POLL: Rear-view mirror for hood/roof view

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Would you like to have the option to have a rear-view mirror in the hood/roof view?

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Give us the option to toggle it on and off in every view.

I race cockpit and sometimes the mirrors are useless, the radar is not a good substitute and I definitely don't wan't to be pressing a button to look behind me all the time.
I don't use those modes yet if it stops more people from driving into me then yes please.

Is it roof and chase view drivers that drive too close behind btw? I drive in bumper cam and can't see anything if I hang right on the bumper of the car in front of me.

Without a rear view mirror at least you don't have to endure those people that constantly use their flashing headlights for brakes. You do miss the fun though when they go flashing into the sand trap behind you like a sinking ship.

Some hud customization in general would be appreciated. It will be nice to have the fuel map separate from the radar and a sizeable radar as well.
I only drive in Driver seat position view mode , but i mostly Drive Audi and few other MR car like Huracan ot Mclaren . most of the times i cant see rear mirror for R8 LMS i can only see 40% of all the area of rear mirror in +1 -1 View distance option had to use L1 to view . but in case of Mclaren which has very small rear view camera on the bottom-right of the screen with most of the time block by control dial while Huracan GT3 doesn't have any rear mirror or rear view camera at all, struggle a lots. and because we cant have VR in Campaig nor Sport mode we can really work out for VR at all.
Using the rear view button started to feel like immersion killer for me... I realized i kept tapping it even when the road behind was clear and there were no need to use it... Stupid habit.

From gameplay videos i've noticed that many roof cam players also keep clicking it, making it very unpleasant to watch... Reminds me of FPS players' quick knife and weapon swapping... To hold concentration or whatever.

Well, you can't use it in tricky corner sections without risking your lines anyway, so with the rear mirror you could actually focus on what's ahead.
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I am up for that, but...

Since GT1, only bump cam had rearview cam...
GFX utilization will be higher, already there are many downgrades in order to get at least close to 60fps, it looks like it is not much, butthere will be even more stress. You can check how rear view mirrors work for example take KTM on Blue Moon Bay premium longue event, take in car view and when you are on streights you will see how boxy is rearview...
A rear view mirror would come in handy for the upcoming Blue Moon Bay Group 3 FIA race. You need to save fuel so having the radar up will be difficult. All those cars so close and turning so often, you can’t tell me the look back button can be as effective as a rear view mirror.
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This poll is pointless as anyone who is not using interior view is a noob and their opinions are worthless.

I use bumper cam mainly for the rear view mirror. I think I would use roof cam otherwise. However I voted no due to my first comment.


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KY: There is no real technical reason why it is not there, but the roof view is easier to drive with.

Sounds like a one size fits all fallacy to me (just because you find it too easy doesn't therefore mean that everyone else finds it too easy). I'm very much up for optional mirrors in all views, because that would facilitate cleaner racing which is the more important issue. If you want it on, turn it on. If you want it off, turn it off. That way Kaz will keep most of the people happy most of the time (something he still hasn't realized yet).