[RACE] NR2003: 2014 GTPlanet Fantasy Series *That's A Wrap!*

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    Wow I log in for the first time in ages and I won thanks for a great season everyone :D
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    15 Months, 44 Participants, 30 points races, and ungodly amounts of [banned word] later, the inaugural season on the GTPFS has officially concluded. I personally enjoyed racing with you all and hope to see you on track in the future, whatever the medium. I'd also like to apologize for all my questionable outbursts throughout, you can thank Niku and Rockband 2 for the change in attitude since.

    BUT...that's neither here nor there, as it's time to wrap up this season!!!!

    So it's been a while since the 'Initial 9' took to the track 201 pages ago, but here is a brief rundown of the season in my words. God help us....Apologies in advance for misspellings.

    We start with OTAs with the Initial 9 entries: series creator and chief nascarfan1400, Silver Wing (then SilverFire), Johnny1996, GT916, Mr. Unknown (pre-ban), rallymorten, ninners, Ryou, and ProjectWHaT. Initially really just for a Photo-Op, as new entries showed up testing began in earnest.....and immediately resulted in massive accidents. Talladega drew first blood, laying waste to all, naturally, the first and every bloody test after. So in order to test other aspects, and quell the crews having to rebuild cars for the fifth time that day, Watkins Glen was taken over...by one ProjectWHaT who became all-powerful and won both test races. This spilled over to the next test, and that was the highpoint of his season.

    Discussions, decisions, more tests, lots of Jahgee, one particular nasty...err..."car safety testing" session, a few promos, and lots of role-playing later, The season was ready to begin.....there's a LOT of filler in that gap, yes, but I'm trying to speed up a bit.....We FINALLY get ready to race! For reals!....Right? Well, eventually. As it turns out, ironing out a series of races based on a computer, recording it, and deciding how it all works took a couple months of ironing out. The last road block was wrestling with YouTube, but alas the races began with the Shootout.

    Well that was a bit long winded, but the build-up was worth it. Much like the first Daytona 500, The success of the series really hinged on this race. Unlike Daytona, even if it had bombed Nas wouldn't have been ruined. But this wasn't the case, the shootout had the action and energy everyone was hoping for, but it was lacking something. Commentary. The only race in the series without commentary, and in hind-sight it was really glaring. That said, the racing was what we expected, with a dash of AI derping, and in the end it was the Bman in the #64 Gatorade Chevy, appropriate given the setting, taking the first win in the series. Now if only it'd counted.

    But soon they would, as our Speedweeks officially began with qualifying for the Daytona 400. As it is in real life, the front row is set for the race by qualifying, but the rest of the field is still open and determined by The Duels, untelevised unfortunately. For 2014 the first pole of the year was awarded to the #74 FINA Chevrolet of Carbonox, who would share the front row with the #3 Canon Ford of GTracer98 for the 400. Everyone else was to be ready for their respective Duels. Duel #1 would determine the inside slots from row 2 back, and was won by the #88 Vodafone Chevrolet of Dustone, with the #28 Texaco Ford of Earth right behind. Duel #2 determined the outside slots and be the final event before the big race, and it didn't disappoint as the entire top 10 were within 0.3 seconds of each other. The winner of Duel #2, by 0.002 seconds over the #14 Red Bull/MLP Chevrolet of nascarfan1400, was ABP in the #18 'DB' Chevrolet. So we haven't even had the first official race, and already records are being set... Who needs hype when you have this kind of action.

    Now we begin the season in earnest. With Carbonox leading the field, the GTP Fantasy Series began it's inaugural championship season with the Daytona 400. Three cars were sent to the back because of having to go to backup cars after crashing in the Duels, but this is Daytona and ere go not a big deal. What would be was the fact that the race was run, then we got the video over a month later, a combo of issues on and off the internet that would be a running gag until proper fixes could be attained. But the race did go on, and was very exciting. Carbonox led the first lap in series history, then the juggling began. At one point, the only woman in the series at the time, quietgirl, also led a lap, taking that bit of history, and Jahgee has the...honor?...of being the cause of the series first caution, one of two 'Big Ones' in the event. A lapped MrUnknown decided to play bumper-cars with the leaders, bringing out the second 'Big One' and subsequent caution. This wreck also was a preview of the many "caution-kamikazes" we would see all season, in this instance RACECAR nailed and flipped samurai8juice. As the race came to a close, three cars fought for the win. Earth in the #28 took the lead a few times, but faded back as they came to the white flag, leaving the #19 and #16 to battle for the win and ultimately Roflwaffle took the victory in the #16 Shell Toyota, followed by goofytyler in the #19 SNAIL Chevrolet. While historic for the series, and great for Roflwaffle, this would be the high-point of his season.

    Round 2 found us at Watkins Glen, and it would be the #14 Burger King Chevrolet of nascarfan1400 on the pole for the race. One constant at the Glen is that the 'bus stop' always creates drama, and it started on lap 1 when GTracer98 gets dumped. Major incidents include Silver Wing losing it in the chicane, then taking out a quarter of the field trying to recover, Doodle and Dustone getting crossed up resulting in a red flag, Gerarghini not taking Mega Umbreon's crap, and Johnny1996 losing the engine, then the lead. Ultimately the win would go to Carbonox under caution.

    Auto Club Speedway hosted round 3, and while nascarfan1400 took the pole the race began with technical issue as the camera being used on the frontstretch didn't work. A hammer was found and all was well there, but on track it was constantly 3- and 4-wide racing, even a few forays into 5-wide territory, one of which ended poorly for goofytyler and samurai. Constant lead changes, but not much noteworthy until late, when with 5 to go Michelin gets into Carbonox, sending the #74 tail first into the wall. I'd like to take this opportunity to remind readers now that NR2003's standard rule set doesn't contain the 'Green-White-Checker' rule that we have now, Watkins Glen showed this as well ending under caution, and it doesn't freeze the field when the caution flies, you have to race back to the stripe, which might explain the AI driving into a crash full tilt, but from time to time things work out. I point this out because we did go green again. Furinkazen in the #54 Mobil 1 Ford had the lead coming to the green & white flags, a one lap white-knuckle shootout for the win. All he had to do was deny Silver Wing and AJHG1000 who were both very strong all race, and that's exactly what he did. Silver Wing pulled the #37 to the inside in turn 3 but couldn't make it stick, Furi wins and extends his points lead.

    Now after Auto Club, there was a surge in interest again. Some new faces popped in to see what this was all about, and some competitiors took this time to refresh their paint schemes. However, in the run-up to Dega, the gremlins in nas' computer were really acting up, but just as he was ready to show the race it completely borked. It's rumored the instance looked something like this...


    ...but Talladega was released. the #77 Oreo Chevrolet, driven by samurai8juice, started on the pole and jumped out to a quick lead...at Talladega...usually this ends badly immediately, BUT perhaps the Talladega voodoo was cancelled out by the Halloween voodoo. Yeah, let's say that was it. Amazingly a low-crash race, possibly due to lap traffic breaking the packs flow like an asteroid into a river, and it happened often. No, Talladega lent itself to confusion. Why was Dustone allowed to continue despite being very off-pace? How did RACECAR and swiftsmith get so much speed? The first caution was samurai hitting an asteroid, in the form of Carbonox, and ended up in the spin cycle. After that, the backmarkers breaking the field up was almost constant, but nothing major aside from that. In the end nascarfan1400 took the lead, and with some help from a damaged #77, held on for the win.

