Project CARS 4 "Will Be The Most Realistic Simulation Ever Made"


*Simcade. God I had one job
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I have no doubt Pcars 4 will be amazing and look forward to purchasing it on release. Most likely it will be for PS5 which will be a plus. The moving leaves is neither here nor there for me though since while racing at a pace I don't have time to even notice.
Looks like they'll also be re-introducing pit lanes/stops etc which I can do without though but should please others.
He talks about realism while discussing every leaf's shadow being cast.

Deja vu.

But to be honest, if he actually does realize how big of a mistake PCARS3 was, and actually does make PCARS4 a proper simulator. I can forgive him.

You've got one more chance, Ian. You cannot afford to blow this one.
I hope Ian doesn't become the Peter Molyneux of sim racers.

He's been the Peter Molyneux of racing games for years with the amount of lies that have come out of his mouth. Though if anything, his pride and his boastfulness, plus the absolute embarrassment that is some of his antics, speaks more towards Randy Pitchford.
Dear SMS, I remember your words few months ago: " Project cars 3 will be one of the more great racing games,much better of PC1 and PC2". All fan could not wait to play PC3, we were sure to get one of the best simulation never seen on console.
False! It is an arcade game, not so bad, but not nice either, it looks like a hastily created game, some events hard to complete, some other events too easy even with closed eyes. Some time attacks are impossible to win. You did not dedicate the right time to create this game. Now you say to the world " PC4 will be ........"exactly like last year. Please, be honest with your customers, tell us the truth, it can be the last chance.
I was hoping we would be safe from this rubbish for over a year. If EA finalise the takeover of Codemasters that big talk goes straight out the window anyway.
Oh for...

Come on @IanBell jokes over. When people said they wanted a proper racing sim, they didn't mean they wanted fancy 🤬 leaves that no one actually looks at.

Project Cars 4: The Real Leaf Simulator

Lol I remember before the 1st came out that he was saying all of this other stuff that never came out. Only until the 2nd that they actually added what was supposed to be in the 1st.

Edit: AND even after the 1st release, they were still asking for more funding for the 2nd.
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SMS are gonna have to do a whole lot more than just bringing pCARS 4 back up to full sim. They're gonna have to completely revamp their PR and be much more transparent.

I don't care about how aero affects leaves on the track. Bring the physics and AI to proper standards. No more gimmicks. No more lies.
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