Poll-How Do Ya Like Your Ride ?

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What's your most enjoyable way to run your favorite cars ?

  1. Bone Stock From Dealership No Wash, No Oil Change, No Mods, No Tunes

  2. Pure Stock With A Car Wash And Oil Change Only, No Mods, No Tunes

  3. Pure Stock With A Car Wash, Oil Change, And Several Tunes, But No Mods

  4. Semi Modified Including Car Wash, Oil Change, Tires, And Several Tunes

  5. Fully Modified And Completely Loaded And Tuned With Every Mod Available

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  1. 2_FAST_4_U


    United States
    I find running my cars bone stock directly right from the dealership, without even a car wash or oil change the most enjoyable way with the most satisfaction to race my favorite cars. How about you ?

    Lexus LFA Nürburgring Package '12-At Syracuse 1.jpg
  2. bjl23

    bjl23 Premium

    I like them stock with oil change, not sure why? Cheap horse power maybe?
    (hence the NO-TUNE CHALLENGE rules)

    I like stock cars over tuning because you get to feel the car for what it is even if it's not the same as in real life.

    When you tune you can normally tune out the things that make the car crap, so you don't get that real feeling of how the car handles or the power.
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  3. VBR

    VBR Premium

    I used to run a weekly race event in GT5 Prologue & GT5 called "Saturday Stock Car Series", & all we ever used were untuned cars. I also did lots of Shuffle racing in GT5 (which used stock cars) & ran loads of Tuning Prohibited public lobbies in GT6. To say that I love driving untuned cars on slippy tyres is spot on!

    :drool: :dopey: :D
  4. nostradavor2


    Have you found anything close regarding the race quality and fun as shuffle racing was?
    I'm like bipolar everyday regarding getting ps4 only for gts.. I don't like many things in that, but still.. Was even thinking of buying xbox one(since you can get it for peanuts) and play online some more arcadish games just for fun.. My dfgt also still works fine so I guess drive hub would be my best option if I go any direction. Does it still work fine on all platforms or they managed to mess with it withb updates?

    So to be ontopic, I like cars stock on original tires even tho Im aware that they don't represent 100% car from real life. Also Im not great tuner but I think Im good driver so that might ne a reason too.
  5. 2_FAST_4_U


    United States
    I agree VBR... I especially like the races running a bit more slowly in stock form as it seems the frame rate goes way up and speeds up a lot as one mods up higher and higher. Also the AI cars start going a little hyper pro say. I also like how the replays look running stock without cars and frames going by so fast it starts to look like the Red Bull races.
  6. Thematic


    Replay is one of the best parts of the game ever and especially now. It probably depends on what you have seen out there, if you went to motor races you might prefer sports grade, if you mostly see cars in town then comfort.

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  7. VBR

    VBR Premium

    Nope. I've found nothing that comes close to what Shuffle racing in GT5 brought to the table. The sheer amount of clean gentleman drivers it attracted was great.
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  8. smoothbore12


    For me its its about the same as @bjl23 wrote but usually depends on the car i use.
    Some cars stock are hell of a ride and some times are tragic .
    I like the tuning search and i spend enough time for that but i also know that is a half job cause a real good tune must not only make you quicker ,he must make and your tyres last and thats only on the last part of the game.
    I like more midrange cars 450- 600 pp class steet or racing with oil change and Tuned to my liking.
    Racing with ds3 and using buttons for all ( i was using steering wheel years ago) functions is difficult to achieve the full experience that game can give you .
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  9. GTV0819


    I vote stock if the car I'm trying to race is already fast enough and for those that I think are slow but want to convert them into scary, fast machines that are able to compete on the roads? Well, I guess I won't have any choice but to fully modify them, since GT is a race-oriented simulator and I'd usually want to race with those fast cars using cars that I feel are slow under normal circumstances. But then again, this is just my personal hobby in the game. :lol:
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  10. HarVee


    United States
    Usually Stock mechanically with some aero parts and wheels added visually. Some cars just look better without wings or certain wheels.

    The only tuning I do is change the tyres to a lower grade. Many cars come with sports tyres, but I will change them to comfort grade for the extra challenge.
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  11. Bowtie-muscle


    United States
    within reason. Why? Because of PD modeling issues/errors.
    Example, C7 Corvette Stingray, one of my favorites. Modeled as a Stingray by power and weight, but with Z51 package gearing. Factory toe? 0.10 front, 0.00 rear. PD stock? 0.00 front, 0.60 rear!!!! dampers (shocks/struts) should be stiffer as well, not 1/1 everywhere. Sway bars also should be stiffer. Change to 4/3, 4/3 and 3/2 roll bar and it's closer to realistic.
    Camber from factory, -0.3 front, -0.5 rear on Stingray, -05 front and rear on Z51. GRAND SPORT and Z06 would both be -0.9 front, -1.1 rear. PD stock? -0.5 front, -1.5 rear is wrong. And both have lower ride height, AERO and stiffer suspension. Not to mention wider, stickier, summer only tires (sport soft?).
    Z51 package also comes with tire and brake upgrade, sports hard lacks grip, add SM or SS. Sports exhaust is also something many owners actually change. Racing exhaust too much, as would be engine upgrade.
    And since my favorite tracks in game are actually original (fantasy/virtual), then I can drive a fantasy/virtual Corvette :D:dopey:;)
    And if I really owned one, it would get washed often.
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