Porsche Not in FM4 Confirmed (Originally Porsche may be in Forza 4. Check this out).

I'll always have some soft spot for Porsche in Forza. It's really the car that the "Ah HA" moment went down with me. When , with help from my online group, that I finally "got it". When instead of driving around thinking I'm doing everything right and still getting lapped , consistently, to I started actually being competitive. It was that Flying Lizard that got me over. Although I have to say I changed that livery every opportunity I could cause that sucker was butt ugly too me but the car was it for me. Me and a friend just going for it on the track.

Watching your video makes me really sad. If there was something missing for me in GT5, it was Porsche, but at least Forza had them. :(


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*wonders why thread is now open. Porsche threads in GT5 section normally locked*

Move on guys. I know grief hits everyone different.

Go out. Get some air.
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[rage]i'm thinking about building an IRL armored Porsche to do a raid on EA hq.[/rage]

[epicrage]we could also just go and massacre all the people who work for EA, because nobody here is an EA fan anyway, and this will solve everything.[/epicrage]

all that aside, it's still a month before the game is officially released, and plus, if the hinted-at car transfer feature is available, what'll they do if someone has a garage full of Porsches? will the game basically teabag you for having Porsches and b*tch at you for it? jeez, as I said earlier, EA shouldn't have anything to do with Porsche, because VW owns 99.999999% of Porsche, so it should be VW's decision on this, NOT EA.

EA doesn't know when to shut the [*BLEEP*] up.


anyone willing to sign a petition against EA, if Porsche isn't in?

--2nd EDIT--

here is a good petition that I didn't start
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Someone's a bit late to the party. Porsche has been confirmed to not be in for over 2 weeks now and pretty much everyone in here that wanted to sign the Petition already has.