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  1. Threshold


    Post anything you would like to see changed in GT5P. Let's hope it's true that PD reads these boards. Doesn't matter if you repeat stuff people have already said. If it's important to you post it.

    All I'm about to say relates to online play.

    1. No more boost to lowered placed cars, or take away performance from the top place car. Especially not in the expert races. It's cool for beginner races, and even some of the same rubber band effect would be good for intermediate, but not for expert.

    2. Slipstream... Again it's cool if there's an exaggerated effect in the beginner/intermediate races, but not cool for expert level. Also, along the same line of thinking, fix the wind drag effect. The F2007 seems to suffer no loss in straightline speed from medium downforce to maximum downforce.

    3. Penalties need to be more stringent. Tapping someone's bumpers to let them know you're there is good fun, but putting them in the kitty litter is not. There should also be penalties for people who use cars on the outside as rails to get across the corner faster.
  2. s00zster


    1. Nurburgring
    2. Nurburgring
    3. Nurburgring


  3. Southend Rage

    Southend Rage

    United Kingdom

    LoL, not another one of these (:D
  4. dark_ruffo


    More simulation :)
  5. Dbo129



    Also, Please fix the penalty system you have implimented now. It has bugs that need to be takin care of. I shouldn't get penalized for getting hit from behinde.
  6. Ardius


    United Kingdom
    But someone should if they were brake checking (not impying you were, just giving an example of someone getting a penalty from a shunt).
  7. s00zster


    Last night, some guy behind me gave me two sneaky taps from behind and then just when the last corner in the Suzuka esses came up, he punted me hard into the sandtrap. I got a penalty for "taking a shortcut" (me trying to get OUT of the sandtrap) and he carried on at normal speed. This, I think, needs taking care of.
  8. bbcnascar2


    Private rooms please with all these options:Any PP limit,Track,Cars(Stock or tuned ect...).And ability to boot.
    Thank You
  9. BB-ANDY-


    That please ^^^ :D
  10. Hyper-Dan


    United Kingdom
    To be honest, If we had private room's and the Nurburgring i would be completely happy. :) And maybe sort out the penalty system a bit, and the online boost.


    Also, After it now happening to me 3 times in the last half hour, Sort out the failed to connect, and host ending the game. :grumpy:
  11. petersalerno


    When a player does this they should be held at 35 mph for 20 seconds or forced to the pit for a stop and go penalty:tup:
  12. SVT Cobra GT

    SVT Cobra GT

    United Kingdom
    1. Private races
    2. More cars
    3. Drag racing
  13. Kryz11

    Kryz11 Premium

    PD, take your time in creating one of the best racers around. THANKS!
    That's all I want.
  14. RuFFNeXX


    Numbers 1 and 2 plus the penalty system are my biggest gripe with GT5P. What good is a 5 second penalty when there is a rubber band catchup logic? It's not uncommon for the person penalized to come back and catchup to the pack and even win the race. Gosh, you can have 2 penalities and still win. And yes, the slip stream and bump drafting in this game are greatly exaggerated online.

    Another pet peeve I have is the in car view. Am I wrong in thinking that you should have a wider field of vision in this view? When I drive my real car I am able to see out my peripheral vision. Being in the US my wheel is on the left side and if there is a car in the lane to my right, I can tell in my peripheral that there is a moving object on my right window. I may not be able to see the details of the car but I can tell that something is there and can even identify the color. In GT5P I have to hit a button to turn the driver's head to right to see if there is anything on my right. The only way this would be correct would be if the driver's face was planted on the windshield. Totally unrealistic.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  15. rebla47


  16. EAGuy


    That's a good point to bring up and I'd like to have a wider FOV. However, my peripheral vision is often impaired a little with a helmet on and I often have to clock my head from side to side to check if the mirrors fall off... so that may not be as realistic as you think. It would help a lot though. Have you tried driving (track days / auto-x) with a racing helmet in your car?

    As for what I'd like to see improved:

    1.) An effective damage system as opposed to a flashy one. Like LFS +GTA IV (bent hubs + bodywork rubbing tyres = impaired performance with big accidents, loss of power, aerodynamics, etc) and not GRID.

    2.) A good penalty system that calculates the change and shift in weight from an impact off the track. ie. the penalty for the punter only applies when you hit the dirt from a light and slow push wide through the turn to the sandtrap. I think it'll make the penalty system more natural and human. Just a little more 'just' for most of us I think. It might be a little over the top but I'd have to try it. Which brings me to number...

