Red-Zone: Racing to the Next Level

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    Racing to the Next Level

    Editor's Note: This story is a SEQUEL. I recommend you read first Red-Line, because 1) for you to be able to follow the story, and 2) I will take some ideas from the prequel and use it over here.

    (This story is FICTIONAL, but may depict real-life locations, cars, etc. which is not intended to. Any similarities on characters and names in this story to real life is purely coincidential.)

    Chapter 1 - My First Car

    "I-Iya da!! My R34 lost to an MR2?!"


    *before that, 4 months ago... April 7, 2019*

    (voice from downstairs) - ? - "Zaira honey! Are you done yet? We better hurry or you won't be able to see anything good!"
    - ?? - "I'll be there in a minute, Mom!"
    - ? - "Hmm, one minute..." (looks at wristwatch)

    *a minute later*

    - ?? - "I'm ready!"
    - ? - "...Exactly one minute, and in record time! Usually it would take you about five minutes to fix yourself up."
    - ?? - "Stop it, Mom."
    - ? - (chuckle) "All right, if you say so. Well then, let's go!"

    Me and Mom are going to the used car lot, because today is the day that I have my own car. Since I learned how to drive in Mom's car, I've always wanted to own one. We're leaving early in the morning so that we can still catch up to the good stuff.


    (conversation: inside car, while driving)
    - ? - "Otoosan told me there's a place where high-quality used cars are up for sale. Let's take a look there first."
    - ?? - "Okay, it better be high-quality. I want a car that looks great both outside AND inside!"
    - ? - "You sure are excited, sweety."
    - ?? - "Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be? I just had my license two weeks ago. Hurry Mom, it's just like you said, we better hurry or we won't be able to catch the good stuff!!"
    - ? - "Ahaha! Take it easy, darling. You know Otoosan hates it when I get a speeding ticket." (short pause) "You know, you remind me of myself when I was your age. I had the same feeling; can't wait to get my hands on my own car, then driving around as much as I wanted."
    - ?? - "Hmm... I think I'll just do that."
    - ? - "Seriously? ....Oh, we're here."

    The place was on the left side of the road, "Yamada's Used Cars".
    - ? - "--Really now?? So this is what he's been up to. Why didn't your father tell me....?"
    - ?? - "Huh?"

    We parked the car and went inside.

    - * - "Ah, Mrs. Akawa! It's been a long time!"
    - ? - "Mr. Yamada! Long time no see, too!"
    - * - "My goodness, you don't look any different now compared to when we last met. You've just gotten taller!"
    - ? - "I could say the same for you, although you look a bit...old..."
    - * - "Yeah right. So, what brings a lady like you here? Have you grown tired of your Celica and going shopping for a new car? Hahaha!"
    - ? - "That wouldn't happen in a thousand years. Actually I came here because my daughter now wants to have her own car."
    - * - "Daughter?"
    - Mrs. Akawa - "Oh, that's right. It's been 17 years since we've last met. (turns to me) Zaira, I would like you to meet Mr. Yamada. He's a good friend of your father."
    - Mr. Yamada - "This is certainly sudden. Pleased to meet you, I'm Ryo Yamada."
    - Zaira - "Pleased to meet you, too. I'm Zaira."
    - Mr. Yamada - "Zaira, eh?...Hmm...I can imagine where the name came from. Man, I am very surprised, Zinaida-san. Who would've thought that on our next meeting, you would be bringing your daughter? And...(looks at me) my point of view, I think she's going to turn out to be a beautiful woman like you!"
    - Zinaida - "Oh stop it! You're embarrassing her!"
    - Mr. Yamada - "Ahahaha! So it would seem."
    - Zinaida - "All right, that's about enough. Ryo, can we take a look at what you got up for sale?"
    - Mr. Yamada - "Why not? Follow me, this way please."
    - Zinaida - "My goodness. You have quite a number of customers here."
    - Mr. Yamada - "Of course. My shop is known for its high quality standards when it comes to used cars. We'd like to keep it that way."

