Race Car Drift Trial: Fuji Speedway GT

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Race Car Drift Trial: Fuji Speedway GT

DT#35 - Race Car Drift Trial @ Fuji Speedway GT.jpg

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Race Car Drift Trial @ Fuji Speedway GT.jpg

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United Kingdom
Wilmslow, Cheshire
Really enjoyed this in my SLS GT3. that long final section is a right blast. managed 8,579 Points and its job done. I'll be going back to try and improve that but with my drifting skills limited on my G27 at the moment, i might struggle.
United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Gave in and bought the SLS GT3 race car and used fab63's SLS GT3 drift tune from an old seasonal thread.

Wow, you get so much steering lock with this car! Now I understand why dominates so many racing car drift seasonals. 💡

After many many runs and a thorough workout of GT6's particle effects system, finally topped my Friends list with 12,343 points currently 822nd in the world.

My only changes were...
Brakes: 2 5
Gearbox: 230km/h
Final Gear: 4.500
Should enable these ratios...
1: 3.356
6: 0.988
LSD Braking: 15 [bit more stable with for this DS3 novice]
Power Limited: 95% [bit flat max power area with wide drop-off at top end, to avoid rattling the rev limiter]
Engine Tuning: Stage 3
Mid RPM Range Turbo Kit