    3.) Survey us more, take more of our feedback and take samples and opinions from us. There are many communities like this of enthusiasts who are more than happy to assist in the development of the game for no reward at all but to enjoy the game more when it is out. Most of us are also sensible enough to understand when to compromise so a product can sell as well (point #4 Scalability coming up and online game lists)

    4.) True online gaming. Quick match should randomly drop you into a race with similarly skilled players (another point coming up) but custom match should let you choose from a list of hosts and private matches (password protected three digit? four? minor inconvenience isn't it for private matching?). Stop waiting for Home and do this! With your own hosting, rooms, private games you could scale damage, penalties, PP, change tracks and keep everyone together for different races the whole time! It's an EASY solution. With quick match you could still keep the different races on the list now too! Oh, and have a ban/player avoid list.

    5.) Being able to achieve a tight time and consistently clean races should mean something. Statistic tracking (number of bumps you did, number of times off the road surface, number of times spun out, total positions gained, total positions lost, total wins, total 2nd, total 3rd, etc) and achievements (totally clean race, comeback(last to first), etc) should be figured into player matching in quick match so you're up against some similarly skilled racers. This could do away with having to race people going the wrong way all the time and people who spin out all the time.

    6.) Let us have livery customization. It goes a long way in community building as well as personalizing your own car. Different people play this game, loads of different people and most of us enthusiasts want to be able to have a racing team with team colours/logos, etc. Some people want to have sick murals. I say, let it happen. If someone paints something inappropriate ban them (refer to 3.)), easy :p.

    7.) As you can tell I don't have any gripes about graphical fidelity and the accuracy of the cars (probably because I don't care so much) but I do like little details. Little details like reverse lights, and animations (drivers head looking left/right when you look) would help give us some more immersion. Details like dirt, scratches, rubber being thrown up, clicks and sounds from pebbles or the pitter patter of sand as it's thrown up in front of you. I've noticed all these things doing a little racing and I know it doesn't take too much work to implement. There have been games that I think are lesser and have done these things.

    8.) Different race conditions. We don't often race endurance races so maybe not changing conditions but different. Rain, night, night + rain, damp track + fog, sunny, sweltering + more miraging, clear, etc. Have the ambient temperature affect HP. Actually, maybe that last bit about temperature affecting HP and having to tune to that temp. / altitude would be a little too much sim and too much funless tuning... Different conditions could make for some AMAZING races :D.

    I think that's all for now.
  17. craste

    craste (Banned)

    I think to have aproper Field of view from the cockpit you would have to have a super super super long wide screen tv/monitor to have it seem correct also it would have to curve around you.

    Whe are they going to bring out some super glasses you pop o which will achieve this?

    When I was a kid i thought that in the year 2000 whe would all be driving cars which 'floated'!!

    Since the Mmicrowave Oven and the compact Disc nothing really has been invented over the last 10 years or so which has knocked our socks off and we've all gone - bloddy noorah - thats a bit good!!

    Am I going off topic here?
  18. Sa!!yz~Rage


    Well uh, maybe... :)

    Penalty system for sure needs to be fixed.

    The ability to control %'s on superchargers. Two speed power-glide. Ladderbar suspension. The choice of alcohol on the 'tuned muscle cars' with the benefits and drawbacks.

    Something that equals a 'trans brake' for when the full game comes out and I'm spend all my time in the 1000m Sprint. :tup::idea: How about a waterbox for the 1000m and 1/4 mile and a tree would be cool.

    Be able to use my tunes would be cool.

    With respect to the penalty system, they really need to scrap the whole slowing your car thing. That's so arcade I find it weird that they would use that. What they should do is deduct whatever penalties are assessed at the end the race or run or whatever. You'd still lose at then end and it wouldn't bother other drivers when your car does weird things on the track.
  19. kikie

