Paint Chips in GT6?

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Would you like to see paint chips back in GT6?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Afrodeezy

    United States California

    Would you guys like to see the Paint chip system return in the next Gran Turismo title?

    If not, what do you propose take its place?

    Personally, I don't mind the paint chip system, BUT ONLY once you've amassed a high number of them (I'm sitting at about 1,200 paint chips). Toward the start of the game, I was actually quite frustrated with it, as it was difficult to find the paints I wanted for my cars.
  2. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    No, absolutely not. Stupid, stupid idea. Just give us a colour wheel to paint our car any colour we like at any time with a realtime preview. Like every other car game of the last 10+ years which lets you paint your car.
  3. Downhill Dino

    United States Maryland

    No. Custom/Factory colours please. Even having a lot of paint chips can cause your game to crash. :tdown:
  4. Afrodeezy

    United States California

    I can't help but agree. Like I said, it's no big deal now because I have plenty shades of every color, but looking back to the first days of GT5, I did feel like it was a stupid idea.
  5. Exorcet


    Livery editor, or some other sensible option. The chips should be forgotten.
  6. mikecustom


    no, not a paint chip system, but i would like to see an option to buy manufacturer colors, i wouldn't paint my ferraris in a rosso corsa look alike,

    give us a paint wheel and the option of buying real colors at any time
  7. Absolutely not. I have to imagine that even the people who were so vehemently defensive towards the paint chip system being a good idea would realize at this point that it was a complete joke.
  8. No, in it's current form

    Maybe if the chips are limited to a dozen or so special colors like matte black or chrome and have unlimited use in a livery editor.
  9. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    I never understood those who defended it as realistic. In real life if I want to paint my car green I can go down to a spray shop and choose from a near unlimited number of shades of green. I don't have to go and buy a green car and the spray shop also don't come over with a sudden bout of Amnesia and forget how they mixed that green, forcing me to buy a second car if I want it again.

    Ridiculous system.
  10. Clytius

    Canada Canada

    Putting a color wheel in the game would be ideal for both PD and us. PD don't have to waste time making 3,000+ unique chips to add, they can focus on other important things. I don't see why an actual real car preview wasn't added in the game. That block model car won't cut it for GT6.
  11. TokoTurismo

    Online Now!
    Canada Canada

    No. Paint Chips is such a very dumn and stupid idea. I agree there should be a colour wheel added in GT6, instend having to go making these "chips and buy a car to get that colour"...

    Special paint like carbon should at least be buyable, while the colour wheel is FREE of charge to paint our cars in solid, matted, metallic, pearl or chrome colours.
  12. HuskyGT

    United States Utah

    Someone clicked "Yes" by mistake.

    So no. If PD insists on using the paint chip system instead of a full custom paint option like any decent car game, at least make them that you can use them how many time you like.
  13. Afrodeezy

    United States California

    This^^ +1
  14. Hyped

    United States San Francisco

    The system is not well thought out and if(I hope it's when...) we get livery editor, it just wouldn't work.
  15. ChicoMaloXD


    No paint chips. But include all of the textures found in GT5.

    Maybe keep preset colors like Maziora and GT polarized. All the others should be available in a paint wheel with texture option.
  16. Clytius

    Canada Canada

    Most paint chips in GT5 are the same color, just named differently.
  17. tensor120


    I think the paint system is perfect. Now people cant make ugly ass, eye hurting colors AND theyre custom ones the manufacturers have created
  18. tensor120


    I think if it wasnt well thought out, there would just be a wheel...
  19. Yes they can. The paint chip system doesn't prevent that in the slightest.

    I'm pretty sure a competently designed system would at least allow an actual preview option. Nevermind the joke of them being one-use.
  20. 1241Penguin

    Canada Canada

    What I do like about the paintchip system is the paintchips themselves. I won't have to spend over an hour trying to match the colour on my car with what I'm aiming for.
  21. Master Weasel

    Online Now!
    United States Georgia

    A shame the paint chip system still doesn't prevent people from making their cars look hideous.
  22. Grand Prix

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    They should offer a colour wheel for the base colours and then a second option could be to make it solid, metallic, pearl, matte or chrome. To make colour shifts, could use a colour shift paint option with two or three base colours.

    In addition to the colour wheel, if you wanted specific paints from manufacturers to make it look more authentic, they could offer a selection of manufacturers from which you can choose every single paint availble from that manufacturer, and paint your car with one of those "paint chips" for a small additional fee. That would make the paint chip supporters happy. Of course, you could use them any time you like so you don't have to collect any of them.

    There should be a livery editor on top of all that, of course. It's ridiculous we can't even add stripes.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2012
  23. Teflonicus

    Australia VIC

    Ugly ass colour-scheme fans should be able to paint all the ugly ass, eye-hurting colours they want. They should scrap the single-use chip system and create a system where once you gain a colour, you can use it as many times as you want. If they are concerned about people not "earning" their paints, they can lock them to the account and disable the trading of colours.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2012
  24. Grand Prix

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    Maybe if all the paintchips were available for use anytime, simply by selecting it to paint your car with, there wouldn't be a need for paint chip trading in the first place. Or maybe if there was a colour wheel as well, we wouldn't need to trade paint chips, at all.

    Just a thought.
  25. mikecustom


    Thing is, the ferrari red "rosso corsa" is extremely authentic, with a paint wheel, it would be hard to get the exact same shade, on the other hand the "verde ithaca" from lamborghini is no where near the real life one, and it was a pain to scroll trough 2700+ paint chips just to end up with the original one cuz i couldn't find one that was closer to real life, i mean i like the idea of buying cars with their own unique manufacturer colors, but the wheel would be really useful at times.

    Like I said, give us a wheel, like Shift's one, but also give us the option to buy manufacturer custom shades, Shift also had this option, the only problem was that you couldn't add any vinyls to a car using one of it's own factory colors, you had to paint it first with the wheel and then you could add whatever you wanted (i'm talking about Shift 1, Shift 2 had a different system).
  26. Afrodeezy

    United States California

    I think they should have 2 sets of color wheels. One for the manufacturer colors (each car maker should have its respective wheel) and another wheel for the special paints (chrome, colorshift, etc.)

    Edit-WITH A PREVIEW (not the lame shape of a car we have to deal with in GT Auto now)
  27. dojOdRiFTeR

    United States DALLAS/IBIZA

    No remove the paint chips, its stupid, have a paint editor like forza. However for rare paints like matte, and chrome make those paint chips collectors and make em hard to earn.
  28. z0b3z


    i think paint chips is the best way to accurately select paint but they should just have the paints there for unlimited use unless they are chrome then they should have to be earned and can only be used as many times as you've earned it
  29. JBanton

    England London

    Use an RGB colour wheel or colour slider, followed with the black/ white extension. Plus a live preview of how the paint looks on your car, I've seen this in games from 7 years ago.
  30. Froudeybrand

    Australia Bathurst

    Should be a paint wheel or chart with unlocking finishes with level progression in game like level 1-10 be gloss 11-18 metallic 19-23 pearl 24 upwards chrome etc etc also could unlock colours earlier with car purchases (much like the paint chip but its a permanant colour)
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