    We followed Mr. Yamada, and when we got to the cars...


    - Zinaida - "Wow, all of them sure look nice."
    - Mr. Yamada - "They're properly maintained at the garages here, but sometimes we take them out for short drives to see if they're really running properly. They won't be good enough for sale if they would just be sitting in one corner rusting and growing mushrooms, will they now?"
    - Zinaida - "Hahaha, me and my husband never get tired of your jokes. Zaira honey, why don't we go take a look around? See if there's something that catches your eye."
    - Zaira - "Okay!"

    We went around the cars. There was a huge variety of brands, from Subaru's to Mazda's, to Honda's.

    - Zinaida - "By the way, sweety. What kind of car are you exactly looking for?"
    - Zaira - "Uhm, I dunno. I guess something fast and.....out of the ordinary?"
    - Mr. Yamada - "Is that so, young lady? We have just the cars for you."

    - Mr. Yamada - "This here is a Subaru Legacy. It's got AWD and 275ps, I think that's quite fast. You don't often see Legacy's on the road."


    - Zaira - "Looks plain and typical for me. No good."
    - Mr. Yamada - "All right, what about these two Mazda's over here?"



    - Zaira - "FD? Hmm, I like it, but it's too common. MX-5...too small."
    - Mr. Yamada - "Okay then... how about this import?"


    - Zaira - "No way. That Camaro is way too big and way too heavy. I would be struggling every day driving that."
    - Mr. Yamada - "You know, you remind me of your father. You have the same taste when it comes to cars. Well anyways, let's move on."



    - Zaira - "An Integra...Dad would be the one driving it instead of me, he goes crazy over Type R's." (looks at the Golf) "I've always liked the hatchback design of the Golf. Is it AWD or FWD?"
    - Mr. Yamada - "It's a GTi, so it would be a FWD."
    - Zaira - "Eh? I was hoping it would be an R32. I don't really like FWD's"
    - Mr. Yamada - "Hmm, you're one tough customer. Okay, how about the Lancer Evo over there?"



    - Zaira - "Lancer Evo's are more suited for boys than girls. ...Oh, an NSX! It would be better if it were a Type R, but then again Dad would be the one driving it instead of me."
    - Mr. Yamada - "Zinaida-san, you've got to do something about your daughter. I'm running out of cars here! Just kidding, hahaha!"
    - Zinaida - (chuckle) "Come on honey, isn't there something you like?"


    - Zaira - "A blue Nissan. It's kinda nice looks intidimating. *grumble* Isn't there something here that's--"

    Just when I was about to give up, I noticed this car sitting in the last row.


    - Zaira - ".............whoa............."

    - Zinaida - "What's the matter, sweety? Have you found what you're looking for?"

    I went over to the white car to get a better look. I inspected the car.

    - Mr. Yamada - "This is something new, never imagined a girl like her would be interested in an MR2. A fine, if you ask me."
    - Zinaida - "So, what do you say, Zaira? Do you like it?"

    - Zaira - "...No, I don't like it. ............I LOVE IT!!! It looks a lot more better in person!"

    - Mr. Yamada - "That model is a G-Limited, so it has a natural aspiration."
    - Zaira - "Really?? WOW!! Now I love it even more!!"

    - Mr. Yamada - "But the GT-S turbo model is faster. We have one here somewhere..."
    - Zaira - "I don't care. I always prefer NA, I hate turbo lag."
    - Mr. Yamada - "Well, if you say so. (turns to my mother) Mrs. Akawa?"
    - Zinaida - "Well, if she likes something, she wouldn't pick anything else. How much is it?"
    - Mr. Yamada - "Given it's in pretty good condition, I'd say it would be Y750,000. Is that a fair price?"

    I looked at Mom with a puppy face.

    - Zinaida - "All right, all right, anything for you, sweety. (turns to Mr. Yamada) We'll take it."

