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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Hurricane43, Nov 22, 2010.


Hurricane43 set up

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  1. Hurricane43


    Hello to All,

    Just wanted to make a thread and gather other people's set up for GT5, so when we are racing we will be able to say, ahhh that's Hurricane43 set-up, not to shabby.

    So post your hard worked, hard earned, set up & man cave, which you will be racing in GT5.

    Here's my new set up, i am ready to burn it up and now all i need is a fridge next to me and i'm ready to go. :)




    Lets make this a contest:)
  2. Tesla


    Win topic. All I've got is a DFGT mounted on coffee table + 26" flatscreen. But it has served me well through the years, never had a single problem with it.
  3. kelchm



    Old picture, but you get the idea. Screen looks small, but its ~6' wide.

    Infocus X9 projector
    3x KRK ST6 monitors up front
    HK AVR 435 Receiver
    Crappy sub and surrounds ;)
  4. This post will be edited with my ghetto dfgt/37" lcd setup in a couple of days
  5. RTSandel23


    This thread should probably be moved to the Steering Wheels/Cockpits Forum, but man I love to see everyone's setups. Will post mine later
  6. lbsf1

    United Kingdom Warwick Uni
    PSN:lbsf1 GTP_lbsf1

    This could be put in the Wheels and Cotpits section, just because you can now make a thread in the gt5 section doesn't mean its obligitory.
  7. eric1971

    United States USA

    Crappy iPhone pic

    37" LCD
    Playseat EVO Alcantara
    Driving Force Pro

  8. CT230R

    Ireland Naas, Ireland

    I have a Logitech DFGT mounted on a little table and I'm getting a Wheel Stand Pro on the weekend. :dopey: I also have a 32" Hisense 1080P TV with no surround sound yet. :(
  9. trk29


    52" Philips LCD KLH 5.1 surround sound G27, 80/20 extruded aluminum.

    Updated reverse mount pedals.
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  10. daan

    Scotland Scotland

    Moved to the correct forum
  11. Hurricane43


    Thanks much, sounds like a very good set up you got.

    @ trk29 awesome set up, is that a chair from my F150 lol.

    Also eric and kelch very nice.
  12. HBR-Roadhog

    United States West Virginia

    No pictures of mine at the moment but I can give a basic description.
    37 " LCD about 4 feet from sitting position.
    PWTS Wheel mounted to a 1x8 board which attaches to a U-Shaped workcenter. Removeable when using the computer.
    Custom wooden platform for holding the pedals, elevated and angled for comfort.
    High back reclining office chair.

    Overall feel of the sitting position is close to the same as my car [2001 Mustang]

    This started as a temp solution but it works so well I may just leave it as is.
  13. reaperman




    A shot of my wheel, a wide one of the room, and one of the screen.
    Pardon my mess, but it's a man cave, not a 'sometimes I vacuum' cave.

    The screen is a front-projected 102-inches.
    Wheel is a G25 with a Wheelstand Pro.
    On top of it is my Playstation Eye and an IR light for face tracking in the dark.
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  14. Hurricane43


    I think you need to relax, just because someone is new and didnt know you should be more of a, helper than nuisance.feel bad for you.
  15. nick09

    United States NY

    34' Sony HDTV(4-5 years old now)
    Sony Surround System(Around 8 years old but still sounds great!)
    Homemade wheelstand(works well but will need some rubber on the bottom)
    22 year-old La-z-boy recliner(I wish my car seat was this comfortable)
    GT3RSv2 with ClubSport pedals

    The only thing that needs improvement is my wheelstand. It does move while I race but not as much as it used to when it was 2" higher in height. Love the look of wood grains in black.
    Sorry about that, but, is so amazing guys.

    I'm preparing a cockpit for the father of my fiancee for Christmas (he plays GT5P with me aaaaaall the time, as well as GT PSP and GT4) and seeing things like this made me cry...

    Anyway, amazing jobe!

    A big hug.

    Eager Snake.
  17. Bugman

    United States Moncks Corner, SC

    This is my cockpit. As for a "man cave", well... I just don't have one. A game room, yes; But, it's not "mine". In fact, I think the mrs has her girlfriends over for wine and guy talk more then I do guys for billiards and beer!

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  18. UK-Gamer

    England London

    I voted 'Good' as it is really a Playseat Evolution with a DFGT, still, the Playseat Evolution is one of my favourite seats and the DFGT is a pretty wheel (and good). Still, it is a good set up but many can still have it That is why, for me, it isn't 'Awesome'.

    Eric, how comfortable it that alcantara seat, because, for the price, wont they use thin layers?
  19. BenzAMG


    wow Bugman, nice! How big is the screen? Have fun with gt5!
  20. Delphic Reason

    Staff Emeritus

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  21. reaperman


    Nice SNES. Way to keep it old school. Here I thought I was the only one who kept his old stuff hooked up.
  22. nick09

    United States NY

    Thanks. From time to time I do feel like playing Top Gear on it just for the sake of childhood, even though when I was a kid I could only finish the first country(I can finish the second one now but that's it). I'm just way to attached to my old games so I will never sell any.

    The only things that are different about the room is that I took the parts from my NES-PC(recliner arm blocked it from view in the first picture) and moved them to a new computer case(old power supply was failing and I was tried of working around my makeshift computer case). New spot for the PC is right on the subwoofer and I put the shell of the NES on top of the cable box as a decoration.

    This reminds me, I should race some more in GT5:p before GT5 comes out.
  23. Bugman

    United States Moncks Corner, SC

    Thanks Benz :)

    This one a 42". It's an Olevia, it has got a super fast refresh rate and spectacular color. I highly suggest it to anyone, period. It blows my LG and Samsung away. Oh, and it was a little less expensive!
  24. Delphic Reason

    Staff Emeritus

    I had a 40" Olevia (5 series, black). It was a good telly. Mine only had a 5ms response time, and 60hz refresh rate though.

  25. trk29


    Ford Focus is what I was told it was out of. Bought it for $10 bucks at the junkyard.
  26. tezster

    Canada Canada

    Couple of pics of my setup (false colour as I removed the yellow channel):


  27. Nedim


    58 inch samsung
    bose speakers
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  28. don't brag about bose...
  29. Delphic Reason

    Staff Emeritus

    He listed the type of speakers he has. That's hardly bragging...

  30. 12thgear

    United States Northern VA

    Don't bag on someone else's setup. He was just listing off his equipment.
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