    Oh boy. Bristol. Where the fights are as numerous as the races themselves. Dustone would win the pole, with RACECAR on the outside. Dustone would run with the lead until the first caution a few laps in. The #54 was turned around and collected a number of drivers, a phrase I'll probably say a lot in this paragraph. GTracer98 took the lead on the restart and held it until goofytyler slammed the inside wall, then again until the Bman was spun. quietgirl assumes the lead and a lap later Dcybertron and Carbonox get together and collect a number of other cars. GT916 would take his turn at the front now...for a moment at least, but Bhowe gets into the wall and then collects a large number of cars as he pulled himself off of it. Once THAT was clear GTracer98 reassumed control...for about as long. On the next restart HE decided he wanted to crash too, so he hit the wall. This slowed down GT916 and allowed BKGlover in the #79 YMCA Ford to take the lead for a bit. Then Furi spun. So rallymorten steps up to the lead to try his hand at leading, and manages to almost spin the #32 while almost being spun himself in short order. It would seem however that rally leading the field brought a calm over the traaaaand there went the Bman again. After one failed restart, they try again with rally still leading, and finally cover some distance before the #69 ends up parked on the #97's hood. All this occurs before halfway, it was so ridiculous, even the grandstands said "Screw this" and left. Yet throughout all the cautions afterwards, the #95 Octan Ford was the one constant, leading effectively the rest of the race and, naturally, winning the scrapyard 107.

    Still dealing with a tempermental PC, we did manage to get round 6 in the books. Originally intended to be Mosport, it was instead Sonoma holding this round. Once everyone stopped groaning about being 'Whammed' by RACE officials, ABP took the pole and ran from the #79 and #4. Only one incident, a far cry from Bristol, GTracer98 and Gerarghini get together and hit the wall in the esses, resulting in Gerargini teaching the #35 car a new trick, but no caution. Instead the only real action came during pit stops when the #20 Pepsi Challenger Chevrolet of DurWinning overtook the #18 and #79 leaving the pits, a lead he would keep padding until the end, getting he win.

    Short track, road course, Super speedway...about the only way you're getting more diverse is adding a street circuit, dirt track, and a rally stage. But this isn't a SS you know. Welcome to Armory Digital Super Speedway, based in Seattle, Washington. Good news came with this event, the computer used fort he series up to now was replaced, eliminating nearly all major issues. YAAAY! AH-hm... Nascarfan1400 brought the Red Bull #14 out of storage and proceeded to park it on the pole, of course that doesn't matter much at these tracks. Like Sonoma, one real incident only. The #69 blew the engine then slid back on track in front of a pack while trying to get on the apron. The real story of the race is the SNAIL #19 of goofytyler taking charge of the rear pack, making up four seconds in about eight laps leading pack of 10 back towards the front, and he kept going once he caught the leaders. He made it all the way to second, and had a chance at the lead, and had there been one more lap, it's likely he would have won. He didn't though, he was nipped at the line by the #79 YMCA Ford of BKGlover, who once calmed down admitted he owed the #19 team big.

    Now we return to Daytona for round 8...with some more luggage in tow. Yes, series management made many an announcement while haulers were inbound. First was the creation of the 'Concept Cup', a second championship created to fill out the full 42 car field and test new cars for the next season. Niku, Harsk, Tired Iron, Raven, and Whitetail were the five drivers entered, and were given access to three new cars; Dodge Chargers, Pontiac G8s, and the unused Buick Regal, forever alone indeed. Next was preliminary announcements for 2015, more races, more car choices, possibly a brand new track, modifications to existing rules, establishment of teams, AND a new, much better logo. As if that wasn't enough hype, once everyone unloaded, the Concept drivers made sure they let the standing roster know they were ready to compete. Case in point, raven214 parked his new Dodge on the pole. Raven would lead for much of the race up to the first caution, caused by Harsk and nascarfan1400, and all concept cup drivers were in competition for a time. The Bman was spun for no caution, but the big thing was, again, slow cars holding up traffic. Coming to the white flag, Earth took a shot at the lead but got stuck behind a lapped sparkytooth, then jahgee took his shot into turn 3 but lost his help in 4, giving the win to an incredibly lucky samurai8juice in the #77 DQ Chevrolet. Whitetail was the best finisher of the Concept cup in 7th.

    Round 9 takes us to the bluegrass state of Kentucky. ProjectWHaT would start on the pole for the high-crash event. Caution #1 was for MrUnknown and swiftsmith getting together, then DurWinning speared the #50, flipping the car a few times. Next Caution was for Ryou and the Bman spinning, then collecting a large section oft he field behind them. The #69 retains the lead, but the field was greatly reduced. Two more smaller cautions took out more of the field, and with 10 to go it was a five car race for the win, by five to go it was between the #51 and the #19, and by using the #95 as a pick Furinkazen goes back to victory lane.

    Eldora. For the love of all that is holy.....Naaah! It was actually pretty composed all things considered. quietgirl took the pole for the first heat race, and as would be the case all night cars were regularly bouncing off the wall out of turn 4 mostly. Lap 30 saw Tired Iron and ProjectWHaT get together in turn 1, and even though the #69 was a rolling road block wasn't hit again. That would be the only yellow, but CodDemon101 rides the wall for a bit and loses many positions, but only enough to finish 10th, make the A-main, and deny Harsk that position, The winner was Carbonox. Heat 2 and Whitetail would lead the field around. Lap 19 saw the first incident when the 18 and 98 touch, then get DCybertron in the recovery. Next crash at lap 25 when Sonic Team scuffled with Craig_it_up and then took out the Y and the #47. Then goofytyler and raven cross-up and collect the #83 on lap 36. When the checkers flew, Niku had won the second heat. The mains began with some confusion when the 11 was wheeled out for the B instead of the A-main. With the 18 effectively dismantled, the only alternative became ABP and Chqr swapping rides for the mains. This was compacted by ABP being given the pole. Shortly after the start the #32, #35, #37, and #97 got into it. After that it was... fairly clean. A few bounces but overall clean as raven214 took the B-main win, giving him 21st. Carbonox sat on pole for the A-main, and after swapping with a few others ended up winning the entire event. Seriously, no cautions, and the only notable incident was trying to get onto pit road. Rather civilized for a dirt race, no?

    Round 11 found the teams checking their passports and heading for the initially maligned Mosport, finally getting to run the race that was intended to run the week of Sonoma. BUT it was time, and Silver Wing decided to make sure the field remembered he was there to compete, taking the pole with ABP on the outside. The #18 would take the lead out of turn 1, but the #37 quickly reclaimed it and ran out of turn 2, all while two separate incidents occurred behind them, the #4 giving Harsk a shunt, then sparky getting turned by goofy and Dur driving off track with them, but no cautions as everyone got going again although the #19 and #55 would end up off the pace and hold up traffic at points. Turbo_snail would keep track of Silver Wing through the first half of the race and was closing in before the #20 goes derp and drives into the pit wall on lap 23, perhaps something stemming from the earlier accident. As if that wasn't enough, the #7 drifted out of line coming into the pits, under caution, and also hits the same wall. As he recovered from that, the #76 of Niku lost it's engine as he passed. Once the green flew again, Silver Wing once again ran off from the pack, with the #97 in pursuit, but the fading now. Lap 29, the next caution flew as a slow #55 is caught by a pack and gets clipped by the #79 'Possum Express' of BKGlover going into a turn, collecting Dustone and then being crushed between the #88 and the wall. He was taken to the hospital for observation, and then released. After officials untangled the metal accordion the drivers made under caution, green flew on lap 32, 10 to go. Again, the #37 took off, but the #97 wasn't going away. Didn't matter as a lap later quietgirl got into the grass and was hit by raven214 while rejoining the field, who in turn was hit by GT916, and while racing back to the line Ryou lost control oft he #42 and parks it in the tires. Green again on lap 36, and while Doodle would battle Turbo_snail for 2nd, Silver Wing would seal the deal and put himself into the books as the first wire-to-wire winner in the series. As you may expect, there was more inexplicable crashing post-race, because why not.