    - Mr. Yamada - "Yosh! Now if you will please follow me over to the office so that the purchase can be made."


    There was quite a line when we got to the office. After two-and-a-half hours of waiting and paper arrangements, the white MR2 is finally mine!! All mine!! Mwahahahaha!!

    - Mr. Yamada - "It's a pleasure doing business with you, Mrs. Akawa." (offers to shake hands)
    - Zinaida - "You're welcome, Ryo." (shakes hand)
    - Mr. Yamada - "You ladies take care now."
    - Zinaida - "Thanks. Zaira, say thanks to Mr. Yamada."
    - Zaira - "Arigato gozaimasu for the car!"
    - Mr. Yamada - "Ahaha, no sweat!"

    I had a chance to drive the MR2 when I followed Mom back to the house. Dad had the garage built so that it can hold two cars side-by-side.

    - Zaira - "I can't wait to drive my new car to school! I want to show it off to my friends!"
    - Zinaida - "Calm down, Zaira. Don't worry, there's two days left until school starts. Be sure to thanks your dad once he comes back."
    - Zaira - "Definitely! I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees the car!"

    School starts the day after tomorrow, perfect. I have the time to stare at my new car all day long tomorrow.

    - Zaira - "I can't believe it, my own car... (notices some dirt on the side) Hey now, white's a very hard color to clean! Better wipe it off."

    *the next day, Start of School... April 9, 2019*

    - ? - "Yo, Kimiko!"
    - ?? - "Hey there, Ayane!"
    - ? - How're you doing?"
    - ?? - "I'm fine. How about you?"
    - Ayane - "I'm fine, too. So, it's our second year now in high school, eh?"
    - Kimiko - "Can't believe time flies really fast. Our first year and spring break, it feels like they all just happened yesterday."
    - Ayane - "Yeah. Man, although I wanted for a longer vacation, I'd rather hang out with you and Zaira at school!"
    - Kimiko - "Same here. By the way, have you seen her?"
    - Ayane - "Nope, not yet. Where could she be? I thought she would come early, she said she had a surprise for us."

    While walking towards the main building, a white car parks near them.

    - Kimiko - "Never seen that car before."
    - Ayane - "I didn't know you could memorize vehicles that come and go in the campus! Haha!"
    - Kimiko - "Is that something that should be laughed about? I just noticed."

    A girl steps out of the car.

    - ? - "...'Sup girls?"

    next on Red-Zone: Chapter 2 - The Calling

    don't miss it!!

    as promised, I have brought to you fellows the sequel. This is my birthday gift to you. ;)

    note: BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG Thanks to bergauk for his work on the pictures!! U da man!!
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    The story looks like its off to a great start. Can't wait to see the next chapter. Looks like I'll have a reason to go back to GT4 forums now.

    EDIT:Whoa, I just noticed two things, character names that I recognize from before,[they got married didn't they] and I skipped over one last thing on that Miata shot. I'll send you a corrected version ASAP.
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    But there's something that doesn't cut for me. If its 2015, how come Zaira is old enough to drive? Tori was 18 when Red-Line started, and he said that he saw the Spoon Civic on TV when he was a kid, which I suppose it means around 14 years, 16 at best. The Spoon Civic was released around 2000, so, without going into further detail, it seems Zaira should be like 11 at best. :indiff: I think you were not ready for this kind of observation, but I like to keep things consistent in stories to appreciate them the most.
    A bit of constructive criticism, though: although Red-Line was the first real race story on the GT4 boards, this one seems slightly a copy of it. I understand that it is not easy to start a story without having some similarities, but the fact that this story starts basically the same (with the main character beating someone else), I thought that you should know that. The name of the story itself is also similar, if not for one extra word in the title. :indiff: The whole plot about someone practically invincible in racing, with only four months of experience (because if otherwise, it would look even more of a copy) is something I am already getting tired of. Hopefully, she will lose sooner or later!
    It's your story though, and you must know better than anyone else what you have to do with it.
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    Re: Moar, I was petitioning to stop that crap well before Red-Line finished and nobody listened.......


    Nah, after this story finishes, I'm thinking a prequel to the sequel.:D
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    In one word: AWESOME!!! Interesting choice of main character too, will be good to see where that leads. But seriously, she chose the MR2?? I'm sticking with Roj on this one, the NSX wins with headlights alone ;) MOA Must resist... can't wait till the next part. Good to see you back, =drifting24/7=!
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    @ Codename L: I thought so, the biggest flaw would be the dates in the first chapter.., I was thinking very hard on what the dates should be, it seems I kinda rushed it. Oh well, nothing's perfect :)..,

    will be doing some minor changes to Chapter 1, just to make it fairly realistic..,

    *edit - changed the dates (sorry Roj, but I think cars on land are much more fun that cars in the air...,:tup:) and the title of the next chapter, sorry for the changes..,
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    Chapter 2 - The Calling

    - Zaira - "...'Sup, girls?"

    - Kimiko - "Zaira, is that you?"
    - Ayane - "Wow. Is that white car yours?"
    - Zaira - "Yes it is."
    - Kimiko - "When did you get it?"
    - Zaira - "About two days ago. It's a used car but it looks nice."
    - Kimiko - "It"
    - Ayane - "Hey Zaira, Why don't we go out to a picnic trip sometimes using your car! You know, on weekends, after exams."
    - Zaira - "I can't, my car only has room for two. Although it wouldn't hurt to borrow Mom's Celica once in a while."
    - Kimiko - "Uhh, before we indulge ourselves in picnics, let's go to the auditorium first. The opening ceremony's about to start."
    - Zaira - "I almost forgot, it starts at 8:00 A.M. sharp! We need to hurry, let's go!"

    *at the auditorium*

    - Zaira - "It's quite hot in here, even with the AC's on."
    - Kimiko - "Probably because there are a lot more students than before. It's getting hard to breathe."

    (overhears conversation, two boys in their front row)
    - Boy1 - "Hey, did you hear?"
    - Boy2 - "What?"
    - Boy1 - "A new racing crew is taking over the Sumiya highway at night."
    - Boy2 - "What's the name?"
    - Boy1 - "I think it's called ARC, I'm not sure. But their leader is an insane driver! I went over there one time, his car's blazing fast! Judging from what I've seen, he must've been doing a 240 when he zoomed past where I was watching!"
    - Boy2 - "Really? Then he IS insane!"
    - Boy1 - "Yeah!" (turns to me) "Hey Zaira! Have you heard--"
    - Zaira - "Yes, I've heard, Keiji. Your voice was so loud I just can't ignore what you're talking about."
    - Keiji - "Ehehe, sorry for that."
    - Ayane - "You better sit down, Keiji. The principal's about to speak."

    - Zaira - "...Racing crew, huh........"

    *afternoon, Zaira's house*

    - Zinaida - (doorbell rings) "That could be your father, Zaira. Why don't you go get the door?"
    - Zaira - "Okay!"

    (door opens)

    - Zaira - "Dad!" (hug)
    - Tori - "Hey, sweety! How's my little angel doing?"
    - Zaira - "I'm fine, Dad. How 'bout you?"
    - Tori - "I'm okay, too. Where's your mom?"
    - Zaira - "She's in the kitchen, getting dinner ready."
    - Tori - "Is that so? Why don't you go take some of these bags upstairs, I'll head over to the kitchen."
    - Zaira - "All right."


    - Tori - (covers Zinaida's eyes with hands) "Guess who's back."
    - Zinaida - " of the best drivers in Japan?"
    - Tori - "Wrong answer. I'm THE best driver in Japan." (removes cover)
    - Zinaida - "Hey, handsome."
    - Tori - (looks around) "......Who, me?"
    - Zinaida - (kisses Tori in the lips)
    - Tori - "Hey, I wasn't prepared for that! Give me another..."
    - Zinaida - "I'll give you another later, right now I'm busy preparing the food. You said you were going to check out the new car with Zaira, right? It's in the garage."
    - Tori - "Oh, that's right, I almost forgot." (shouts upstairs) "Zaaaaiiraa!"
    - Zaira - (goes downstairs) "Yes Dad? Right, about the car... let's go Dad. I want to show it to you."