    kikie Premium

    • possibility te create your own license plate
    • Full anti-aliasing (and the cars will look even better, no more jaggies)
    • better off track (grass and sand) physics
    • true wide view (like amar mentioned). The left and right view in GT4, if playing with a multi monitor setup, are stretched, creating a terrible, unrealistic view. So no more stretched view on the left and right monitor
    • more realistic driving and tire physics. I'm still not 100% convinced that the physics are truely realistic (which is impossible for a game though)
    • full realistic real time damage => visual as mechanical and electronical, with 6 DoF's
    • deformable environment (visible tire marks in the sand and grass). If you hit a tire wall, all the tire have to move on inpact.
    • no more invisible walls
    • better sounds (cars and tires)
    • 7.1 surround sound
    • cars getting dirty
    • tire pressure, tire temperature, tire blow outs
    • implement DLL-files for the creators of the moving platform bluetiger, so that this moving platform works with GT5.
    • online replays, and private rooms
    • like in GTR (and real life) tire marbles left on the track
    • more grip as more rubber of the tires gets deposite on track during racing
    • implement the effects of wind (e.g. if you pass a car and there is a side wind, you will feel the effects of the side wind, like IRL)
    • if a car goes off track and leaves sand on track, the sand must influence the grip
    • FFB for pedals and shifter
    • being able to start/cut off the engine
    • realistic engine braking (if you are in H-pattern and you misshift and you revv the engine too high, the wheels should lock up
    • tire tracks if a car skids
    • if a car lifts off full throttle, the car should oversteer left or right and the driver has to countersteer to keep control of the car
    • realistic over and understeering
    • hood/bonnet view (my favourite view)
    • possibility to choose between left and right hand drive
    • less cars and more real world TRACKS
    • perfect AI instead of the AS (Artificiel Stupidity) we have now
    • make it possible to use the PSP as a rear view mirror
    • better replay system (possbility to choose between different cameras, FF, REW, slow motion, pauze)
    • realistic illumination of the environment by the headlights during night
    • an anti skid track where we can learn car control (defensive and offensive)
    • ingame chat
    • PS Eye as a tracking device
    • real time gasoline consumption
    • no more penalty system (replace it by damage)
    • pay for the damages we caused (e.g. on our and other cars), so we don't need a stupid penalty damage anymore because people will think twice before wrecking their car
    • like mentioned before, the possibility to turn off the HUD
    • Make it possible (implement files) to use a real dashboard (analog or digital) instead of having the information (HUD) on screen.
    • Like has been said by many other people: working reverse lights.
    • Full 3D graphics.
    • Model the entire car, not only the visible parts e.g. the engine (I don't mean cars like the F430, GT, R8 etc..), the suspenison, chassis panel behind the bodywork, etc... . I think that this is the reason that PD wants cosmetic damage only and gets away with 60fps at 1080p.
    • PiP feature during replay. (possibility to watch 2 different views at the same time during a replay).
    • A game generator, which chooses a track and a car in the free racing part of the game.
    • Laser scanned tracks
    • Accurate wheel to wheel lock for every car and accurate steering wheel rotation.

    • Telemetry data so Fanatec can calculate when the wheels of the car are locking up, when the ABS is activate. Fanatec's new wheel has pedals with:

      * State-of-the-art pedal set made of aluminum with pressure sensitive brake sensor, indestructible magnetic precision sensors and ABS vibration.

      This means that we could have FFB (pedals) when playing GT5.
    It seems that I'm not content but I really love GT5p but it can be better, it always can :sly:
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  20. H20HYBRID_GT


    OPTIONS is all what i want and need!

    1.) Option to turn the HUD off at least the horrible big map. Also let me turn off that red numbers telling me which gears i should use, its just annoying and most of time wrong choice! And geez, the players names over the cars which is only irritating and ULTRA-unrealistic .:tdown:
    2.) Option to turn off the ... online boost completely ( for Pro events at least)!
    3.) Friends invites, choice for chat ( on or off ), ability to set number of laps, tyres, PP .
    I don't like the idea of private rooms and or limitation regarding cars, 3.) should really do it imho.
    4.) Again an OPTION,the last one though :). Ability to turn collisions and penalties OFF!
    Penalties only donate the bad drivers, you really think a bad driving noob can hit a skilled off the track? Maybe once :) ... I don't think so !
    All this OPTIONS and we'd have a perfect online experience, believe me.
    Are You Listening? LOL :sly:
  21. fr0z3n_f1r3


    Fix the cars jumping around due to bad connection. If a connection starts wonking out, turn the cars to ghost. I've had it happen on multiple occasions where everyone's cars are flying around, only to appear in the same part of the track as I am and smash into me and take me out. It's not really anyone's fault, they are driving their race, and I'm driving mine. It's just the way they deal with the lag, etc.
  22. Krayzi


    1. Easy/convenient way to add recent players to an ignore list after a race. (See below). Private races may fall under this point as well.

    2. Host disconnects - do not halt the race! Within a few seconds, it should be possible to automatically elect a new host. During this brief time, you could either pause the race (more fair?) or turn all cars to ghosts (less intrusive?) temporarily.

