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    is there an outline of the basic steps to get a photo from the ps3 to online in gt6?
    just put usb stick in and transfer?
    also can we publish vids now to yutube?
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    This is how I got pictures to this site:

    1. move game files to XMB - the home screen on the PS3 (follow prompt in GT6)
    2. transfer files to a thumb drive/ flash drive
    3. transfer them to the computer
    4. load them to a photo-host site (photobucket, fotki. etc.)
    5. loading them to the GTP site after clicking the little picture icon next to the emoticon icon in the post form.

    I haven't posted a youtube vid yet - so I can't help you there.
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    .... A guide for the rest of us!

    From the GT5 (GT6) picture console you can transfer all pictures to the PS3 XMB by pressing the triangle Button and selecting transfer all pictures to XMB. Quit GT5.
    From the PS3 XMB, go to the pictures and you should be able to see the pictures just recently transferred from GT5. You can also copy all or one by one to a USB thumb drive by selecting the triangle button. If you select to transfer all pictures make sure to select and check Rename all pictures.

    Displaying Pictures from Photobucket.
    Picture Upload - The upload function in Photobucket does not require you to do anything but select the images that you want to put in your gallery. Once you select an image, it will be automatically set inside your gallery in order for you to manipulate it or share it by linking to another destination online such as your MySpace or Facebook page (or other photo sharing or social networking websites). The prompts are easy to understand and use, and the user interface is friendly to all levels of computer users.
    The process for uploading images using Photobucket is simple, intuitive and user friendly. You can upload as many or as few images as you like to make up your gallery. Remember that you control your gallery's privacy and access settings, so if you do not want them to be part of the Photobucket public domain, make the appropriate changes when uploading the individual images to prevent others from using your images in an unauthorized or inappropriate manner.

    All displayed pictures pictures in a browser (WEB) have an address; that address refers to a hosting (server) location. You can copy this address by right clicking on the picture properties on most browsers. Example:
    The web address for this picture [​IMG] is:
    You can copy the URL and then click on the Image (the one with a picture) button in GTP and paste the URL into it. This button is just wrapping the address with [​IMG]. GTP will refer to this address when displaying pictures; it does not actually host pictures itself.

    Most photo hosting sites use a very similar method to accomplish the photo sharing; as long as the picture has public access and it is not restricted, you should follow the steps above or your provider's steps that can be found in their How To section.

    When you are viewing a picture in photobucket there is a menu with image links which permits you to just click on a link and paste it directly as a URL into the link button (earth with chains) in GTP.

    Photobucket How do I?
    Linking And Sharing
    Uploading Pictures

    A message from the D3 Photography Office

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    WOW! That was detailed!

    I left some details out - thank you for the how-to.