Permanet Borrow Glitch 2.0 - It´s working!

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Dr.Mabuse666, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. first of all Big Thanks and all the credits for discovering the Glitch goes to theotherspongey. :tup:

    since deleting the GT5-game files causes some issues, we need a second PS3 to keep our thumbnails, photos, replays and custom courses. (credits to ZeGermanBastorD for the idea!)

    Important: the glitch works only for savegames smaller than 4165kb (credits to doctorrg for the info!)

    the theory is:

    on your main ps3 you borrow a car from a friend´s online gallery

    then you save the savegame to USB

    copy the usb-savegame to a second offline PS3 without GT5-gamefiles (erase them there if necessary - Folder: Game Data Utility!). you need your PSN account on the second PS3 that it works.

    start the game, now you have to switch to another car, that´s everything you have to do ingame!

    since you cannot save your savegame with the unpatched game, you have to bring the 2nd PS3 online and load the patches, then you can save the savegame to USB again.

    copy the new savegame to your original PS3

    start the game, DLC cars should be added automatically to your garage and the borrowed car is yours now.

    for a second car, just start over again, you just have to erase the GT5-gamefiles on the second PS3 again before you start the game there.


    but since you don´t erase your GT5-gamefiles on your main PS3, this procedure is a lot safer then the original glitch exploit on a single PS3. Chances are good that you keep all your thumbnails, photos & replays without saving them seperately.

    just test it and let us know if it works.

    Thanks to Monatsende for the test. :tup:

    Thanks to thugdevotion for the test :tup:

    Quick Version by RSKS240:tup:

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  2. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    I try and let you know. :confused::dunce:
  3. I think this is the solution to your problem! ;)
  4. christara321

    England Halifax, England

    @ Monatsende; Also quoted from the other thread?
    Maybe this is why your not being alouded to save your game.
    Not downloaded the patches for GT5?
    Just a shot in the dark mate.
  5. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    Well, I thought it`s not necessary to download the patches for every "glitched" car. It takes ages with my "superfast" interwebz... :tdown::grumpy:

    Let the night doing the work. Good night. And PS3: keep on downloading!!!
  6. christara321

    England Halifax, England

    Not sure then mate.Its still in its early days and needs fine tuning.LOL:)
    Chat soon bey for now.:)
  7. aadil717

    United Kingdom Coventry

    Just want to clarify on one question, because there are far too many posts to understand my question now.

    If you borrow someone else Stealth car, and you haven't actually got the Stealth DLC but you do this "Permanent Borrowing." Will you receive that Stealth Car? Or is that one of the things not possible?
  8. You can not borrow any DLC cars! The Special GT-R Academy will also not work!


    me too! :lol:

    but my Internet is faster, 360 MB don´t take too long. :)
  9. ZeGermanBastorD

    Germany Bavaria

    What, seriously? :crazy:

    That sucks. I thought the backup option was part of the firmware update.

    Again: if you have a external USB HDD, make a full backup & restore. It should be faster as redownloading all updates. :tup:
  10. aadil717

    United Kingdom Coventry

    Oh well, looks like I have no desire to do this Permanent Borrowing anymore lol.

    If anyone wants me to put up a car that they do not have just ask and then add me if you've not got me. I have most of the rare cars in the game and I'm happy to help.
  11. I don´t have any experience with backup & restore on a PS3, but I doubt that it is faster to backup 20-180GB then to download 350 MB. ;)

    this thread is only for the 2PS3 Version of the Glitch, please don´t mix it up with a solution for just one PS3.
  12. ZeGermanBastorD

    Germany Bavaria

    Depending on how much you have on your second PS3 (and it's really not much on a "blank" PS3 with only your account) & how fast your inet connection is, I doubt it would be for the most faster than redownloading it. ;)

    Don't want to mix something up, but PS3 is PS3. :sly:


    I cant believe some of you do this... Its not worth the trouble and it takes too long. Besides there is a risk you might lose data!!
  14. teecro

    United States 570

    I can't believe some of you posted in both of these threads complaining about what other people do when it doesn't affect you in any way...It's not worth the trouble of opening the thread and taking the time to type. Besides you don't lose data if you have backups.:dunce:
    Not just one back up. But multiple.
  15. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    Isn`t there a logical conflict? I tried and I think it is not possible to do the backup/restore way... (I`m talking about your 2nd PS3. Your main PS3 keeps untouched!!!)

    Step 1: You backup your PS3-HDD to an external HDD (incl. Patch 1.10)

    Step 2: Remove game data

    Step 3: Load your savegame (with borrowed car) to PS3

    Step 4: Jump into the game (only from GT5 disc) - your borrowed car appears with green key, not the red key. Jump into another car.

    Step 5: Try to save onto USB-stick. Doesn`t work because you can`t save to USB-stick from unpatched game. (You can skip that, just for your information...)

    Step 6: Restore your PS3 from your external HDD.


    Step 7: You have deleted your "glitched" savegame!!!!

