PlayStation 5 Showcase Will Reveal More on September 16


United Kingdom
United Kingdom

At least I know that I want that precise mat dark grey PS5 ! Looks awsome !

But now it is time for gaming news and specifically Gran Turismo 7 I hope.

Can't wait to see it.

That isn’t grey. It just looks grey because of the lighting


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Interesting that its officially already mentioned to be out this "Holiday" so that seems to immediately tell me it's not too far from the release date of the Xbox Series consoles.


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Long Island, New York
I have an adapter thing on my PS4 Slim so it's okay if it doesn't. It would've been nice to clean the wires up a little bit but oh well.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Rumours of as yet unannounced games appearing.

Wouldn't be surprised if they undercut Xbox, but given some of the survey results I've seen knocking about Sony may think they don't need to.
I can't see them going $600 though, they learnt with PS3 that people get sticker shock and from Xbox one too which had a higher price because of the kinect thing being included. I wonder if they will offer a $x per month plan like Xbox - I think thats a good move..
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United States
Sony never really made their money back in console sales alone. They tried in 2006 with ps3 prices. They sell their consoles at a loss and make it back in software and services. They can launch ps5 at 299$ and still make money. They aint losing any money with ps now and ps plus its mostly all gain.