    3. Better antialiasing.

    (From above) : We really need some effective disincentive for players to use the plethora of bad driving techniques discussed on these forums to get ahead. There are many ways this could be drastically improved. Call me a pessimist, but I still think people will find ways to abuse it. So, at least, please give us some way to individually block drivers whose habits we find offensive. By all means, I do think PD should still improve the in-game consequences (possibly including damage), but as long as I have a way to improve my online experience over time by blocking the repeat offenders from racing with me, I would be content.
  23. Robin

    Robin Premium

    United Kingdom
    1. Private Rooms
    2. Damage

    Thats all I want...... for now. :sly:
  24. Amnesia


    Actually, no we won't.

    If we suggest something here and it makes it into the game, it doesn't necessarily follow the PD got the idea here. Conversely, if we suggest something here and it doesn't make it into the game, it doesn't necessarily follow that PD didn't read about here and decide not to implement it for whatever reason.

    So how is this thread different from all the other wishlist threads?
  25. rmk700


    And what would be so hard to put top 25 or even 50 showing replays instead of just top 10.

    Also in time trial...make it ZERO wall contact or you get penalized.
  26. rabbitude


    I have to agree with pretty much every thing that has been said so far. For me the real appeal to this game is the online racing. The real challenge of racing is competing against other drivers and seeing how you stack up against them, but its really hard to do that with all this bs in the game. Why should a slower driver be able to catch me if I am like 4 seconds a lap faster, thats just not fair if I am faster I should pull away, whats happened is some slower drivers have created online race strategies, they will just stay behind you the whole race and slipstream up on you on the last staight on the last lap, block you in the last corner or two and win the race. If this game is going to be a real race simulator and not a driving simulator then changes must be made. Even if we could set up private rooms and be able to turn all these stupid things off.
  27. Vaxen

    Vaxen Moderator

    United States
    1. Private rooms
    2. Laguna Seca
    3. Add host migration for when the host quits the game
  28. Threshold


    Agree with everything, espcially the part about being able to turn off those damn flashing red gear numbers. I think that even cost us a few tenths. Try putting some black tape over them, you'll see what I mean.

    Fixed, and this thread is mostly about GT5P and our experience playing it, not GT in general.
  29. cmpinberkeley


    This thread is a great idea and hopefully the designers listen. This is a very good game that could potentially be made GREAT. I play almost exclusively online because “droids are one thing, humans are something entirely different.” Here are mine (I know I repeat many already mentioned):
    1. Private rooms
    2. Add a racing mode called “Simulation” where the host can adjust the things below
    3. Allow the following to be adjusted/disabled by the host in “Simulation” mode – boost, ghosting, penalties, damage, fuel, tire, # laps, PP min-max range, PP penalties for individual drivers, pit stops, driving aids, etc
    4. Realistic damage that affects car performance
    5. Realistic tire wear, engine wear/damage, fuel usage
    6. Fix the host disconnect issue
    7. Ability to see how many people are in online events before entering
    8. Ability to watch online races without driving
    9. Online replays
    10. Option how to show online names while racing
    11. Online open practice sessions
    12. Racing statistics (someone detailed them earlier) which can be seen by others and also uses them to then rate/rank drivers for placement in “matched” races
    13. Chat rooms and conversations in private sessions
    14. Dynamic pitstops where you can decide what gets changed on the car

    I’m sure I’ll add more as I play more…can’t wait for updates and the full version to come…
  30. RoboKrikit

    RoboKrikit Premium

    * Please quit dumping me into the Main Menu. If I go into Rankings, for example, and select several options to view a replay, when the replay is finished, I should be dropped back to the screen I was on, with the same options set; not dropped back into the Main Menu. Many things in the game drop you back to Main instead of where you were when you made your last selection. Give us a button to use to return to Main instead of assuming that is where we want to go. The load times make it really inconvenient to lose your place and have to re-navigate.

    * Please add a wheel options menu for the G25. It is officially supported and us G25 users would appreciate a setup screen for it. Since our on-wheel buttons are limited, please allow a function to be set up for L2 + R2 (both buttons pressed simultaneously).

    * Please add pedal sensitivity settings for wheel setups where this is possible.

    * Please add an interface that allows us to share replays with other users online. Maybe a 'my page' where replays can be hosted, or the ability to send replays to another user.

    * I can load a ghost replay on the Time Trial screen, but I can't view the replay from there. Please add the ability to do this.

    * When I load a ghost replay in Time Trial, the sector clock shows the difference between my time and my best lap, rather than my time and the ghost time. Please allow both to be shown, or an option to choose which should be displayed.

    I don't really expect this sort of stuff to be added to Prologue, but it would be nice to see features like these implemented in GT5.