    Restore PS3 formates your PS3-HDD before restoring. That means your glitched savegame won`t be on your PS3 anymore. So you can`t save it onto your USB-stick.

    Am I right? Or did I something wrong? :sly: :confused:

    I think we have to patch the game old school - download the whole stuff . 608 MB + 360 MB + some smaller stuff. :yuck:
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  16. As I said I don´t know about the restore & backup function.

    but I think you only have to load the 608MB Update, you don´t need 1.10 since you could save your game before that Patch to USB-Stick.

    my old YLOD PS3 refuses to start so I can not test it. :(

    Are you through already?
  17. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    You mean I should abort download after the 608 MB download? Well, I can try that. My overnight download was interrupted by bad interwebz connection. So I am still working on that damn X2010 Proto. :lol:

    Have finished 40% of 608 MB download, sorry, 41%.... I think a baby snail could overtake my interwebz. :drool:
  18. yes, please try it only with the 608 MB download first, in case it won´t work you still can load the rest later :lol:
  19. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    Righty right. I can`t lose nothing but time. (Double negations make me :dunce:) 47%... :ouch:


    I think it`s about 1 minute for +1% step progress... = 100 minutes for the 608 MB = 1 hour and 40 minutes. Well, if it works, it`s worth it though.

    65% (I`ll take a shower...)


    100% of 608 MB downloaded - installed - interrupted download.
    Jumped into the game with GT5 disc - not allowed to update. Jumped into another car!!!
    Game wanted to install system-files and messaged: Not enough space on HDD (32MB needed!!!!). Checked HDD space: 262 GB free.
    Result: Doesn`t work. :mischievous:

    Starting 2nd download (301 MB) :odd:

    100% of 301 MB downloaded - installed - interrupted download.
    Jumped into the game with GT5 disc. The borrowed car appears with red key and disappears when you jump into another car.
    Result: Doesn`t work. :mischievous: :mischievous:

    So you need something between 608 and 301 MB download...

    Cut. I`m done with the glitch as I don`t touch my main PS3. That`s it. So I have to finish the Vettel challenge. :lol:
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  20. lol. you simply forgot this step:

    "start the game, now you have to switch to another car, that´s everything you have to do ingame!"

    while beeing on the unpatched game. When you don´t switch to another car, the car will be borrowed again later.

    first you have to switch to another car, then downloading the patches. ;)

    sorry mate. :(
  21. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    Well, I jumped into another car. The savegame on the PS3 showed the other car - not the X2010Proto anymore... That`s not the reason...
  22. ok, then you have to erase the game files on your originial PS3 to do the exploit.:banghead:

    so, the whole 2 PS3 glitch doesn´t work, the essential saves for the borrowed car seems to be linked with the game-data! :grumpy:

    so getting an untradeable car via glitch destroys your photos,replays, courses and most of your garage thumbnails. :tdown:

    thank you for testing!:tup:
  23. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    I do the standard procedure on my second PS3 now.

    If it doesn`t feel okay for me I can go back to my PS3 #1 and rebuild my PS3 #2.
  24. yes, that should work, but I fear you will have serious thumbnails problem in all 3 garage views at the end.

    just test it and let us know when you find out something useful. :tup:

    I don´t mess with my garage thumbnails. :)
  25. Si6K_WiT_IT

    Trinidad and Tobago Canada

    I did it the 2 ps3 way and it worked for me never lost anything. Didn't have to redo the thumbnails or anything. It's takes the same amount of time as the 1 ps3 but better since your're not messing with you're main ps3 much. Didn't have to erase anything from my main ps3
  26. hmm, that´s weird. I can not test it myself because I don´t have a second PS3.

    do you have done it the same way like in the OP or do you have done some other steps?
  27. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    So what did you do? My experience is that there is no 2 PS3 way. Doing it on a second PS3 is just to avoid any damage on your main system. Technically spoken it`s the 1 PS3 way on a redundant system.
  28. Si6K_WiT_IT

    Trinidad and Tobago Canada

    I did it as the op says.
    From main ps3- borrowed car and saved it to USB stick

    Alt ps3- load saved game from USB stick
    delete game data.
    Run game disc
    change car, exit
    Run game disc
    Download patch 1.10, exit
    Save to USB stick

    Main ps3- load game save from USB stick

    That's it
    Edit: it is like the 1 ps3 way but you don't lose your pics, replays, tracks or thumbnails since you're only changing your game save.
  29. that´s just like OP says.:tup:

    great that it worked liked planned! :)

    I wonder what was going wrong with Monatsende´s test?
  30. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    Great. That`s exactly what I was/am doing right now. (Downloading to patch 1.10 atm.). But can`t I stay on my second PS3?

    I tried to get my second PS3 in this status: game has no borrow function and I can copy savegame to USB-stick. That doesn`t worked.
    If you have your second PS3 in this status you could switch from PS3 #1 immediately to PS3 #2 and sponging cars would take minutes - not hours.
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