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    Cote Dazur

    can some of you post their VR settings, what is important to look good and what is to be avoided to save precious FPS?
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    All I can tell you is good luck!

    My system:

    Oculus Rift CV1
    CPU: i7 4790k, OC
    GPU: 1080 TI, OC

    With SuperSampling at 1.5, in order to get ZERO drops below 90 FPS without using any ASW, these are the Settings I have to use...

    Hide Crowds: YES

    Post Processing: OFF
    Bloom: OFF
    Crespular Rays: OFF

    Texture Res: HIGH
    Texture Filter: Aniso 16x
    V-Sync: NO
    AA: DS4X
    Reflections: LOW
    Environment Map: LOW
    Car Detail: MEDIUM
    Track Detail: LOW
    Shadow Detail: LOW
    Enhanced Mirror: NO
    Detailed Grass: OFF
    Particle Level: LOW
    Particle Density: LOW

    If you are willing to use ASW, of which I can hardly see any ill-effects, I can bump the settings up a notch. If I tune down the SuperSampling, I can go even higher. But you'll prefer to have higher SS.

    I'll be honest here, there are better racing games for VR than Project CARS. The graphical requirements of the game to even run at the bare minimum are such that games that should be much less visually impressive offer a significant jump in VR visuals. Raceroom in VR is a lot better. I am sure Assetto Corsa and iRacing are also.

    For comparison, I can run Raceroom with all the Graphics Settings on HIGH and run it SuperSampled to 1.5. That game just flat out looks a lot better than Project CARS in VR. Add in the better Sounds and out-of-the-box FFB, and Raceroom is just better. And it's not even close.

    If Project CARS 2 doesn't do some magical trickery with its hefty graphical requirements between now and release, the settings will be much the same.
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