Project CARS 2 General Discussion Thread - Out Now on PS4/XB1/PC

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@IanBell First, I would like to say that I LOVE the first Project Cars. Spent 200+ hours in it and I can't wait to spend even more in Pcars 2.

One quick question, are we going to see any of the 3 biggest Canadian tracks in the game? Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Mont Tremblant, and my favourite and most under appreciated track: Mosport?
2017-02-08 17_07_56-Project CARS 2 Officially Revealed With New Trailer, Coming “Late 2017”.png

Any idea on the car?
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Will there be a more intuitive Pit Stop Menu that can be tweaked during the race as opposed to the current system of "Pit Strategies" which must be set beforehand?

Will there be some kind of "tuning helper" for each car/track combination to aid those who either aren't interested in tuning or noobs who don't know anything about it?

And, when can I buy?

Thank you for your time.
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Here's what the devs had to say about Playstation VR Support.

"We can’t commit 100% to PSVR yet because there is still a lot of optimization left to do and all of the new things we’ve added,” said Viljoen. “For VR, we need to achieve an additional level of performance. We don’t want to compromise like other racing games have and lose any of our authenticity on PSVR. If we can get there, we will release it. We’ll eventually get it there one way or another, but we can’t promise it will be there at launch. The plan is to deliver the entire game."
170+ could still mean 200+. Apparently there's still DLC planned though. :)

Yes, but when developers announce things like car counts, they like to use round numbers, so either ending in a 0 or a 5. 170+ cars means there will be somewhere between 171 and 174 cars.

P.S - Is that an Aston Martin DB11 I spy here?



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The main thing we don't already know about properly is the Competitive Racing License and they've apparently got another video for that.
Just like with GTS, that's my most anticipated feature. What a boon it would be to online racing to have an efficiently working driver rating system games like this.


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@IanBell - Any potential for a Switch version of Project CARS 2? I assume not given what happened with the Wii U but just curious... :)
I would buy it even if it comes out later and I get the PS4 version first. Whether the Switch is built around the Tegra X1 or has a few tricks up its sleeve, maybe that's enough to bump 23fps up to 30fps? The undocked mode could be a roadblock, though.

What we want to happen is that we don't need to build in subtle understeer for controllability to allow the average person to enjoy the experience on a game pad. I personally have put away my wheel for pCARS2. I'm using a pad exclusively and I'm insisting that we retain the dynamics of the car but allow the player to control such things as sharp front end turn in and on the apex and on-throttle balance with full throttle oversteer and opposite lock controllability (if that makes sense)... That was our aim 2 year ago and I think we've achieved it. I think it's a very affirming experience for pad users now.
It's reassuring to know SMS have this kind of mission statement regarding physics and handling. 👍 Between successes like Assetto Corsa, PCARS1, or DiRT Rally, it seems like there's a bit of a larger audience these days for sims that aren't The Real Understeer Simulator™.

I guess Enthusia was made in the wrong decade. :(
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Hey, new guy here :cheers: with a quick question. I am wondering if there is a way to hide or at least make the steering wheel static on the PS4 version of PCars? I am pretty interested in getting the game but if I can't get cockpit view without the steering graphics (like in ACorsa) that might be a deal breaker for me.

Thanks for any help/input:bowdown: