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Guess who's starting a GT4 story thread of their own! No don't worry, The Bread Van series isn't dead, nor am I abandoning it. Infact at somepoint I'm planning on merging the two during this new story.

Dont expect rapid fire updates. I'm doing this in my spare time so updates might be slow. But I'll try and update whenever I can, even if its a small chapter.

I managed to type up about 3 pages of this before I felt like posting it. But I will say that the ratio of text to images will be a lot smaller than what you expect of me. So I'll release these first 3 pages in a few little chapters, just so you don't get turned off by walls of text.

Okay, enjoy!


Remember The Name - Chapter 1

Oh man my head. Geez, what did I hit? I can’t remember a thing.

“Roy? You awake man?” I heard a voice but could see who was talking.
“You look pretty bad dude. Not as bad as the car though.” I tried moving my head to see who was talking to me but my neck was so stiff I feared I might break something if I tried to move.
“Man after that accident, I thought I lost you. We all did.” At last I managed to summon enough strength to say something.
“What happened to me? Argh!” I managed to say a few words before the pain stung me in the head again.
“Its me man. Its Tanaka.” Who the hell was this Tanaka guy? Did I know him?
“Argh. Who? Owwwwww!” I managed to mutter a word before I blacked out.


Man that damn Golf is fast! Richie, move over! Let the Silvia through man!

Should’ve bought a Silvia man! The cartoon lies!

Traffic up ahead? Screw it, I’m going for the Golf!

Oh… oh no… not now! The tyres!



I woke up. Suddenly the sound of crunching metal exits my head. Was that a dream? I tried to get up, but I couldn’t feel my body from the neck down. That car, was it mine? I can’t remember anything!

“I need to see him! I don’t care if he has amnesia!” I suddenly heard shouting. It was a different voice to that Tanaka from before.
“Can’t you wait until the Doc gives us the final results?” But that was Tanaka’s voice for sure.
“No! I have to see him!” And now that other voice again. Do I know him too?
“Richie! Look. Listen to me. Its best if you just get out of here. The last thing Roy needs is you trying to get him to remember the accident.” Richie? That name… that dream I had… was it… no… did that really happen? Is that why I’m like this?
“Fine. Fine. But the moment you have news you call me okay? You hear me Tanaka?” I heard a door slam soon after. Then the sound of a car leaving, I didn’t recognise the sound though, but it was difficult to hear past the corridor outside. I heard Tanaka walk up to where I was.

“Listen, um, Roy, you’re in bad shape. But the Doctors say your body will heal after a few weeks. Just hang in there.” This was good news, even if I couldn’t express it.
“I’m gonna leave you to rest. But just so you know, we’re all thinking about you and wishing you the best. Later bro.” That’s good to hear, whoever “we” is.


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Thanks for the comments. :D Okay, here's the rest of what I already have. Enjoy!


Remember The Name - Chapter 2

For about 3 weeks, I didn’t have any visitors. Doctor’s orders. But I can now feel my entire body and move my neck. My memory is still a blank though, but that dream keeps coming back. Each time clearer, more real. I shuffled up my bed and peered over my body. It was now that I realised how severe my injuries were. Bandages all over my right leg and arm, one huge bandage over my chest and what looked like a neck brace at the end of the bed. Thinking over the last few seconds of the dream, it was no surprise I couldn’t feel my body or move my neck.

I was fed up of being in a hospital bed for this long, I wanted to walk. No real destination, just to be able to walk after so long would be a nice treat. So I did just that. I moved my legs off the bed and sat myself upright. I got my feet touching the floor, the cold wooden floor sending chills up my legs. I didn’t care it was cold, I was just glad I could feel again. I had both my feet firmly on the floor, I slowly rose up off the bed, stabilizing myself in case I fell, but there was no need. Here I am, standing on my own two feet after what seemed like an eternity in bed. I took my first step towards the door, I felt like a baby all over again, except I didn’t have my parents on the other side of the room with my favourite toy, encouraging me to walk over to them. I made it over to the door without fail. Opening the door I peered out, seeing all those Doctors and Nurses walk past. I saw the Coke machine just down the hall, oh how I was dying for a Coke right now. But before I even started to head towards it, I heard Tanaka’s voice behind me.

“Roy! You’re up and about!” I turned around, finally I could see who this guy was.
“Tanaka, right?” His face looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember anything.
“Yeah. Still don’t remember, eh Roy?” I shook my head. It was so annoying not being able to remember.
“Listen, you go back inside and put some clothes on. I’m going to clear it up with the Doc so I can take you home.” Tanaka gave me some clothes. A black T-shirt with “NISMO” across the chest, grey combat trousers, socks and a change of underwear. I went in to get changed whilst Tanaka headed off to find the Doc.


Ah, fresh air. Such a lovely welcome into real life. Everything seemed so different though, much newer.

“So how long was I in there?” I asked Tanaka, I was curious as to how long I was actually in that hospital bed.
“Well, for about 5 weeks you was completely out of it, you were barely alive. Then about 2 weeks of surgery later you woke up finally.” Tanaka stopped.
“And?” I said.
“And 3 weeks later, you’re here.” He finished.
“So 12 weeks, whoa.” I was stunned, 12 weeks? That’s 3 months!
“But anyway, now that you’re out, what do you want to do?”
“I was actually going to get a Coke.” I laughed.
“Oh? I’m sorry I must’ve completely stopped you from getting it!” Tanaka burst out laughing.
“I’ll go and get you one man, here, take the keys and find my car.”
“And how will I know which car is yours?”
“Just look for an old Nissan, can’t be too many of those around here. See ya in a min. I’ll be back with Coke.” Tanaka went back for Coke, so I began the hunt for his car.

I walked along the car park, checking out every Nissan I could find. Nothing older than 1996 for the most part. But then I stumbled across a slightly beaten up 1989 Skyline. Red pearl paint, kerbed alloy wheels. Is this Tanaka’s car? I looked around, checking if Tanaka was on his way back. No sign of him. I turned my head to the right and I saw it, an old 300ZX, shining in the sun with it’s glossy red paint. That had to be Tanaka’s, no doubt about it. I walked up to it and with no hesitation, put the key in the lock and twisted. The door unlocked. I got in the driver’s door and sat in front of the wheel. Nothing came to me, no memories, I found nothing familiar about the inside of this car. I looked over to the passenger seat, another set of keys were resting on the seat. I picked them up and examined them. A house key, another Nissan car key and a piece of paper. I flipped the paper around to see what it was the other side, it was then that I realised to whom these keys belonged to.

I sat there, in the drivers seat of a red 300ZX, staring at a picture of a lime green Silvia with gold Volk TE37 wheels.
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Remember The Name - Chapter 3

“Ah, so you found the car then.” Tanaka passed a can of Coke over to me.
“Yeah. I was actually thinking that Skyline over there was yours, but then I saw this.”
“Heh. Yeah I was wondering if you had gone for that Skyline. Crappy condition its in eh?”
“Yeah, I’d love to take it for myself and…” I stopped, realising what I was saying.
“And what? Fix it up and go flying around corners?” Tanaka laughed.
“Yeah.” I looked down at the picture of the Silvia again.
“You can take Roy out the race but you can’t take the race out of Roy.” Tanaka preached.
“Well said.” An awkward silence filled the car before Tanaka reached over and put the 300ZX’s key in the ignition.
“Start her up.” Tanaka ordered. I turned the key until all the lights on the dashboard lit up. Then I turned again to start the engine. It started up immediately and idled perfectly at 1,000rpm.
“Now, give it a bit of throttle.” I made sure the gear was in neutral before I prodded the throttle. A simple prod of the throttle resulted in the revs flying up to 4,500rpm and a deep roar coming from the exhaust. My foot tingled with excitement.
“She’s got a bigger turbo than standard and the tyres are barely capable of holding on to the road.” Tanaka said, before buckling his seatbelt. I don’t know if it was instinct or just general excitement, but within seconds my seatbelt was on and I had the 300ZX in 1st gear, with my foot hovering above the throttle.


“So how does it feel to be driving again?” Tanaka asked me as we hit Tokyo R246.
“Feels great, it’s all come natural to me. I thought I would’ve forgotten all this.”
“But it seems you haven’t. That’s good to hear.”
”What do you remember anyway? The Doctor said your amnesia wasn’t that severe so you should still remember some things, just not recent things.”
”Well, at first I couldn’t remember anything since I moved to Japan a year ago. But as I laid in that hospital bed, I began to remember more. Where I lived, the roads nearby. But I don’t remember whom I did anything with, nor do I remember any of the cars… except for the ones in that dream.”
“I see. Well hopefully it’ll all come back to you if you see some of your old friends.”
”I hope so.”
“Hey listen, lets get past these Sunday drivers and get home already.” Tanaka looked over to me and grinned. I let off a smirk and threw the 300ZX down a gear and floored it.

The speed built up by the brick load. 30, 50, 70. The Sunday drivers looked with awe as the 300ZX flew by.


Soon enough we had surpassed 130mph, but the 300ZX kept offering more and more.

140, 145. The 300ZX was nearing it’s redline in 5th, 150!

I slowed right down as we were headed for a speed camera, I practically dug into the ground with the nose dipping down.

“So, its all come natural eh?” Tanaka laughed.
“Bigger turbo you say?” I smirked.
“Yeah. Enough to jack power up to 350 horses.”
“As fun as that was, I’ll put off high speed cornering for a while.”
“I understand.” My heart was still pounding. I had never gone that fast before, ever. Although I don’t know what surprised me more. The acceleration of the car or the fact Tanaka allowed me to use that acceleration on public roads.


We had been sitting in Tanaka’s front room for a couple of hours, watching TV and flicking through old photos. Photos of us all within the past year or so. Memories had been rushing back to me. Everything from my first day in Japan to the day I got my Silvia and more.

“Okay so let’s run through this one more time just so we know we’re making progress.” Tanaka had pictures at the ready.
”And the guy with the red AE86 is?”
”And we all live…”
”In the same house.”
”And you bought your Silvia…”
”About 3 weeks after my arrival from Richie’s Sister.”
”And it cost?”
”Why nothing?”
”Because his Sister liked me.”
”Yes, which is a shame because she moved to America to study.”
”Did you guys used to tease me about that?”
”Yeah… we did.”
”What did I used to do in return?”
”Punch us in the arm.” At that moment I punched Tanaka in the arm. He gave me an evil look, which quickly turned into a smile.
“Man, its good to have you back.” Tanaka rubbed his arm.
”Its good to be back, I think.”

We continued reminiscing about old times. It was great to know I had my memory back, at least I thought I had my memory back.

“So what were you and Richie doing around Clubman anyway?” Tanaka asked. I struggled to find an answer. Between waking up that morning and being in the Silvia behind the AE86 just as a blue Golf flew by, I couldn’t remember a thing! I looked through every pictures, I played every day in my mind start to finish, but the reason I was at Clubman with Richie wasn’t there! Sure I could guess and assume I was there to race Richie, but guessing and assuming wasn’t enough for me. I had to know.

“We have to get Richie here. He knows!” I explained to Tanaka.
“I tried that at the hospital, but there was no answer from his mobile.” Tanaka replied.
“Well, he lives here right? Wait for him to get home?”
”Well that’s the thing, about 2 weeks ago Richie got himself into a little bit of debt with some powerful people.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Richie, wasn’t exactly a Saint, but he never got himself into debt with anyone, ever.
“So…?” I wanted to know how, or rather why Richie was in debt. Tanaka took a deep breath and then started to explain.
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I still want more.

You need to become a worse writer. Because then I wouldn't bug you on MSN as much to pound out more chapters.
Damn straight this is awesome!:cheers: I wish these stories would stop using Japanese cars though........:P
wow..., just, wow.., amazing..,

'The cartoon lies!' :lol::lol::lol:

we want more! :)
I wish these stories would stop using Japanese cars though........:P
Oh I'm sorry, there wasn't a Holden dealership in Tokyo. Maybe you could export one over for me? :dopey:
'The cartoon lies!' :lol::lol::lol:

I had a feeling you'd find that one funny. :lol:

Thanks for the comments guys. Your comments brings tears to my eyes. 👍
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Apologies for the block of text this chapter.


Remember The Name - Chapter 4

“Well its been going on since about 2 months ago. After your accident Richie felt bad because he was under the assumption your accident was his fault. So, he had some strange plan to keep racing and raise enough money to get you a new car. Unfortunately after your crash the police were all over the Clubman. Racing there was impossible for weeks.

So Richie does some digging on the Internet and finds an underground street racing organization in Tokyo. He arranges a meet with them and luckily for him they appreciate the older cars over there, so him and his Trueno were accepted into their circle without trouble. Now they mostly raced in empty car parks, occasionally on R246 and even the mountain roads out of Tokyo. But because this was all organized within a small website, there were entry fees and driver bets were high. Richie got himself a part time job and for about a month, it kept him away from being in major debt. He even won a load of races.

But then the competition got stronger. Guys started pulling up in 500 horsepower Skylines, Lancers with slick tyres. Richie had no chance with these guys, so he didn’t bother. Unfortunately what he did do was upgrade the Trueno to try and compete with the Civics and FTOs that were present also. He played it safe at first, a more durable clutch and a lighter flywheel. He even went as far as to remove his back seats in an attempt to lose weight. But he found that wasn’t enough. He ended up losing to a Civic Type R by about 14 lengths at R246.

So, he was desperate to make up for his losses, any means necessary. He converted that tired little 1.6 into a turbocharged motor. Whilst he got a huge increase in power, it also resulted in insane understeer thanks to the skinny tyres he had and the old suspension still on the thing. So inevitably, he ends up crashing into the wall in one of the car parks. But some second-hand body panels later and it looked brand new again.

Then, about a week later, around the time I went to see you in hospital, Richie made a bet he couldn’t actually pay up. But for him it was no risk, he was against a beat up MX-5, he thinks its easy pickings even if his Trueno was struggling to stay on the road. So he lays down a bet, 2.6 million Yen. He doesn’t even have 1 million in the bank but he was sure he could win. He makes some excuse like, “I don’t carry that kinda cash on me”. The MX-5 driver accepted. Why did he accept such a ridiculous bet? Because that MX-5 was a damn sleeper. It looked beaten up but what was under the bonnet was a Rotary engine lifted from a RX-8. The result was Richie not even finishing the race because the lead was that big.

So that evening, he comes home and tells me everything. I couldn’t give him the cash because I have the rent to keep up with and a 300ZX that literally eats money. Plus he lost his job a few days prior to the race. He tried to even sell his Trueno but no one wanted it. Every day for the next week I got phone calls from this MX-5 driver, constantly telling me if Richie doesn’t pay up he’ll do this and if Richie doesn’t pay up he’ll do that. At the end of the week a black Mercedes pulled up outside. A trio of Yakuza-looking guys climbed out and knocked on the door. I answered and again they asked about Richie. Before I could say a word Richie pulled me back and stood up for himself. He explains he made a mistake and begged for the debt to be just simply forgotten about.

Then the MX-5 driver pulls out a revolver. Real classy looking thing. Obviously at this point I feared for my life. But instead of pulling the trigger and splattering Richie’s brains over my walls, he gave Richie a simply choice.

“Pay up or take the next flight out of Japan.”

Last thing I heard was Richie on a flight to Italy.” Tanaka sighed, taking a final mouthful of his beer.
“So what about his Trueno?” It was all I could say at this point.
“They took it. I assume they stripped it down and sold it in bits. I don’t know exactly."
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Interesting bit of background info, this story has flare.
this story gets deeper......and deeper......and deeper.....

and at the same time, better.....and better......and better..... :D
Thanks for the comments guys! :D

I apologise for the lack of updates for 2 days, I just had 17 hours worth of college crammed into 2 days.

Great thing is though, it's half term, starting from today. So nearly 2 weeks holiday! No I wont spend my entire holiday writing, but it does allow for some nice free time to write without worrying about bed time. :P
At first I was a bit skeptical, but after I read it, I must say, great story. Although it can be (at some parts) a bit predictable, it grabs people attention, and always asks for more and more. Very good indeed, can’t wait for the next chapter. 👍
I haven't had time to read this but it looks tasty. i just took a quick glance. 👍 +Rep
LdS, I do agree at some parts it can be predictable. I do try to make it unpredictable but sometimes it cant be helped. Thanks for the input though. :D

Thanks for the +Rep Parnell. 👍

Heres chapter 5 for you to enjoy. So enjoy!


Remember The Name - Chapter 5

I woke up the next day to find a letter on my face. I flipped it over and found it was addressed to me. I slit the envelope open and found the letter to be dated 2 and a half months ago. Reading further down I realise this was actually the insurance payout on the Silvia. Skimming through the usual “we’re sorry for your accident” junk, I eye up the payout sum. A full 2 million Yen.

I rushed downstairs, I had to question Tanaka about the letter, but when I got downstairs, there was no sign of him. Outside, the 300ZX was nowhere to be seen either. I sat down on the sofa, wondering what to do next. Then I saw the local Auto Trader on the table, open with a piece of paper sticking out. I grab the paper and find a note from Tanaka written on it.

“Get something nice with the money, don’t worry about Richie, I’m on it.


I sat back, Auto Trader in hand. I started flicking through the cheap cars first. 200,000 Yen Micras and 250,000 Yen Civics. I flicked over to a 400,000 Yen Silvia, looked pretty battered but the model was the exact same as my own and the colour too. I then started thinking back to the first day I got the Silvia.