    - Tori - "So this is what you picked?"
    - Zaira - (nods head) "It was the only car that caught my attention."
    - Tori - "It looks a lot more better in person, I gotta admit. ...around 200ps, MR layout, not bad. Toyota makes pretty good RWD's. Did you like it the first time you saw it?"
    - Zaira - "No, I didn't like it. I loved it!"
    - Tori - "Haha, I felt the same too back then!"

    *master's bedroom*

    - Tori - *loud sigh* "Man, am I beat." (drops to bed)
    - Zinaida - "So, how was the business meet?"
    - Tori - "It was great, I got to meet a lot of other professional drivers. Hey, guess who I met there."
    - Zinaida - "Who?"
    - Tori - "......Kyosuke."
    - Zinaida - "Kyosuke? As in, Kyosuke Maiyuki?"
    - Tori - "Yes."
    - Zinaida - "Really?! That's a surprise! How was he? We haven't heard a word from him for some time now."
    - Tori - "He's doing great. He's very skilled in drift racing."
    - Zinaida - "Wow..."
    - Tori - "...Speaking of racing, I'm kinda worried...about Zaira. Actually I'm worrying too much."
    - Zinaida - "About Zaira? Why worried?"
    - Tori - "She already has a car. The time will come when she'll have her first race and begin her 'career'."
    - Zinaida - "Yeah. We both know that is sure to happen. Even though it's fine with us, it's still something to worry about. But, why too much?"
    - Tori - "The car. It's not like your Celica and my Civic. That MR2 is not a 'race driver-friendly' car, and you know it."

    *a few days later... April 13, 2019. School, dismissal time*

    - Kimiko - "Hey Zaira, I'm kinda broke. Can I take a ride in your car, drop me off at my house? If it's okay with you, that is."
    - Zaira - "Sure, why not? Let's go then."

    *Kimiko's house, front*

    - ? - "?? A car?" (Kimiko gets out of the car)

    - Kimiko - "Thanks for the ride."
    - ? - "Kimiko!!"
    - Kimiko - "Oh, hey Mom!"
    - Kimiko's Mom - "...the getting out...dropped off at home...... *gasp* Kimiko!! Don't tell me you--"
    - Zaira - (lowers window) "Hi, Mrs. Ueda!"
    - Mrs. Ueda - "Huh? Zaira-kun?? What are you doing here?"
    - Zaira - "Kimiko said she was running short on money, so I gave her a ride."
    - Mrs. Ueda - "Oh, I..uh..see. When did you get the car?"
    - Zaira - "Just about last week. Well, I better get going now, the sun's about to set. Goodbye!"
    - Mrs. Ueda - "Be careful, Zaira-kun."
    - Zaira - "I will. Goodbye, Kimiko!"
    - Kimiko - "Take care!"

    *the MR2 leaves* - Mrs. Ueda - "Oh that's right, dear. You told me that Zaira was looking forward to having her own car."
    - Kimiko - "Yeah. And now she has one."
    - Mrs. Ueda - "Whew, that's a relief."
    - Kimiko - "What? You thought the person driving that car might be my boyfriend or something?"
    - Mrs. Ueda - "I-I never said that!"
    - Kimiko - "It's okay Mom, I don't have one.........YET."
    - Mrs. Ueda - "Go to your room, young lady! You're still too young to have a boyfriend!"
    - Kimiko - "(chuckle) What? It's true! I don't have one yet!"


    - Zaira - "...Man, I almost forgot. I'm supposed to pick up a few items from the grocery store. Mom said she was making strawberry cake tomorrow."