    We stay in Canada for round 12, but move from wilderness to a more urban setting. AJHG put the #51 on the pole, but quickly lost it to Furinkazen in the #54, then bounced off the wall. Only 30 laps in the event, so strategy started early as some teams pitted on lap 4. Furi was wheeling the #54 around superbly, he was running so well he was catching the early-stop cars early and often, right up to his lap 23 stop with everyone who hadn't stopped yet. The leader once the dust settled.....was the #9 of Whitetail, one of the last cars to make an early stop, lap 9 to be exact, and even mired in the field apparently able to match the pace of Furi, who was in second and trying get back to the lead. He wouldn't do it, thought, as Whitetail would win by 17 seconds.

    Teams were all ready to fly to Australia, some had cars being shipped to Bathurst in anticipation, and some with special schemes. And then we were informed it would be pushed back and Road America would host round 13. Yeeeaaahhh...oh well, it's close to Canada, so it was a short hop. Tired Iron started from the pole, and incidents happened often early in the race. Lap 1- five cars get together at the back of the pack. Lap 3- Niku, BayneHamlin, and Dustone collide. Lap 5- Furi shunts raven, raven spins. Things calmed down, happily, and the #53 kept the lead until pit stops, reclaiming it after the cycle was completed. The #32 of RACECAR had been the main challenger, but he falls back after a slow pit stop, leaving Mr. Unknown and Harsk to challenge the #53 for the win, and they would. At about 10 to go the #7 made a move on the #53, but couldn't finish it and the #96 makes a move on the #7, but also stalls. Tired Iron would pull away somewhat so it seemed that the #53 would win, with Harsk and Mr.Unknown fighting for second. Top Tip: Assume Nothing. Ever. Two to go, the #53 drops out, leaving the #7 and #96 all alone for the win. They traded spots over final two laps, but at the line it was Harsk100 holding off the #7 for the win.

    Heading south some more, next stop is Kansas for round 14. Ryou gets the pole and RACECAR was on the outside again, not that it mattered as the outside line was dead most of the race and Ryou jumped out to an early lead. Lap 4- Silver Wing slips and gets turned into the wall, collecting a total of seven drivers. Lap 10- sparky and DC touch and collect about eight cars. Lap 26- raven and Gerarghini touch, the latter spinning. After that it did calm down until lap 74 when Niku spun the #7. Lap 83- Bhowe gets turned by nascarfan1400. Three to go, with AJHG leading the field, Earth and Carbonox tangle going into turn 3, slide into the outside wall, then drift back into traffic, collecting raven, Ryou, and more. Finish under caution, AJHG wins at crash-happy Kansas.

    Round 15: Indianapolis. This race marked the end of our first half, it ended up far darker than that. The #95 started on the pole with the #3 on the outside, and rally would take the early lead. First caution of the day was for the #79 after contact with the #35 and then the wall. DCybertron would lead the field to green on lap 18, but soon is passed by rallymorten. And then it all went to hell...Lap 23 the Bman and DurWinning tangle, Bman recovers while Dur slides up track and hits Furinkazen, Furi hits the wall then flies across the track to the apron trying to recover as Chqr gets collected, sadly he manages to straighten the car...head on into the end of the pit wall, at speed... and the wreck continued as MegaUmbreon and AJHG hit the #11, samurai, RACECAR, Jahgee, Mr.Unknown, Tired Iron, Dustone, Michelin, Doodle, and Earth all involved and damaged. All but Furi were able to keep moving or get out unassisted, emergency crews swarmed around the #54, and once he had been cut out of the car he was taken straight to the ER. It wouldn't be until after the race the details of his injuries were. Once the red flag was lifted, Ninners led the field back to green on lap 28, amid protest, but a lap later the #55 gets turned around and starts another chain reaction crash, about the same size but less severe. Green on lap 34 with nascarfan1400 on the lead, Bman close behind, and infact leading as caution came out again when Concept Cup drivers Whitetail and Niku tangle, then send RACECAR into the wall trying to recover. Michelin would lead the field back to green on lap 39, Silver Wing took the lead as the #99 and #16 fell back. Lap 49- Harsk drives into CodDemon, both spin and collect DCybertron. GT916 would lead the remaining drivers to the green on lap 54. Perhaps this was the key as the only drama for a time was the pit cycle, of which the Bman and Ninners would come out ahead, and would continue to battle back and forth to the end of the race, with GT916 lurking. Coming to the line the #47 loses momentum and the #64 Won the 'Oh ****' 400 at Indy.

    Halfway home now, but we would continue with an altered lineup as the situation surrounding the #54 became clear. Furi's #54 didn't just collide with the wall, it was cleaved by the wall. The result was, once all test returned, that Furi had broken many bones on his right side, including both limbs, and had suffered a major brain injury. He was kept by the medical center indefinitely, ending his season. Series chief Nas decided to call an emergency meeting of the RACE brass to address the situation, and it was determined that, as RACE does maintain some control over the teams, the #54 team would continue with minimal changes, the main being the addition of new driver BRRT_Angel. Angel would announce her intentions, en total, soon after so the air was clear. She had agreed to race with nascarfan1400 and Silver Wing for the following season, and that Coca-Cola would replace Mobil 1 as the sponsor of the #54 once the chase began. There was one last piece of horrible irony in all this, even with the DNF, the points leader leaving Indy?...one Furinkazen. Damn.

    Right, that covers it all, let's get back to the action.

    The news that Furi was recovering lightened the mood as drivers met up at Martinsville for round 16, opening the back half of the season, though a few had made a point of being there early and all around the garage, mainly to get the newest driver, Angel, up to speed and to assist the #54 team. Johnny1996 parked his #38 Budwieser Chevrolet on the pole, but he was beat out of turn 2 by the #97 City Chevrolet...erm...Chevrolet of Turbo_snail. Perhaps some jitters on her part, Angel spun the #54 on the first lap, and was hit by quietgirl and ProjectWHaT, though not that hard and the caution did not fly. This would be the worst Angel was all day, and for a time after as well. Turbo_snail would hold the lead for about the first third of the race, with Chqr taking over for a time after. At halfway there were four cars on the lead lap, but still no cautions. Lap 110-Three cars on the lead lap, Tired Iron loses power and stops on track, gets hit by MegaUmbreon who bounces into Angel, The latter two keep going. Green at lap 116, Chqr still leading GTracer98 and Turbo_snail. Lap 125- the Darwin award is shared by Ryou, Dur, our polesitter Johnny, and Ninners for attempting to go 4-wide at MARTINSVILLE. Ninners gets the worst of it until sparkytooth and Doodle decided they wanted a share of the award as well. Green on lap 131, Chqr still leads. Lap 165 was a turning point for Chqr's progress as he fails to put the #97, in 3rd, a lap down and starts giving up time to the field. A few laps later RACECAR un-laps himself. By lap 186 the #32 has taken 2nd while Bhowe un-laps himself. By the time the race was finally official, Chqr had won and lapped from 4th place back. Angel finished 39th, but this woundn't be the case for the next few events.

    Round 17 was held at Phoenix, ABP on the pole and taking the lead early. Lap 7- Doodle takes the lead. It wasn't until lap 34 that the caution flew, sparky and Niku tangle, Niku side-slams the #6 as they both continue, the #55 spins and slides up track, then collects DurWinning, Chqr, nascarfan, and RACECAR. Doodle retained the lead coming to the green on lap 38 with BKGlover and Carbonox right behind. Lap 50- a fast fading #79 tangles up the swiftsmith #50, and then Tired Iron gets clipped by the #1, collecting a few others. Carbonox wouldlead the field back to green on lap 55, under fire from GTracer98 in the #3 who would take the lead a few laps later. Lap 89- goofytyler is spun by DurWinning, and is then hit by a rim-riding samurai8juice. The #3 still leads as the green flies again on lap 95 with Ninners, Carbonox, and Angel behind, but before the end of the lap, Johnny1996 drifts up track and hits DCybertron, collecting a number of others. So the field is reracked after a red flag, and on lap 100 the #3 again leads the field to the green, but Ninners throws the #47 at the top spot immediately, but the #3 would prevail and put some space between himself and the field. With two to go the #3, #47, and #74 were in a battle for the lead. One lap to go, Carbonox passes GTracer for the lead, but Ninners goes below both of them in turn 1, and he would hold on for the win.

