Red Bull Signs GT Sport Champion Igor Fraga to Red Bull Junior Program

This really fit fraga and marketable for redbull, he could speak Japanese and he Brazilian. He could help the honda engine development go faster in the near future. I hope he do well for FIA F3 because he earn it !!!
No doubt with this program he'll be in an Alpha Tauri Reserve Driver or even full-time seat within 5 years!

Based on? Let's be clear good on him it's an interesting pick. However, there is a long list of drivers who did not make it in this very program. It's easy to look at accolades for a barometer of what a driver in this program could achieve but there is the other side to.

One only has to look at their current drivers to see how flippant and indecisive the program can be. Kvyat was brought back because he had been in the program and they needed a driver. Albon who was apart of the program years prior was brought back after running well against backed drivers in gp2. Gasly who got to RBR only to be demoted to STR again.

So the road is pretty long and very uncertain and no one can be sure how it will pan.
That’s exactly the kind of backing he needs to get to the top level. Good luck to him, Red Bull seems like the toughest junior program of them all.