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  1. Terronium-12

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    Welcome to the all-new and improved thread for Project CARS. Let's jump right into it with some information, both of my own accord and borrow from the WMD forum.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    - Can my PC run pCARS?

    The recommended minimum spec to run the game is as follows:

    CPU - 3.0GHz Dual-Core, 2.4GHz Quad-Core
    GRAPHICS - nVidia 9600 GT 512Mb, ATI Radeon HD 4750 512Mb
    MEMORY - 2Gb RAM (3Gb-4Gb recommended)

    *NOTE: The game as it is right now runs better with nVidia cards (what game doesn't at this point, right?) whether it be single or multiple cards. That's not to say the game doesn't run smoothly on ATi/AMD cards as that's far from the case.

    - How much does pCARS cost?

    The final release version of the game will run for the normal price of a boxed game for this generation. However, team members were allowed to invest and participate in the PC pre-alpha builds and help build the game along the way. The prices for that varied according to your membership level and they were as follows:

    Junior 10€
    Team Member 25€
    Full Member 45€
    Senior 100€
    Manager 1000€
    Senior Manager 25000€

    - Funding for Project CARS is completed. New users will not be able to purchase any tool packs as they're now closed.

    There are perks associated with every level of membership. To find out more about that go here.

    - What if my PC
    doesn't meet the minimum requirements, will I be able to play pCARS on my console?

    Yes. Project CARS will not be PC-exclusive, it's also going to be released on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and the Wii U in addition to the PC and Steam OS versions.

    - When can I expect to see pCARS?

    Sometime in Q4 of 2014, exact date TBA.

    - I've spent my money and the game looks incomplete, what's going on?

    What's going on is pCARS is currently in a pre-alpha state. Any bugs you find should be reported at the pCARS forum at, even if they've already been reported and are known. Any ideas you have should be shared with the community when necessary. Remember, you've invested into the project so you do have a say in the outcome of the final build of the game.

    - Is this like, uhm... Shift 3?

    No, it is meant to be as realistic a race sim as possible. That means a very sophisticated tire model including heat, wear and different compounds, new benchmarks in realistic brake, turbo and gearbox modelling, dynamic track conditions, realistic aero effects, extensive setup options, full weather with according wet track physics and realistic damage modelling. There are three professional race drivers in Nic Hamilton, Ben Collins (aka The Stig) and Oli Webb, who are giving constant feedback on car handling and all other aspects of racing, to make sure its as close to real racing as possible. Try to drive pCARS like Shift (or GT/FM) and you will fail.

    The reason it might remind you of Shift is that it is made by the same people, so it has a certain "SMS look" to it - just like iRacing, AC, Forza and GT have their own distinctive look in their graphics.

    - Will there be differences between the PC and console versions?

    There will be no differences between PC and console versions w.r.t. core tech (physics realism, FFB, gameplay). The console versions will probably use slightly less sophisticated graphics because of the less powerful hardware that simply isnt capable of providing high end AA, DS, etc options like the PC version, but the aim is to have the game running at 60fps/1080p on all platforms.
    For more info on the game and WMD crowd funding visit:
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  2. neema_t

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    Oops! What were we saying again? Oh yeah, this is going to be Shift 2 all over again, when's the beta? Has anyone played the PS3 version?
  3. Sharky.

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    T12 you big goose. :lol:

    You might want to take this opportunity and add a FAQ to the OP.
  4. DG_Silva

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    EDIT: What's going on with the caps?
  5. Terronium-12

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    And, added. If there's anything else you guys think should be added let me know and I'll put it in.
  6. FLX1981


    Howzabout grabbing the chance by the horns and give it its own subforum as we re at point zero anyway? :idea:
  7. Terronium-12

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    That's not up to me, unfortunately.
  8. FLX1981


    Ah, I see... You re just the eraser. :D

    Could be worth it to include the car- and tracklists in the OP.
  9. Adrianf1

    Spain Madrid

    I put back my last two videos of pCARS because the previous was erased.
  10. Terronium-12