    The series made it's trip to Texas for round 18, but the planes didn't land in Dallas or Houston, but in Austin. Yes, NASCAR at COTA. AJHG took the pole with Chqr on the outside. Three spins before the end of the lap; Ryou and Ninners running out of space, Johnny1996 spinning off BKGlover's nose, and MegaUmbreon doing the same off sparkytooth, finally drew the yellow. Green again on lap 4, AJHG lead but was quickly overtaken by Michelin. Lap 9- Gerarghini is spun by Earth and collects Mr.Unknown and and is tagged by the Bman, drawing the caution. Green flies on lap 12, CodDemon leads the field, he then loses it to Roflwaffle in turn 1. After an accordian moment on lap 13 that didn't draw a caution, a lazy half-spin by Harsk via DurWinning did on lap 21, catching the #16 on pit road and allowing Michelin to collect the win.

    Attempt #3 to race at Bathurst. Bathurst then proceeds to strike out and is removed from the series roster. Instead, a rally circuit in New York with Whitetail on the pole. As always, short pitting is a thing but it doesn't matter as ABP hits ProjectWHaT, sending both off track and up the embankment, then collecting the #74 on recovery on lap 2. Green again on lap 4, the #9 still leading with BKGlover in 2nd. Lap 16- MegaUmbreon hits the pit wall on end, caution is obvious. Green on lap 19 with Niku sprinting off. Coming to the line on lap 21, the Bman decideds he needs to pit, but fails to notice Roflwaffle is on his inside, the #16 ends up crossing the track and starts a massive pileup, taking out a chunk of the field. Green on lap 24, raven214 leading, but it's short lived as Harsk100 has the lead by the next lap. Harsk would end up running away with the win.

    And the regular season comes to a close, why not have it at Talladega. Round 20, the chase cut-off race, and only the first two spots were locked in. Nascarfan1400 starts on the pole again, like it really matters. It mattered even less for this race as BayneHamlin and ProjectWHaT would hook up, take over 1st and 2nd respectively, and check out on the field by a lot within the first few laps. The two would make so much time on the field that by lap 22, for the #4 and #69 anyway, they could see the back of the main pack on the superstretch. They could also see the big one happen in turn 3 on that lap, but apparently the #4 team decided brakes were unnecessary as they drove into the carnage at speed...yet again. The initial accident was from contact between the #77 and the #17, causing both to move up the track and get turned on the nose of the #50, and collected about a third of the field over all, about ten with notable damage, before the #4 and #69 charged in and effectively fell on their swords. Lap 28- with a chunk of the field gone, AJHG leads the field to green. DCybertron spins on contact, no caution. Pitstops start on lap 58 and once everything cycles out there isn't really a pack left as raven214 and Jahgee1124 are battling for the lead. Eventually though, raven would pull away, a running theme for this race, and while there was a challenge from the #86 for a few laps near the end, the Taco Bell Toyota had to pit on the next to last lap, leaving the #71 with a nearly 15 second gap to 2nd place Dustone.

    With that, focus shifted to the final run for the championship. 12 drivers and 12 teams would battle over the remaining season for the title, everyone else was racing for pride and race wins. There were, however, two abnormalities in each set of 12, and both stemmed back to Furi himself and his awesome half-season in the #54 before his Indy crash and subsequent replacement. See, while Furi was out of the car, Angel was in it and kept collecting points for the team, but as he couldn't collect points himself Furi lost ground and would fall out of chase contention, leaving an opening that was taken in the last laps by Turbo_snail. Remember this occasion, as it will be key in understanding the Final championship standings for both sides. How? EEET'S A SEEECRET.


    An the chase for the title is now officially on, Armory Digital was the location of round 21. BayneHamlin, trying to recover from Talladega, would take the pole for what it's worth. As expected it's constant shuffling until the first caution, which would happen on lap 35 when rallymorten and BKGlover collide in turn 4 trying to get onto the apron for pit stops, with minor damage to others involved. The green would fly again on lap 40 for goofytyler with Doodle in tow. ProjectWHaT falls off pace after having lead for a bit on lap 63, his car slowing down one racing line and allowing a small group to break away for the win with five laps to go. Coming to the white flag Turbo_snail had the lead, but swiftsmith would take it out of turn 2 with help from a now lapped ProjectWHaT. Coning out of turn 4, however, the #50 had moved to the high line and the #69 moved ahead, pulling Doodle in the #17 with him and at the line it would be Doodle by a nose winning.

    Charlotte would debut for round 22. GranTurismo916 parked his #6 Kingdom Hearts Ford on the pole position, but wouldn't hold the lead long once the green flag flew. Lap 17- Ryou is clipped by Jahgee, both hit the wall hard, Jahgee lifting off the track a bit, and collect Cabonox and Michelin in as a result. Green on lap 22 with Niku leading, he'd be challenged by Dustone and DurWinning and by the lap 29 caution the #88 was the leader. Caution #2 was a massive pile up started in a similar manner to the first, participants were Gerarghini being clipped by Ninners with both hitting the wall, not as hard as the #24 and #42 had, but the #35 is hit by Tired Iron and sent spinning which causes it to hit the #53 as it passed, which set off the chain reaction collecting at least a third of the field, probably more, blocking the track and putting the race under a red flag. Green flag on lap 34, Niku had regained the lead. Next caution would be on the frontstretch coming to the line for lap 75, sparkytooth and DurWinning tangle, this time heading for the infield. Both cars spin and slide back toward the track surface, tagging BKGlover and collecting a handful of others including the #76. They go green, quietgirl leading, but on lap 97 bedlam falls upon the track. It starts when rallymorten gets pinched by samurai8juice and RACECAR, the #95 wuld be fine and while the #32 hit the wall, he got off easier than the #77 who, in what has become another running theme in the series, became a two-ton pinball. The caution was out, but remember this is based in NR2003, if they were past the line when the yellow went up, they race back to the line, freezing the field woudn't be in a game until 2005 titles. As it would happen, about half the leaders had passed the flagstand already, and having ben blocked and pinned behind the wrecks of the #20 and #77, Angel was trying to get around them when she's drilled by Bhowe racing back to the line. Once order had been restored, and Angel checked out by medics then restrained by security for obvious reasons, the green flag flew again with 20 laps to go and a new leader, MegaUmbreon in the #98 DogeCoin Ford. It wouldn't be long before quietgirl took over and lead with ten to go. Eight to go, the #87 stalls behind the slower #69, alowwing GT916 to go around the outside for the lead. Four to go, GTracer98 puts a slide job on the #6 and takes the lead. Two to go, MegaUmbreon has help and the low line and uses both to drive around the #3 for the lead but it wouldn't hold as GTracer was back in the lead when the white flag flew, MegaUmbreon right behind but running high, and Roflwaffle looking for something on the low side, but neither would have enough as the #3 Canon Ford would hold on for the win, bolstering GTracer's chase chances.

