a room full of DR.S and DR.A... Drive without qualifying from the back to lower DR again to something more manageable.

    As to who is winning all the races, well those that get lucky in matchmaking and/or game the system. On average 15 people need to lose for 1 win and in their infinite wisdom PD added a trophy for 91 wins, which needs 1365 losers to be completed. The easiest way to get the trophy is to lower your DR to get pole positions or top 3 starts.

    After 40 legit wins in 650 races I've done the same. Well maybe not all legit as my DR lowered in the past as well while being very careful to get the 15 consecutive clean race bonus. That took 4 attempts, always someone breaking my streak when it was nearing double digits, so I resorted to staying well away from other cars and accidents ended up back up in DR D. Getting back to DR.B netted me 9 wins in one day,

    The last 400 races in B/S mostly I've only had 5 more wins, always someone 2 sec per lap faster at the front. And those wins weren't even satisfying, people in front running each other of the track or the rare control loss from the DR.A at pole. I gamed the system to find the sweet spot for winning races. If you go too far down it's boring unless you meet someone else doing the same. I found the best races against people of my original level, except now we're both in the top 3. I've had awesome heart pounding battles for first place, cleanly swapping position with no risk of getting hit from behind since the rest is 10 sec back. Normally I would battle these people in the middle of the pack, which usually gets interrupted by a faster player wiping out and trying to get back to the front without any consideration for anyone else.

    Anyway I'll climb back up the ladder not to 'steal' any more wins. I'm at 91 wins out of 758 races now. Next goal is to simply reach 40k km, no more need to win. Back to mid pack battles while dodging accidents and watching out for impatient crash outs trying to get back to the front.
  16. Marckyboy


    10 in 100 but since I'm in Dr b I havent won, most of those came when I was in D. Only one person can win a race so i'm actually happy I have won any at all!
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  17. gmaki


    I think your best chance for wins is when your skill level improves dramatically. Your reward for that though is being matched with better drivers and your chances of winning drop dramatically.
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  18. shardlojik


    United Kingdom
    2 wins out of 112 here. It would have been 3, but the other day I messed up the penultimate corner on Suzuka East and so came 2nd. The winner probably couldn't believe his luck! Though as I started 3rd (good start from me, strangley not from the 2 in front, rocketed into the lead), then I was happy that I at least managed to not go backwards.

    I'm not too good at racing humans, DR D, so I'm happy just trying to finish higher than I started. Strangely I've just become SR S.
  19. thestig911


    Nor me, just would have expected a couple more wins, and not always qualifying mid grid, and then finishing 5th or 6th.
  20. Seikenfreak


    United States
    It appears I'm at 23 wins/100 races finished. I primarily just do the FIA races, and I almost always finish around mid pack in them. The best drivers (who I run with in FIA) are just more skilled than me. And I've come to understand that, more so recently, because I've had some races, daily or lobby etc, where I've performed almost on par with them if it's a track/car combo I like. And that feels good. The problem is, in the vast majority of other races, I just can't. I can't understand how they do it. It's sheer natural talent. Fast lap replays are pretty much useless because the devil is in the details which you can't necessarily see. You'd need a more serious lap analysis and car telemetry tool.

    And while some of us (including me at times) like to joke about the best drivers playing all day and practicing, I know it isn't like that because you can watch these people and they'll drop into whatever car or track and casually run stupid fast times consistently like it's nothing. They've got a gift.

    Anyway, the only times I get wins is if I dip into a Daily Race that is a car/track combo I like and I'm in the mood. Even then, as soon as it moves into prime time and a few of the top people show up, I just try to keep up and maaaaybe I'll get a win. So don't feel bad about your situation in DR C, as I'm in S and it's the same thing.

    I'd be interested to see the size/shape of the pyramid that represents each Driver Rating rank i.e. the number of people in each group.
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  21. GTP_Remo

    GTP_Remo Premium

    United States
    2 wins of 24 races.

    Just started getting into sport mode. Banged out most of the campaign mode trophies first(need gold on 3 more missions yet).

    Made the mistake of artificially enhancing my SR at first(staying back of pack)to get "cleaner" races after SR promotions. I purposely lowered it back to where it starts through quitting a few races. Going to earn my SR/DR , poles, wins the proper way.
  22. Cowboy

    Cowboy Premium

    United States
    0 wins out of ~50 races, though I have gotten a few second place finishes.
  23. thestig911


    But you use “only” in your post.
  24. Guffaluff


    I've done 30 races and have 5 wins.

    I'm DR B / SR A

    My wins split this way:

    - 3 wins in DR E
    - 1 win in DR D
    - 1 win in DR C

    I've just done one DR B race so far and got 3rd place in the surprisingly entertaining Sambabus one-make race :D

    I always log my races, this is my progress so far :)

    Naturally, the higher the DR level the faster the competition, but I just take that as a challenge to hone my skills and become a faster and better driver. As long as I'm having good clean racing I'm enjoying myself.

    I used to be a 100% offline gamer, and still mostly am. GTS is the first game I regularly play online, and also the first racing game I play online, and to my own surprise, I love it. Getting a podium finish, or even a win, is so satisfying and I enjoy the races a lot more then the AI races, despite a few rotten ramming apples in between. In my experience at least, I feel the racing is generally clean.

    If Sport Mode is not appealing to some, then there is the GT League and the rest of the campaign stuff, along with custom races and time trials / drift trials to stay busy :)

    For fun, here is my Sport Mode chart so far :D

  25. thestig911


    For reference:

    Distinct Days Game Access55
    Sport Mode Performances9,427
    Sport Mode Sportmanship84/99
    Sport Mode Races92
    Sport Mode Wins1
    Sport Mode Consecutive Clean Races2
    Sport Mode Pole Position1
    Sport Mode Fastest Laps2
    Campaign School100 % (all gold)
    Campaign Circuit100 % (all gold)
    Campaign Mission100 % (all gold)
    Car(s) bought10
    Credits earned10,724,578
    Mi earned83,490
    Xp Level31 | 29% (4309 pts)
    Distance driven9,371.922 Km
    Time driven2 days, 11 hours, 4 min and 0 s.
  26. Renrag39


    United Kingdom
    329 races
    34 wins
    45 fastest laps
    35 poles

    I got very lucky when GTS was released. My ratio has gone way down since the first couple of weeks. Fastest laps seem to be the only constant for me.
  27. austindeckerGT5


    United States
    I did 4 races in sport mode. First race started 11th and finished 3rd. Second race started 2nd, fell back to 6th from a spin, came back to get 2nd anyway. 3rd race started 2nd, finished 1st. 4th race started 2nd, finished 1st by over 20 seconds.
  28. GTP_Remo

    GTP_Remo Premium

    United States

    String you fastest laps together and take more wins! :gtpflag:
  29. CHEN255


    New Zealand
    No wins in about 45 races in Sport Mode. My best finish is a 4th if I remember correctly (it was a long time ago).
  30. Schwen_108


    335 races finished, wrapped up win #101 last night @ Nurburgring GP Race C with a 2 pit stop. Accidentally double pressed X when changing tires and had to come back in for a splash and dash to the victory :lol:

    I also work 10am-6pm on the west coast 5 days a week. Don’t really eat a whole lot though.
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