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    I just want to say that i would really like it if its possible to get 1 or 2 new tracks for the online races. if we have to wait beyond christmas 2009 for the full game i mean. (but for gods sake take your time and make it the brilliant game i know it will be when you are ready. dont rush it!!!)

    The reason im writing this it that people could easily grow tired of the tracks when there are so few available. JUST MAKING IT POSSIBLE TO RACE ONLINE WITH REVERSED DRIVING DIRECTION WOULD MAKE A GREAT DIFFERENCE.


    And i just want to say that the new online events with the NO MERCY style is a great move. thank you for that PD.

    If people drop away from the game from time to time i think its because of extensive playing(and the same tracks/directions?)


    REGARDING FUJI EXPERT: I really hope PD can do something about the penalties on this track. sadly its possible to gain time by cheating(shortcutting the track, running wide on run-off zones) I think that if the penalties were more severe(more seconds penalty) this cheating would disappear. now you can run off at the first corner and not loose time, might even gain time going wider. at bus-stop you can cut on the grass and gain time.

    I have spoken with many, many drivers who feel the same way!!

    THANK YOU!!!

    And after this constructive criticism i woul like to thank PD for a brilliant game!!!
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    This might sound a bit like whining and a lot of people already talked about it etc. but i have to write this down:
    I am desperate!!!
    Im such a Gran Turismo junkie it is insane, and the funny thing is: I am by far not the one with the most playtime and im also not one of the real pros.
    But it feels so wrong to have a PlayStation console for such a long time without a full fledged Gran Turismo, while Prologue is great, it just lacks a lot of stuff (which is of course okay, because it is a.... Prologue).

    Every day im looking for GT5 news on the official site, here and in the GTRP but there is nothing. I wish PD would at least give us more infos how far they are in development, if there are any new features at all and so on.

    Im really sad about this, im already getting strange dreams about Gran Turismo (lol no joke), which is a bit scary.... So, i would give anything for the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Kazunori Yamauchi just to get some new infos, even if i would be not allowed to share them.

    Like i mentioned a bit in another thread, i have some handicaps which dont allow me to live my car enthusiasm, but Gran Turismo makes it at least possible in a virtual world.

    No you can call the whambulance. 8(
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    It's same with me, constantly looking for the news, even though i am very happy with prologue, and with waiting for full release. But it in our nature, our curiosity for wanting more especially when something is excellent as GT5p.
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    I would like to see Motegi and Infineon Raceway as an update to Prologue. Ok ok just MOTEGI please!!!
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    MOTEGI :)

    Would be very nice. [​IMG]
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    More tracks and weather change with rain tyres and all of that. aftermarket parts and a damage system
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    My small input that I can add: after having owned and raced a 111R Elise for a few years, this car is not quite right in pro physics with S2's, assuming the S2 tires are meant to represent good street tires. A real 190hp 111R barely has enough power to break the rear lose in 1st gear when turning hard on good street tires. In fact, on good street tires, even in the wet it will rarely break the rear lose under throttle with hard turning in second gear. It seems like there is little change in balance of front to rear grip with varying throttle, where the real car has a very large change in balance with the throttle.

    Also it seems to have a bit too much front grip, I think if they all left the factory like that, many would end up in a ditch :nervous: I would say the model you have for the F430 feels much more like a real 111R, except for the power difference.

    The two NSX's feel like they have a similar lack of balance change with throttle. On S2's they seem to have a lot of oversteer no matter what you do with the throttle.

    I really like the addition of pro physics, when combined with a G25 wheel the whole experience feels very realistic, can't wait for the full game. Great job!
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    1. do something about that catch-up logic like metioned in some of the early posts, like you just feel the car slipping away when you are ahead and cars behind get some much faster you really feel the differnce.

    2. does anoing penalty's for you get for nothing and when someone hits you hard he get away with no penalty and you somewhere in the grass, soooofrustrating

    3. The noise on some cars is really terrible and not accurate, like the impreza, where is that dark boxer sound? ever heard a impreza sound like the one in GT? I don't
    in every single engine sound you can hear its gran tursimo, i dont know hard to explain but they just dont sound good enough if you look at the graphics.
    plus it lags backfire and the sound of unburned fuel from the exhaust listen to a real F40.

    The whole game is just a little to clean if you ask me, but i dont belive the will change any of these features because its about money and its a prologue and they only focus on GT5 now
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    If the catch up logic is the RBE (Rubber Band Effect) you are talking about, it has gone from Pro Events :tup:
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    1.Bring some old gt4 tracks back, e.g nurburgring & laguna seca:tup:
    2.More cars, like porsche and maybe some rare cars[italian job mini maybe?]
    3.I like the idea of a drag strip and would like to see far better detail for tuning e.g turbos, nos etc.
    4.Damage is important to i think so if you crash then you have to pit if its major.

    Im sure it will be worth the wait but id rather wait, they take there time and do a very good game rather than rush it and disapionent everyone.
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    Telemetry data so Fanatec can calculate when the wheels of the car are locking up, when the ABS is activate. Fanatec's new wheel has pedals with:

    * State-of-the-art pedal set made of aluminum with pressure sensitive brake sensor, indestructible magnetic precision sensors and ABS vibration.

    This means that we could have FFB (pedals) when playing GT5.

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    Just a small one: Last night i was online and when someone overtakes me on the straight, i usually glance sidewards at their car, but the driver looks so generic and robotic that you don't get the feel that you're racing someone from another country.
    So it would be nice if we could choose a unique helmet and racing suit of a list. Ideally it would be cool if we get the car livery editor and have the ability to design our own helmet livery within that.
    A nice touch online would be for us to have the option of displaying our national flag and psn id on the rear left and right window glass.

    not a biggie, but it would be cool.:)
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    I didn't read the whole thread, so forgive me if this has been brought up.

    An 'in-car' view where you are 'in the car', not driving the front bumper. With the rear view mirror available, pillar posts, the like.
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    what???? do we not have this already????
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    Or play GT5 Prologue, it seems.

    But you are forgiven :)
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    Ability to make engine fail from bad tunes.
  18. Hyst


    When you select a track to test a car on, you should be able to choose which chicanes to run as well. For example, the bike chicanes on Suzuka (on the sweeping right just before Spoon) and on Tsukuba (just after the Dunlop bridge), and on various other tracks like Infineon. While it's possible to use these in GT4 already, it would be neat to be able to select them as genuine parts of the course during testing (as they would subsequently count as different tracks with corresponding time trial records).

    Speaking of time trials, it would also be a nice touch to be able to create your own classes of car, and each time you complete a time trial session you can assign the car to one of the classes you created. For example, you could create classes called 'Group C', 'LMP', 'GT1' etc. to reflect real-life categories, or 'Under 200HP, FF', 'MR/RR 450HP+', '90s Hondas' etc. to help you in finding a car of your own stipulations.