    Onto round 23, third in the chase and, how about that, three corners. Yes, we made it to the Irish Hills to race a Pocono. DCybertron took the pole with Dustone on the outside, the #86 would hold that lead for a bit. A bit later, Johnny1996 gets loose and gets into BKGlover and Chqr, then the #79 gets rear ended by GT916, though everyone appeared to keep going. Green on lap 9, and perhaps karma at work, BRRT_Angel leads after pit stops with rallymorten and Michelin in tow, and swiftsmith chomping at the bit. After a few laps the #95 would take and stretch a lead over the field until MegaUmbreon drives too hard into turn 2 and takes out DCybertron, then collects chaser CodDemon who then gets railed by Carbonox, then the stagglers get involved and the Bman, Johnny1996 again, and Ninners get some too. Green again on lap 29, Dustone has recovered from his lap 1 miscues and now leads. Lap 37- swiftsmith's day is going down hill as he tangles with GT916, no caution though as both keep going. ProjectWHaT however doesn't four laps later, stopping in turn 2 without power and drawing the caution again. Going green on lap 45, Gerarghini takes the lead when the #88 and #86 tangle on pit road, Tired iron and samurai close behind. Lap 67- BKGlover and the Bman tangle and collect GTracer98, the #79 comes out on the worse side of this exchange, caution flies again. Green on lap 72, Tired iron is in the lead, but it quickly starts changing hands. No caution on lap 78 as Harsk and Niku bounce off the wall, it would on lap 91 when Harsk hits quietgirl and both spin into and off the wall. Dustone had been walking away with the win before that, he'd keep the lead on the restart with five to go, and once again marched away from Silver Wing for his first win, finally.

    The series headed west a few states, headed for the Milwaukee Mile for round 24. CodDemon took the pole with Johnny1996 along side, Johnny gets an advantage out of turn 4 to lead the first lap. Caution on lap 8 as Earth and GTracer98 apparently lock up and in their panic forgot how to turn the wheel or that brakes are a thing as they touch out of turn 2, cling to each other as they drift toward the inside wall, then take out BKGlover in turn 3 and hit the wall before they separate. Silver Wing leads when the green comes out on lap 14, but Michelin gets a push and takes the lead. Lap 17- just as rallymorten takes the lead the #38 and #16 collide for a caution. quietgirl lead the field to green on lap 22. Four laps later the #38 is off pace moving toward the inside of the track when the #35 runs over him, the #88 is trapped behind the #38 and then gets hit by AJHG hard and the #37, who in turn hits the #97. quietgirl retained the lead when green flew on lap 31. Lap 59- nascarfan1400 throws the car underneath RACECAR, scraping the entire way while the #32 spun out. Green again on lap 64, the #87 is leading with Cabonox on her tail. Lap 73- Angel is spun by the #4, no real damage but caution flies. Green again at lap 78, quietgirl leading but the next lap she overruns corner entry, gets tangled with Roflwaffle and loses the lead, and then some, to Mr.Unknown in the #7 just before the caution flies again, this time for Bhowe spinning off the #9 and #76, the getting hit by the #69 and #42. Green on lap 84, the #7 not only hold the lead, but shoots ahead. Lap 90- the #14 tags the rear quarter of raven214 and starts sliding, then gets a bump from Whitetail sending the #14 into a slow spin. Would have been fine, had he not been T-boned by the #54, seding the car into a roll, then landing on the #97 before finally coming to rest. Green flag with five to go, Mr.Unknown keeps the lead but is under fire from quietgirl until she is bumped by Niku for second, allowing the #7 to win at Milwaukee.

    As it would happen however, Mr.Unknown would cost himself his ride in the series. There aren't many things that will get you kicked out of the series, one of the easiest should be not being perma-banned on GTP. It's apparently harder than it seems for Mr.Unknown because that's exactly what happens. The details aren't well known, if at all, and should stay that way. Whatever he did, it drew the ire of the mods, who then saw it fit to jettison him off-Planet. Not wanting to punish the team, or the other competitiors, RACE officials decided to run the team to the finish with a new driver and new paint scheme as Sonic was in contract with Mr.Unknown. The driver taking the seat was CSMDuty11, who like Angel would collect points for himself.

    With this in mind, as teams decended on Motegi, Japan for round 25, some teams were assisting the team and the new driver where and when needed. While the help was appreciated, CSM and the #7 team showed what they could do almost immediately. Earth sat on the pole for the event at the Twin Ring Superspeedway, but it was quickly usurped as the yellow came out, initially for five cars on the frontstretch, but then Bhowe decides CSMDuty needs a quick initiation, tangling with him and almost putting the #7 into the end of the pit wall. Green again on lap 7 with rallymorten leading. Lap 12- Roflwaffle is spun by AJHG, then Dustone spins off Turbo_snail. Nascarfan1400 would lead on the lap 17 restart but we don't make it a lap as a relatively small incident effectively stopped the field on the front stretch. Green again on lap 22, the #14 leading. Two laps later cars #99, #98, and #97 lean on each other down the frontstretch (this is already old), spin, and collect the #11, #7 and #64. Lap 29 restart with RACECAR on point, but quietgirl would take that lead quickly. Lap 55- GTracer98 spins out ABP for some reason. Green on lap 60, DCybertron leading but again the lead changes quickly. Caution on lap 71, Gerarghini spins Niku, the #69 spins Gerarghini, then Niku sideswipes the #35 while he's recovering. Going green with six to go, samurai8juice leads for the moment. In the closing laps the #98 and #86 were able to put space between themselves and the field, coming out of tourn two on the final lap MegaUmbreon manages to get past DCybertron and make it stick to win the race.

    Round 26 would be at Rockingham, good to see obviously, with Ryou taking the pole again and getting an early lead. Caution on lap 9 when Whitetail hits Harsk going into turn 3, but rallymorten and Chqr get the worst of it when everyone behind piles in. Green again on lap 14, Bhowe leading with Angel behind. Lap 40- raven214 hits DCybertron, then collect Whitetail and MegaUmbreon. Green on lap 44 , the #83 still leading. Caution on lap 48, many got together in turn 2, but it's not thrown until Roflwaffle and swiftsmith spin on the backstretch, Bhowe again leads when green flies on lap 53. Dustone and quietgirl collide, then BayneHamlin rearends the #87. Green again on lap 79, Michelin leading now. Lap 99- Earth flies into Turbo-snail sending both into the wall, then the #28 hit the wall again and ends up being spun by Dustone. Green on lap 105, and a lap later caution again for quietgirl and Ryou colliding. Lap 111 goes green and caution again when Carbonox gets spun by Roflwaffle collecting a number of the leaders. Next attempt at lap 116, Michelin leading. Lap 147- Silver Wing is spun into turn 3. Jahgee leads on green at lap 152, and with no lapped cars making drama Jahgee cruises to victory.

    More non-Nascar territory as Sebring host round 27 of the championship. quietgirl would take the pole and CodDemon would be on the outside, CodDemon gets a jump but Dustone gets into him and quietgirl takes the lead. Whitetail spins off on lap 3, no caution, there is one on lap 12 when Ryou punts sparkytooth, who then hits the tire wall drowing the flag. Green again on lap 15 with a battered #64 Steelers Chevrolet leading the way, Bman going from worst to first, Ninners would spin off that same lap but no caution. Lap 17- quietgirl would spin off the track, handing the lead back to the Bman. Three laps later Carbonox spins off after taking the lead from Bman a corner earlier. Lap 22, the #64 can't hold on and pits, handing the lead to raven214 who would take it and run with it, all the way to Victory Lane.

    From Florida to Illinois, Chicagoland plays as our host for round 28. Johnny1996 on the pole and uses that advantage, leading the field early. Lap 2- 4-wide doesn't work here. Green flies on lap 8 with the #38 leading. Lap 12- Turbo_snail decideds he's seen enough of the #38 and dumps him, triggering a massive crash affecting over half the field. Green on lap 17, Tired iron leads off. Lap 23- Earth gets into the #1, but he loses control instead when Jahgee hits his rear corner and spins out, triggering another pileup. Green on lap 28, Ninners leads for a corner before everyone loses their minds again. Trying again on lap 33, Ninners still ahead. Lap 39- The commentary loses it's mind when swiftsmith and Harsk decide to immitate torpedos. Another run at green on lap 44 with Niku now leading. Lap 84- MegaUmbreon sends Chqr into the wall, erasing Niku's lead. Green on 89, Niku still leading but with three to go Turbo_snail takes the lead and walks to the title-critical win.