    *at the grocery store...*


    - Zaira - "Let's see... flour, check. Eggs, check. Milk, check. New baking pan, check. Well, that's about it--" (overhears conversation)

    - Stranger1 - "Yo, r'you ready?"
    - Stranger2 - "Yeah, tonight's the big race."
    - Stranger1 - "I hope that car of yours is primed up. Where is it?"
    - Stranger2 - "Over there, across the street."



    - Stranger1 - "It's time, they're waiting for us at Mt. Hoshi." (Stranger2 looks around) "What's the matter? Something wrong?"
    - Stranger2 - "...Nothing. Let's go." (the two guys left the store)

    - Zaira - "...a night Mt. Hoshi... that's just a 30-minute drive from home. ...Hmmm, it's a Sunday tomorrow anyway......"

    (moments later...)

    - Stranger1 - (looks at rear view mirror) "Hey, have you noticed something?"
    - Stranger2 - "Yeah, that white MR2 from the grocery store has been tailing us until now. That girl must've heard our conversation."
    - Stranger1 - "Really? What, is she looking for a race or something? I highly doubt it."
    - Stranger2 - "......I don't......"

    - Zaira - "...Let's just hope the eggs don't get crushed..."

    (two-and-a-half hours later, 9:00 P.M. . Zaira's house, garage)

    - Zaira - "......Yosh! The eggs aren't crushed!" (opens door)
    - Zinaida - "Zaira! It's very late! Where have you been? I was worried about you."
    - Zaira - "I...just went over at Kimiko's place to hang out a bit, sorry I didn't tell you, Mom. Here you go, I bought everything on the list."
    - Zinaida - "I see you got a new baking pan. Everything I need is here."
    - Zaira - " *yawn* I'm gonna go...sleep...I'm tired..."
    - Zinaida - "You get yourself a good rest, okay?"
    - Zaira - "...Mmmkay..."

    As soon as she reaches the stairs, she smiles. Unaware, Tori is behind her, in the living room reading newspaper. He gives her a suspicious look.

    *present time... Summer Vacation. August 20, 2019, Mt. Yabitsu*

    - Opponent - "I-Iya da!! My R34 lost to an MR2?!"
    - Man from crowd - "No way! Sanada lost?"


    The two cars pull over after the race.

    - Opponent - "It appears the rumors were true. I'm sorry, my teammates underestimated and mocked you." (bows down)
    - Zaira - "Oh, a man of honor? It's okay, as long as my opponent is a good sport."
    - Sanada - "My name is Himuro Sanada. I hope we get to race again." (offers to shake hands)
    - Zaira - "Yes, it's been fun racing with you." (shakes hand)

    - Zaira - "Hey there, Ayane."
    - Ayane - "Zaira! You were amazing!"
    - Zaira - "Ahehe, it's nothing, really. I've started street racing back in April."
    - Ayane - "For four months? I'm not surprised, you've gotten really skilled at this!"
    - Zaira - "Thanks." (notices someone in the crowds is staring at her) "...?"
    - Ayane - "What is it, Zaira?"
    - Zaira - "It's...nothing. Come on, let's go to our place and celebrate a bit!"
    - Ayane - "Yeah!"

    As soon as they got into the car, the boy still stares at her.

    *two weeks later, September 1, 2019*

    - Mrs. Takeuchi - "Today's the start of 2nd semester. Did all of you enjoy your summer vacation?"
    - Class - *simultaneously* "Hai! No!"
    - Mrs. Takeuchi - (chuckle) "Mixed answers, good to know this class is still lively. Now, a transfer student will be joining our class. Let's all greet him a warm welcome." (looks at door) "Young man, you may now enter the classroom."

    A boy walks into the classroom.

    - Zaira - "...!! D-Dame desu!"
    - Ayane - "?? Zaira? You look startled, is something wrong?"
    - Zaira - "He's the one from......!!"

    - ? - "Good morning to you all. I'm......."

    next on Red-Zone : Chapter 3 - First Time

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