Prologue Spec II

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  1. mchowgtr


    what did prologue spec II update add to the game? I remember the GT by Citroen, Ferrari California, and Lotus Evora, but what else was added?
  2. kj_mil


    Quoted in a GT5 thread regarding the release of GT5 Spec 2:


    New features in the european version aka GT 5 spec II (Released 03-26-2008)
    Additional Cars
    - 34 Additional (including a Ferrari F1 2007) Cars have been added, for a total of 71 cars

    Additional Racetrack
    - "High Speed Ring (normal/reverse)" has been added, for a total of 6 tracks, 12 layouts.

    Additional Mode
    - Drift Trial
    - 2 Player Battle

    New Features
    - Performance Points
    - Quick Tune
    - Real Time Adjustment (RA) feature (Compatible with Driving Force GT)

    - All event content have been updated.
    - Number of events per class raised from 8 to a total of 10 each.
    - Improvements have been made to the user interface

    Driving Options
    - "AI Level" added
    - No. of Laps added
    - "Driving line" added
    - "Active Brakes" deleted
    - "Active Steering" moved from Option (Can be adjusted in 3 levels, effective for wireless control pad as well).

    - Added No. of laps setting for "Arcade / 2 P" (Infinite/2-00)
    - Added "Units" (Distance, Power, Torque)
    - Added "Demo" (Auto demo start interval, demo duration, demo content settings)
    - Added real time adjustment feature related items in "Change Button Assignments"
    - Added "Temperature" display settings under "Network"
    - Added "Delete Course Records"(offline) under "Utilities"

    - Added Free Run (practice run mode) in race events
    - Changed so that the host is not always in the 1st place grid position in online race events

    - Garage selection added to Event and Online
    - 4 stages including Kyoto added to the My Page background
    - Measures taken against taking shortcuts in various tracks
    - Improved penalty judgment
    - Upper limit of credits raised to Cr.20,000,000
    - Compatibility with the Driving Force GT steering wheel planned for release by Logicool®
    - Improved controllability using the wireless controller pad
    - Updated Manual
    - Tyre selection in Arcade fixed to S2