    Familiar ground, new twist. The series haulers made it back to Watkins Glen for our only endurance event all year. 201 laps, and who is on pole? The #97 of Turbo_snail, hot off winning at Chicagoland, and he'd hold that lead over Dustone. CodDemon gets spun on lap 15, nascarfan1400 blows the engine on lap 19, but it's Tired Iron on lap 22 bringing out the caution. Restart on lap 25, the #97 still leading. the #1 loses the engine on lap 36, and is so far behind that he pushes some off track and brings out the caution again. Earth gets the lead out of the pits and green on lap 40, then caution on lap 41 when, for some unknown reason, Mega Umbreon decides he needs back into the pits and traps the #69, sending ProjectWHaT into the end of pit wall. Dustone doesn't pit and leads the field back to green on lap 44, unfortunately Pandora's box has now been opened and everyone is crashing everywhere apparently as lap 45 sees yellow starting when the #19 and #20 appear to touch, then DurWinning slides off track, then spins across the track, collecting the #53 and #4, then cars start going everywhere out of the bus stop. Carbonox and Gerarghini slide out, then Whitetail and GTracer98 collide, then the #3 gets tagged by DCybertron, T-boned and flipped by Johnny1996, who then gets hit by raven214. Next attempt ant green on lap 48, samurai8juice actually leads now. Dustone takes the lead back on lap 51. Eventually Ryou defies the spectre of history and makes a charge to take the lead outright on lap 63. No caution, but Silver Wing spins the #77 on lap 69, but there's another case of "Dip[censored] Pitting" between Bhowe and Chqr, both in the top 10 as well. Lap 78, AJHG is ahead of leader Ryou on green, but out of the esses Dustone and rallymorten collide flipping the #95. Green again on lap 81, Ryou still leading, and at this point it seems like even the officials were getting tired of this. It does calm down a bit, with Bman passing Ryou on lap 87 being the main info of note before pitting on lap 108. On lap 110, Earth misjudges his location and hits pit entry, but no caution. Then on lap 118 DurWinning shunts Michelin, spinning the leading #99. On lap 129 ABP gets tagged by GranTurismo916, then hit by the #98, finally drawing the caution again. Green again, lap 132 with Jahgee leading and an angry Michelin behind. See, the #99 was spun by the soon to be teammate to the #24, and seeing as the #20 wasn't on the lead lap, it raised much suspicion and many tempers. Oddly, a safe spin by the #77 brought out the caution on lap 135. Jahgee still leading on lap 138, Michelin still hounding. Coming to lap 147, Jahgee hits the wall and Michelin passes for the lead. After pit stops, Michelin still leads but on lap 175 the drama deepens when Angel hits the Bman. On the surface not too much there, but the #54 is to be a teammate to the #99, and the #64 will be teaming up with Jahgee and Dur. Faction Fighting for the win. Green on lap 178 and here we go again, The #98 spins, AJHG swerves around, but Silver Wing hits hard, sending Mega Umbreon flying, then GT916 hits the #98 as he slides, meanwhile DurWinning still doesn't know how the bus stop works and collects ABP, Turbo_snail, and Angel, then Ryou can't avoid Angel. Green again on lap 181, Michelin still leading, Jahgee still behind. On lap 187 quietgirl has caught and passed the #24, then wastes little time in catching Michelin and taking the lead with eight to go, goofytyler taking second. That would be how they finished, with quietgirl writing series history by taking the title of "First Female Winner".

    And so we reach the end. Homestead. Round #30 of #30. Doodle would take the pole for the event, but after a quick jump out, sparkytooth starts running away with the lead. Lap 17, ProjectWHaT pulls down into Gerarghini and spins, sideswiping Michelin which put the car out of commission and out of the title hunt. Green on lap 22, Doodle leading the way. Lap 29- The Bman tries to fit a big car into a small hole, taking CodDemon with him into the wall. Green on lap 34, and Turbo_snail is leading. As the race continued, the lead shuffled between a number of drivers. Caution on lap 88, after pit stops, AJHG spins off quietgirl's rear tire. Green on lap 93, with much confusion. On lap 98 nascarfan1400 drops in on future teammate Silver Wing, who happens to be leading, sending both into the wall and collecting Mega Umbreon, Jahgee, Doodle, Ryou, and CodDemon. Earth leads when green flies again on lap 103, has to fend off ABP and DCybertron. Lap 113- Harsk tries to add the #96 to the #4, perhaps trying to do math, but the answer ends up being crash, and yet again Whitetail catches a part of one car in the incident, which seems to be a running thing. Green with four to go, Earth leads and is still fighting the #18 and #86, but with one to go goofytyler holds them back enough for Earth to win the race, and Turbo_snail takes things into his own hands and wins the championship without help.

    ***Holy crap, that was a month off-and-on of writing and I didn't think it'd all go up at once***
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    Holy crap, I haven't read this, but I'm liking it anyway because it's long and looks important and looks like a lot of work was put into it.
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    I read it and it is well done :tup: :cheers: to @BKGlover
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    Thanks Yall :cheers:

    I didn't think it would all post at once, but that is just part 1. part 2 is still to come.:dopey:
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    Man BK, I am really impressed, that was one unexpected but very good wall of text. All you'd need are some pictures and it would work perfectly as the 2014 GTPFS NASCAR Spotter Guide. You deserve a medal, but for now all I can do is tip my hat as a sign of respect for a job well done. :tup:
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    Awesome write up @BKGlover. I definitely recommend this to be read by anyone not familiar about last season! :cheers:
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    Now that we've taken our look at how the season went, it's now time to see how the final standings stacked up. But first, some fun awards.
    • Winner of the "Seriously dude, WTF!" Award is Harsk100, for making us all scratch our head in confusion, then use them as hammers in frustration.
    • Winner of the "So Damn Close!" Award is goofytyler with more 2nds than anyone else, and many combined.
    • Winners of the "Tough Luck" Award are Ryou, Tired Iron, and Furinkazen.
    • Winner of the "...And then the wings fell off." Award goes to GTracer98, with an honorable mention to AJHG and Ninners.
    • Finally, Winner of the spiteful but fitting "YOU :censored: UP!" Award goes without question to Mr.Unknown.

    With that out of the way, it's now time for the official awards in short.

    • GTPFS Rookie of the Year is won by @BRRT_Angel
    • GTPFS Concept Cup Team Champion is Team Harsk (#96)
    • GTPFS Concept Cup Driver Champion is Harsk100 (#96)
    • GTPFS Concept Cup Manufacturers Champion is Dodge, clinched by raven214 and the #71 in round 27.
    • GTPFS Team Champion is Team goofytyler (#19)
    • GTPFS Driver Champion is Turbo_snail (#97)
    • GTPFS Manufacturers Champion is Ford, clinched by Earth and the #28 in round 30.
    • Winningest Drivers are Furinkazen, Carbonox, Harsk100, and raven214 and their teams.
    • Most top-5s go to rallymorten & team #95 and Turbo_snail & team #97.
    • Most top-10s go to rallymorten & team #95 outright.
    • Most poles earned go to nascarfan1400 & team #14 and Ryou & team #42.
    • Best average finish: Furinkazen & team #54- 15.267.
    • Best average finish (full time): Ninners & team #47- 17.700.
    • Best average finish (Concept): Harsk100 & team #96- 19.478.
    Finally, the points in long form:

    *The Manufacturers Championship point system is very similar to how it is in Formula 1, this seasons being a very simple '9-6-4' points spread due to three mains, Concept Cup was kept separate so they only had a '9-6' spread.

    --209 points, 13 wins
    --205 points, 13 wins
    --156 points, 4 wins

    *Concept Cup*
    --177 points, 13 CC wins (6 consecutive)
    --168 points, 10 CC wins
    ---LOL no.