“Now don’t scratch the wheels, I spent my college grant on those!” Richie’s sister told me after she handed over the keys. Well she didn’t need to worry about that until about 9 months later, heh. Tanaka got into the car with me, as did Richie and we screeched off down towards Tokyo R246.

It was here that I’d get my first street race. A group of locals were having a bit of a get together with some street racing so we decided to have a bit of fun and overtake the lot of ‘em. They were just about to start their last race before they headed off before the police came. We pulled up without an invite, the other guys didn’t bother telling us to get lost so it was all good.

It was tough keeping up with the 5th place Mazda at the start, but the moment everyone starting braking for the first corner, we just slipped by on the inside. 6th to 3rd, easy! Richie was completely wetting himself in the back though. We nearly side swiped a blue S15 Silvia too!




Then we were stuck behind some French import car. None of us could tell what it was but it was struggling uphill so we overtook that too.


Tanaka pointed out the Alfa Romeo in front. “No problem” I said and went right up to the guy’s bumper.


I had a bit of fun sticking to the Alfa before we hit the main highway again. I got alongside the Alfa and said “sayonara” as I unleashed everything the little 1800cc could give.


Fortunately it was more than Alfa’s 2000cc could.

After we simply drove away from the Alfa, leaving it completely in the dust. We didn’t want to get caught up with the police so we headed back home the moment we had a chance to. Just in time to hear sirens going the other way.


Feel free to start a game of "guess the car" between yourselves, but don't spam the whole thread with guesses please. :D

Also I feel I have to give some credit to =drifting24/7= for the idea of this pic:
Renault Alpine A310 yeah? I haven't even switched on GT4 for months now.:P

I wonder what he will get with his money, I bet it's a VTi engine sitting in it.:lol:

Rather interesting race even if a bit one-sided.
i would love for you to spend the prize money putting a 2.2 v-tec engine in it, im actually hooked, ive been reading all of these since i re-started my own story, very impressive, the visuals were definitely helped by the great pics ;)
As much as I adore Honda engines, I think you'll find it wouldn't be very practical for the car that Roy will buy. The car that he'll buy? Find out this chapter! Also say hello to an old friend of you know who's. ;)


Remember The Name - Chapter 6

It amazed me how many wrecks I found in the cheap section of Auto Trader. The most common car of this type was the Subaru Impreza. Usually the older models, which had met a hedge whilst going around a slippery bend one night. But the owners still feel the need to advertise them for low sums of money, but fail to mention that there’s a great big dent in the side and that the chassis is the shape of a banana. There were some genuine bargains in there though. Such as a high mileage Silvia S15 going for 1 million Yen, completely standard, one owner from new. I actually rang the seller, asking for more info. But guess what, the guy tells me the car had sold yesterday pretty quickly after he advertised it. I looked on the front cover of the Auto Trader and to my surprise it’s only 5 days old! Quick sale indeed. Then I hit the 2 million Yen pages. Skyline territory. Let the fun begin.


“So this is Capri, nice place. That tip said Richie was around here.”

“What’s that noise? Sounds like it’s coming closer.”

“There! He’s going insanely fast! Doesn’t he realise what’ll happen when he makes a mistake?!”

“He looks completely relaxed in there, like this is routine. What on earth?”

“Well, if I’m going to find Richie, I might as well start asking around, starting with him!”



This had been the 33rd Skyline I had found for 2 million Yen, but this one was different. It wasn’t a beaten up R34 GTS, nor was it a R32 GT-R that had been thrashed since the day it rolled out the showroom. This was a mint condition R33 GT-R. Admittedly it was a 1995 model with nearly 150,000 miles on the clock and it had more extras than a new Mercedes, but it had that honest look around it. I reached for the phone and dialled the number.

”Hi, I’m calling about the car.”
”The R33?”
”You’re the first to call about it, you know.”
”Really? No interest in it?”
“Well, I’d like to see the car, if that’s okay.”
”That’s no problem at all.”
“Great. Would tomorrow morning be okay?”
”Tomorrow morning would be fine.”
“Great, see you then.”
”See you.”

I put down the phone. My hands were tingling with excitement. Although I couldn’t let the excitement get the better of me, I had to at least knock a few thousand Yen off the asking price at least. It was then I realised I hadn’t cashed in the insurance payout yet. I looked at the clock, 1 PM. Plenty of time to get to the bank, even if I had to walk.


I wonder who that Celica belongs to... :sly:

Apologies for the lack of action this chapter, but I'll more than make up for it next chapter. 👍