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  11. G.T.Ace

    Germany Bonn, Germany

    I have a Intel Core2Duo E7400 with 2.8 GHz, 3.5 GB RAM (32 bit Windows XP) and a ATi 4830 HD card with 512Mb. It doesn't run playable in 640x480 with everything set to low or off. So... take these as the absolute minimum.
  12. Mrjones

    Canada SW Ontario

    Just bought into this game(full member). Cant wait to try it, looks amazing. Any tips for set-up for a fellow GT5er?(i'm using G27)
  13. Bigbazz

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    What happened to the old thread? :|
  14. neema_t

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    My guess is Sir 12 The Destroyer of Threads was trying to either edit the first post or remove it as the OP was banned, but that is just a guess.
  15. Terronium-12

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    I was actually trying to turn over ownership, and then the unspeakable thing happened.
  16. II-zOoLoGy-II

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    Say something about what stage it is in development so people know about a beta or demo?

    And post some of your pictures.
  17. DrJustice


    How about pulling the old thread out of yesterdays backup and put it back in place?
  18. Terronium-12

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    Boss man didn't want to do that. So here we are.

    And I'll definitely drop some shots in here soon enough.
  19. JvM

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    T-12, maybe a link to this to the OP?
  20. Adrianf1

    Spain Madrid

    Hi guys, here I leave a video with Formula Rookie in Barthus in the afternoon:

    I hope you like it.
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  21. G.T.Ace

    Germany Bonn, Germany

    It looks so real, great stuff Adrian! :tup:
    I'm so jealous that I don't have a proper PC. 8(
  22. Mr Bean

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    Great thread t-12 oh holy destroyer of threads from what I've read :)

    This game is already shaping up to he a serious rival to gt5/fm4/gt6?/fm5?
  23. Jav

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    Oh yeah! This thread needs some Terronium vs Chromatic eye candy!!
  24. Samus

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    You definitely need to make it clear in the OP that the game is currently in pre-alpha state and as such everything you see and feel is an ongoing work in progress.
  25. occasionalracer

    Germany Toronto, Canada

    You know if it wasn't for the astronomical number of licensed cars Gran Turismo and Forza has over this game I'd agree, so for SMS to pull off a great racing sim, they'll have to do all the other things right plus more, it won't be easy going head to head when next gen consoles are out and PD and T10 release their sims/games (whatever you prefer to call it).

    If we have a potential release of PS4/Xbox next year it could interfere with this title's sales, especially if release announcements are made spring/summer for the holiday season next year, but I'd imagine SMS would do a pCars 2 release for the new consoles... as much as people like to poke fun at GT5's "laughable" sim experience (and I do agree with this partly due to it's less than pleasant physics)... PD still have a massive edge on any studios attempt to even get close to the huge variety cars and the true affiliations they've built up with automobile manufacturers over the years.
  26. Mr Bean

    Austria Salzburg

    I like the fact they have a wide range of cars, neither game can boast bac or airel can they?
  27. occasionalracer

    Germany Toronto, Canada

    I guess not yet but the future is open to all kinds of potential additions...
  28. bermudakid

    United States Connecticut

    Are you asking if any other games have the BAC Mono or Ariel Atom ?
  29. II-zOoLoGy-II

    United States F YOU

    I think he is talking about the Gran Turismo and Forza franchises. Which no, neither does.

    Both vehicles are featured in the Grid 2 release trailer though.
  30. Even in the alpha state that Project CARS is in, I feel like this is still going to be the best next generation racing simulation to come out in the next 12 months. There's still a few other titles that need to get released in a playable state, but reading about what those other sims will have, Project CARS shows the most promise of all of them.

    As much as I love Forza 4 (won't even get into GT5, that game isn't relevant), the car list should not be what defines a racing game. Forza 4's car list is incredibly impressive, and it's rich in really great features and customization. That said, I think Project CARS is a totally different type of racing simulation and the two aren't really comparable. I play both games, and honestly you kinda have to play multiple racing games in order to get everything you want out of this genre. Between Forza 4, pCARS, and iRacing, I have no shortage of racing sim experiences right now.
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