    *The Teams Championship is on the same points structure as the Drivers one, including it's own chase, and while most times in NASCAR's top series it is tied to the Drivers title, things happen to throw a wrench into the works, Kurt Busch IRL or Furi here, for example. The points are 43 for 1st, one less awarded for each successive position down to 2 points for 42nd.

    1st=Team #19 (goofytyler)
    --2263 points (---), lead championship-1 race.
    2nd=Team #99 (Michelin)
    --2259 points (-4), lead championship-2 race.
    3rd=Team #24 (Jahgee1124)
    --2257 points (-6), lead championship-1 race.
    4th=Team #64 (the Bman)
    --2237 points (-26), lead championship-5 races.
    5th=Team #79 (BKGlover)
    --2228 points (-35), lead championship-1 race.
    6th=Team #95 (rallymorten)
    --2225 points (-38)
    7th=Team #7 (Mr.Unknown/CSMDuty)
    --2221 points (-42), (24 races/6 races)
    8th=Team #51 (AJHG1000)
    --2213 points (-50), lead championship-6 races.
    9th=Team #47 (Ninners)
    --2206 points (-57), lead championship-4 races.
    10th=Team #1 (CodDemon101)
    --2198 points (-65)
    11th=Team #3 (GTracer98)
    --2196 points (-67), lead championship-2 races.
    12th=Team #54 (Furinkazen/BRRT_Angel)
    --2194 points (-69), (15 races/15 races), lead championship-6 races.
    ----------Chase Cut Off----------
    13th=Team #97 (Turbo_snail)
    --786 points (-1477)
    14th=Team #32 (RACECAR)
    --745 points (-1518)
    15th=Team #87 (quietgirl)
    --739 points (-1524)
    16th=Team #16 (Roflwaffle)
    --726 points (-1537), lead championship-1 race.
    17th=Team #4 (BayneHamlin1121)
    --720 points (-1543)
    18th=Team #74 (Carbonox)
    --717 points (-1546)
    19th=Team #17 (Doodle)
    --714 points (-1549)
    20th=Team #83 (Bhowe83)
    --707 points (-1556)
    21st=Team #18 (ABP)
    --703 points (-1560), lead championship-1 race.
    22nd=Team #86 (DCybertron)
    --701 points (-1562)
    23rd=Team #6 (GranTurismo916)
    --691 points (-1572)
    24th=Team #55 (sparkytooth)
    --678 points (-1585)
    25th=Team #35 (Gerarghini)
    --667 points (-1596)
    26th=Team #77 (samurai8juice)
    --665 points (-1598)
    27th=Team #28 (Earth)
    --662 points (-1601)
    28th=Team #69 (ProjectWHaT)
    --642 points (-1621)
    29th=Team #14 (nascarfan1400)
    --636 points (-1627)
    30th=Team #20 (DurWinning)
    --626 points (-1637)
    31st=Team #98 (Mega Umbreon)
    --624 points (-1639)
    32nd=Team #38 (Johnny1996)
    --621 points (-1642)
    33rd=Team #11 (Chqr)
    --610 points (-1653)
    34th=Team #37 (Silver Wing)
    --603 points (-1660)
    35th=Team #88 (Dustone)
    --596 points (-1667)
    36th=Team #50 (swiftsmith)
    --583 points (-1680)
    37th=Team #42 (Ryou)
    --579 points (-1684)
    38th=Team #96 (Harsk100)
    --564 points (-1699), Concept Cup Champion, lead CC-13 races.
    39th=Team #76 (Niku Driver HC)
    --519 points (-1744), Concept Cup.
    40th=Team #71 (raven214)
    --514 points (-1749), Concept Cup.
    41st=Team #9 (Whitetail)
    --468 points (-1795), Concept Cup, lead CC-10 races.
    42nd=Team #53 (Tired iron)
    --441 points (-1822), Concept Cup.

    *Now for what you've been waiting for. The Drivers Championship is the crown jewel, it is what all drivers aim for no matter what the series. As was mentioned already 1st gets 43 points, each spot after gets one less down to 2 for 42nd. Also, I will post all stats I could easily determine from the videos.

    1st= @Turbo_snail (#97)
    --2297 points (---): 30 starts, 1 win, 8 top-5s, 11 top-10s, 1 pole, lead championship-5 races (1 tie w/GTracer98).
    2nd= @goofytyler (#19)
    --2263 points (-34): 30 starts, 6 top-5s, 11 top-10s, best finish-2nd.
    3rd= @Michelin (#99)
    --2259 points (-38): 30 starts, 1 win, 4 top-5s, 11 top-10s.
    4th= @Jahgee1124 (#24)
    --2257 points (-40): 30 starts, 1 win, 5 top-5s, 11 top-10s, lead championship-1 race.
    5th= @The Bman (#64)
    --2237 points (-60): 30 starts, 1 win, 3 top-5s, 10 top-10s, lead championship-4 race.
    6th= @BKGlover (#79)
    --2228 points (-69): 30 starts, 1 win, 2 top-5s, 7 top-10s, lead championship-1 race.
    7th= @rallymorten (#95)
    --2225 points (-72): 30 starts, 1 win, 8 top-5s, 13 top-10s, 1 pole.
    8th= @AJHG1000 (#51)
    --2213 points (-84): 30 starts, 1 win, 7 top-5s, 10 top-10s, 2 poles, lead championship-6 races.
    9th= @Ninners (#47)
    --2206 points (-91): 30 starts, 1 win, 5 top-5s, 11 top-10s, lead championship-5 races.
    10th= CodDemon101 aka @ScuderiaLucas (#1)
    --2198 points (-99): 30 starts, 1 top-5, 7 top-10s, 1 pole, best finish-4th.
    11th= @GTracer98 (#3)
    --2196 points (-101): 30 starts, 1 win, 5 top-5s, 9 top-10s, lead championship-2 races (1 tie w/Turbo_snail).
    12th= @MrUnknown (#7)
    --2077 points (-220): 24 starts, 1 win, 4 top-5s, 7 top-10s, BANNED.
    ----------Chase Cut Off----------
    13th= @RACECAR (#32)
    --745 points (-1552): 30 starts, 3 top-5s, 8 top-10s, best finish-2nd.
    14th= @quietgirl (#87)
    --739 points (-1558): 30 starts, 1 win, 4 top-5s, 6-top-10s, 2 poles.
    15th= @Roflwaffle (#16)
    --726 points (-1571): 30 starts, 1 win, 4 top-5s, 6 top-10s, lead championship-1 race.
    16th= @BayneHamlin1121 (#4)
    --720 points (-1577): 30 starts, 4 top-5s, 7 top-10s, 1 pole, best finish-3rd.
    17th= @Carbonox (#74)
    --717 points (-1580): 30 starts, 2 wins, 5 top-5s, 8 top-10s, 2 poles.
    18th= @Doodle (#17)
    --714 points (-1583): 30 starts, 1 win, 4 top-5s, 8 top-10s, 1 pole.
    19th= @Bhowe83 (#83)
    --707 points (-1590): 30 starts, 1 top-5, 4 top-10s, best finish-3rd.
    20th= @ABP (#18)
    --703 points (-1594): 30 starts, 3 top-5s, 7 top-10s, 2 poles, best finish-3rd, lead championship-1 race.
    21st= @DCybertron (#86)
    --701 points (-1596): 30 starts, 4 top-5s, 5 top-10s, 1 pole, best finish-2nd.
    22nd= @GranTurismo916 (#6)
    --691 points (-1606): 30 starts, 5 top-5s, 8 top-10s, 1 pole, best finish-2nd.
    23rd= @sparkytooth (#55)
    --678 points (-1619): 30 starts, 2 top-5s, 6 top-10s, best finish-2nd.
    24th= @Gerarghini (#35)
    --667 points (-1630): 30 starts, 1 top-5, 5 top-10s, best finish-3rd.
    25th= @samurai8juice (#77)
    --665 points (-1632): 30 starts, 1 win, 1 top-5, 6 top-10s, 1 pole.
    26th= @Earth (#28)
    --662 points (-1635): 30 starts, 1 win, 3 top-5s, 6 top-10s, 1 pole.
    27th= @ProjectWHaT (#69)
    --642 points (-1655): 30 starts, 3 top-5s, 5 top-10s, 1 pole, best finish-2nd.
    28th= @nascarfan1400 (#14)
    --636 points (-1661): 30 starts, 1 win, 5 top-5s, 6 top-10s, 3 poles.
    29th= @DurWinning (#20)
    --626 points (-1671): 30 starts, 1 win, 1 top-5, 2 top-10s.
    30th= @Mega Umbreon (#98)
    --624 points (-1673): 30 starts, 1 win, 4 top-5s, 6 top-10s.
    31st= @Johnny1996 (#38)
    --621 points (-1676): 30 starts, 4 top-10s, 2 poles, best finish-6th.
    32nd= @Chqr (#11)
    --610 points (-1687): 30 starts, 1 win, 4 top-5s, 6 top-10s.
    33rd= @Silver Wing (#37)
    --603 points (-1694): 30 starts, 1 win, 4 top-5s, 5 top-10s, 1 pole.
    34th= @Dustone (#88)
    --596 points (-1701): 30 starts, 1 win, 4 top-5s, 7 top-10s, 1 pole.
    35th= @swiftsmith (#50)
    --583 points (-1714): 30 starts, 2 top-5s, 4 top-10s, best finish-2nd.
    36th= @Ryou (#42)
    --579 points (-1718): 30 starts, 2 top-5s, 3 top-10s, 3 poles, best finish-3rd.
    37th= @Harsk100 (#96) *Concept Cup*
    --564 points (-1733): 23 starts, 2 wins, 2 top-5s, 5 top-10s, lead CC championship-13 races.
    38th= @Niku Driver HC (#76) *Concept Cup*
    --519 points (-1778): 23 starts, 3 top-5s, 4 top-10s, 1 pole, best finish-2nd.
    39th= @raven214 (#71) *Concept Cup*
    --514 points (-1783): 23 starts, 2 wins, 3 top-5s, 5 top-10s, 1 pole.
    40th= @Whitetail (#9) *Concept Cup*
    --468 points (-1829): 23 starts, 1 win, 2 top-5s, 4 top-10s, 2 poles, lead CC championship-10 races.
    41st= @Tired iron (#53) *Concept Cup*
    --441 points (-1856): 23 starts, 2 top-5s, 4 top-10s, 1 pole, best finish- 4th.
    42nd= @Furinkazen (#54) *Injured*
    --431 points (-1866): 15 starts, 2 wins, 4 top-5s, 8 top-10s, lead championship-5 races.
    43rd= @BRRT_Angel (#54) *Rookie*
    --350 points (-1947): 15 starts, 6 top-10s, best finish-6th.
    44th= @CSMDuty11 (#7) *Rookie*
    --144 points (-2153): 6 starts, 1 top-5s, 2 top-10s, best finish-4th.

    With that, the GTPlanet Fantasy Series has officially finished and closed the 2014 season. Onto 2015, and more pressing the 'Silly Season'. Hope to see you all there!
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  9. Michelin

    Michelin Premium

    Ok, so I can consider myself a Ryan Newman somehow. k then. :lol:
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  10. BKGlover


    United States
    No, @goofytyler takes that. Still a great run.
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  11. Michelin

    Michelin Premium

    Well, yeah, he gets the Ryan Newman award. :lol:
  12. Tired iron

    Tired iron

    Excellent job @BKGlover very well done, maybe you should be a writer. :cheers: :tup: ;)
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  13. BKGlover


    United States
    Thank you, my friend.:cheers:
  14. Tired iron

    Tired iron

    I'm pretty happy last Friday all cast l had on my body came off, so no more wheel chair I just got to use a walking stick for a while but I say again you have writing talent! ;)
  15. nascarfan1400


    United States
    Fabulous news to hear. :)
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  16. Tired iron

    Tired iron

    Thank You @nascarfan1400 really does a moral boost on my side it has been a long road thank you ;)
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  17. Niku Driver HC

    Niku Driver HC

    Well, a great conclusion to a great season, all thanks to Glover's fantastic informative text. Plenty of race stories, and now the very good awards + final standings compendium, bringing it all together.

    And to think that despite winning a WTF award, Harsk would go on to win the whole Concept Cup... Now that is a true "WTF Moment", haha. :lol: He still managed to get enough points to beat many other drivers, all thanks to two race victories. Meantime, if there was a Concept Cup version of the Ryan Newman award, would that be given to me? Y'know, I came pretty close of winning god knows how many races, but then there was something which would screw me over, all the time...

    Well, a great job, and I agree with Tired Iron, the effort you put into these things shows that you got what it takes to write these types of text. Heck, I still stand by my idea that all this would work wonderfully as a yearly guide for each GTPFS season, all you need next time are some pictures to break the long periods of text. You may be disheartened often by your driver's results, but you shouldn't be disheartened at your participation here. Congrats man, well done. :):tup:
  18. Michelin

    Michelin Premium

    @nascarfan1400 do you remember ToCA's season preview with stats from all drivers and bios from them? If you know what I'm talking, I need the spotters guide ASAP! :lol:
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  19. goofytyler


    United States
    Wow I haven't been on in a while. lol. I did watch all of the races and yah I felt like Ryan Newman. Now next season better include a race win and potential championship. Great Season everyone.
  20. Michelin

    Michelin Premium

    Or more of the same if you consider how Newman is going this year. :lol:
  21. BKGlover


    United States
    That is great to hear, hat's off to you for making so much progress! Thank you again, I'm no Tolkien, but at least I know I've got something now, after yeeeeaaars of hell writing.

    I will say that stuff like this I can do, but if I start on trying to write from scratch...find help. :D

    I'll also say that the first paragraph of the guide wasn't all in jest. Thank you for the help.:cheers:

    And yes, you were the CC Ryan Newman, but the 'Srsly Dude' award was a season long ordeal.:sly:

    As for the guides, that may be another future project, one I'd be happy to collaborate on if this becomes a regular thing. Actually, if I opened up the other one, it'd probably get further...........

    ...Anywho, thank you all for the likes and the comments. It's a big personal boost for me, but as I said if I'm writing from nothing, STOP ME!:cheers:
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  22. Niku Driver HC

    Niku Driver HC

    Well, not all of us have a fertile imagination, so admitting that you aren't good at writing from scratch isn't exactly something to criticize. If anything, at least you show some modesty and honesty by saying that. It doesn't mean that you can't do anything from scratch, not if you don't try it that is, buuuut that's a story for another day.

    You know something? I actually wasn't aware of the whole "first paragraph" thing until you mentioned it, since I was too busy reading the actual race reports at the time to see any mentions of my perfomance throughout the later half of the season (sounds selfish, I know, but I was curious about that sort of thing). Excuse my fast-to-the-trigger character, I do tend to be rather rash in thinking sometimes. :lol:
    But hey, thanks so much for the compliment, very glad to know that I was helpful enough to keep you on track. :):tup:

    Haha, you are right about that, perhaps next season that award will be reserved for me, as an upgrade of sorts. Who knows, right? :sly: :lol:

    Huh, is that so...? Sounds pretty interesting, those plans, hopefully they'll be able to come into fruition because it would definitely spice things up a bit. In a good way, that is.

    Y'all welcome again, Texas cowboy. And why would we stop a talented guy from expressing his talent? Don't be silly man, I sure as heck won't put a damper in your step. ;) :cheers: