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enough with the solo test drives, we want racing action!! moar!! 👍
Good job, VTiRoj 👍 Read all the chapters from beginning and want more :P.. moar!

Best wishes,

S-Line Audi Fan :cheers:
I've turned most of my GT4 time to TCv4, so RTN hasn't been getting any attention. Normal service shall resume after TCv4.

I'll try and get back to writing ASAP. TCv4 is in judging stages anyway so, I can turn my attention abck to RTN. At college until 9pm so I wont have the energy to write anything tonight anyway.

I appreciate the comments though, nice to know people want more. :P
Dude Write more and quickly. This story is so great and you have been leaving us on a cliffhanger for like a month. I want to know what happens to all of them!

Your delivery of moar has arrived. Enjoy. :P


Remember The Name - Chapter 10

I found myself at Clubman for the first time since the accident. Maybe I could remember the reason myself, or maybe not. Parked at the side of the road, just off the main straight of the Clubman itself, nothing really new came back to me. I felt like I had amnesia again, seeing as I was unable to remember one little thing. I knew Tanaka had gone after Richie to get the information, but I couldn’t stand feeling so helpless in this situation. Oh well, as much as I complained about it, at the end of the day I was waiting on Tanaka.

Music started blasting from inside the Skyline, I opened the door and realised my phone was ringing. I picked up the phone and answered.

”Roy?” I heard a man’s voice, but I had no idea whose voice it was, although his accent sounded European.
“Yes, that’s me.”
”Ah, I’m glad I got the right number.”
”Who is this?”
”Its best that I don’t mention my name.”
“I think it is best that you do.”
”Don’t play games with me, Roy. Listen, I’ve heard some things about Tanaka.”
“What things?”
”Things. Things like his whereabouts, the people who he’s been talking to.”
”Okay, well then tell me.”
”I cannot tell you.”
”Oh, great. You call me to tell me you know something and you wont even tell me what? Give me one reason why I shouldn’t put the phone down.”
“I wont give you a reason, but your curiosity will.”
“Okay, fine. What do you want then?”
”Have you contacted Tanaka since he left?”
”No, wh-“
“Good, keep it what way.”
”I’ll contact you later, later.” The guy put the phone down. I tossed the phone onto the passenger seat in frustration. How did he know my name? How did he know Tanaka and why didn’t he want me contacting him? At any rate, I was annoyed. What could I do now? Phone Tanaka and maybe risk getting him into trouble? The guy said he knew about Tanaka, but it could be a bluff right? Maybe he was one of those Yakuza guys that were after Richie. Damn! What could I do in this situation?!


Tanaka had just come back from this morning’s delivery. The Impreza sat outside the shop, gleaming in the sun that blessed Capri.

“I’m back, Luis.” Tanaka got no answer back.
“Luis? Luis? Damn where is that guy?” Tanaka went over to where the Celica was kept, it was still parked, alongside Tanaka’s 300ZX.
“His car is still here, where could he have gone to?” Tanaka sighed, walking back over to the Impreza, only to find a Lancer Evolution VI waiting for him.
“Yo, Tanaka right?” The guy in the Lancer asked.
“Uhm, yeah.”
”I heard you’re the new guy in town, how about a race to the top?”
“Sure, I got nothing better to do.”
”Alright!” The Evo roared off, leaving Tanaka to quickly start the Impreza up and take off in pursuit.

They had only just hit the first hairpin and already Tanaka was only inches away from the Lancer’s rear bumper.


“What a joke! For a guy so eager to race, he’s slower than the locals back home!” Tanaka screamed as he tore through the second hairpin.

Tanaka followed close behind the Lance through the third hairpin, copying the Lancer’s line perfectly. “At the fouth hairpin, I’ll beat you before we even hit the hill!” Tanaka flew down the inside of the Lancer, making quick work of the hairpin and using the full force of the Impreza’s 4WD system to launch itself up the hill.





“Pah, what a waste. I guess I’ll just cruise downhill.” Tanaka had only just hit the peak when he saw a white car in his mirror closing in fast.
“That Lancer… was he holding back? No, that’s no Lancer…”

Tanaka took a good look back, trying to identify the white car closing in on him quickly.

“An Impreza? Looks like a wagon too! Wait…” Tanaka thought back to the time he first met Luis.

”Ah, I miss him so much now. I still can’t beat his delivery times you know!”
”The owner of The Bread Van, the white Impreza Wagon.”

“So then this wagon following me is… him?” Tanaka slammed on the brakes for the next hairpin.
“I’ll show you! I’ll show you who is the better Impreza driver!” Tanaka shouted, constantly looking back in his mirror. The Impreza Wagon was closing in fast behind, with no intention to back down.

Tanaka flew out of the next hairpin, going faster than he ever had before, yet the Impreza behind him took it faster and tighter.


“Damn! I cant shake him! How can a wagon be so quick?!” Tanaka slammed on the brakes into the next hairpin, swinging out wide attempting to cut the inside as close as he could.

The Wagon dived down the inside of Tanaka with ease, the gap Tanaka left was enough for a car to fit, but for someone to actually take the chance was crazy. With the inside occupied by the Wagon, Tanaka had no choice but to take the outside and lose his lead.

“No way!” Tanaka screamed as he found himself staring at the backside of the Impreza Wagon.

The Wagon took off, opening the gap between it and Tanaka rapidly, as if what happened before was just child’s play.

All Tanaka could do was watch as the Wagon became smaller and smaller as it pulled away more and more. By the time Tanaka had cleared the second to last hairpin, the Wagon was already entering the final hairpin.

Tanaka backed off, he knew he’d lost this battle, but the main thing concerning him now was how Luis would react. Surely he cant have two people doing the deliveries, right?
Damnit Roj, we can't win here. We lose Red Line, nearly get off the race story wagon, and then you yank us back on like dogs!

Needless to say, where's moar!?
This is what me and =drifting24/7= do, starve you until the last minute then feed you delicious steak. You dogs keep falling for it every time. :sly:

Moar is coming, but slowly. I'll go full steam ahead on the weekend, I hope. :P
Nice chapter, VTiRoj 👍 Your writing inspires me.. I can't await the next chapter ;)..

Best wishes,

S-Line Audi Fan :cheers:
This is what me and =drifting24/7= do, starve you until the last minute then feed you delicious steak. You dogs keep falling for it every time. :sly:

hey now, I wasn't doing that intentionally. it's hard to keep your grades up at a university, you know......:indiff:

Moar is coming, but slowly. I'll go full steam ahead on the weekend, I hope. :P

MOAR!! although I'm still a bit confused at the story..,
alright, after reading and careful analysis of the other related stories, all of it now makes sense to me. Luis re-appeared, Tanaka went away, Roy was left at Japan..,

the Bread Van?? no.....i-it....can't be.........

MOAR!! oh, and "he" better mention a "certain someone" on the next chapter, if you know what I mean.., :D:D:D
Nice chapter, VTiRoj 👍 Your writing inspires me.. I can't await the next chapter ;)..

Best wishes,

S-Line Audi Fan :cheers:
Thanks! :D:tup: Inspiring people is so nice. :cheers:
hey now, I wasn't doing that intentionally. it's hard to keep your grades up at a university, you know......:indiff:
Yeah I've got college to keep up with and erm... my bed! 💡
the Bread Van?? no.....i-it....can't be.........

MOAR!! oh, and "he" better mention a "certain someone" on the next chapter, if you know what I mean.., :D:D:D

A certain someone...? :dunce: Teeheehee. :P
Wow, just read this from start to finish, amazing story! Loving the R33, looks mean as anything! :)

Its kept me hooked all the way, I'm in agreement with everyone else - MOAR....please? :sly:
Small portion of moar.


Remember The Name - Chapter 11









Tanaka screeched to a halt outside the bread shop, noticing the white Impreza Wagon parked outside.

“Luis!” Tanaka yelled into the bread shop.
“We’re out back, Tanaka.” Luis yelled back.
“We?” Tanaka thought. Tanaka walked out back to where Luis was, near the Celica and 300ZX.
“Tanaka, I’d like you to meet a good friend of mine.” Luis said, sipping on a glass of water.
“I think we’ve already met, just not formally.” Tanaka said, making eye contact with Luis’ friend.
“Is that right, Roj? Racing before even letting me know you’re home?” Luis laughed, giving Roj a nudge.
“Oh sure, that’s right.” Roj said, sarcastically.
“So, you set this all up, Luis? Tanaka asked.
“Yeah. I planned to disappear when you got back, then I planned for the Evo to show up too.”
“Did you plan for him to lose too?” Tanaka asked with a serious tone.
“Not at all! I told him if he won, he’d be rich enough to afford a new Lancer Evolution X.” Luis laughed.
“You crazy old man…” Tanaka sighed.
“Ah I overtook that Lancer just at the peak, the guy looked like he’d seen a ghost or something.” Roj chuckled.
“So anyway, Tanaka.” Luis turned to Tanaka.
“Yeah?” Tanaka replied, curiously.
“With Roj back, we wont be needing two guys doing the deliveries.” Luis said.
“Wait a second, Luis. You’re not firing him just because I’m back are you?” Roj asked.
“No, of course not. I had a deal with this guy. Now that you’re back, he’s finished helping me.” Luis replied.
“Oh that’s fine then. Well, if you’ll both excuse me, I need a nap.” Roj got up and headed upstairs.
“So, Tanaka.”
”Yeah, Luis?”
“About Richie.”
”You did say…”
”I know what I said and I’m going to help you.”
“That’s good.”
”But first, call Roy. Let him know you’ll be seeing Richie soon.”
”Okay, I will.”
”Oh and erm, tell him that phone call he got a while ago, that was me. I didn’t want him calling you at a bad time. If he feels angry at me, I apologise in advance.”
“Okay, but how’d you get his number?!”
“You really should put a PIN number on your phone, Tanaka.” Luis laughed.


After a humorous conversation with Tanaka on the phone, I felt relieved. He was soon going to see Richie and rid me of my annoying problem. Once I knew what I wanted to know, I could finally carry on living my life in peace, without this thing bugging me. The reason for me being with Richie that day may well have been just to race, but no one can blame me for wanting to know for sure.

I grabbed a can of coke from the boot of the Skyline and sat myself on the wall, admiring the streetlights shine on the silver paintwork. Suddenly, I saw two pairs of headlights coming towards me quickly, driving very close together.

I stayed on the wall, if one of these guys crashed, I’d rather they crashed into the Skyline rather than me. As they got closer I identified the two cars. A red Honda Civic and a blue Toyota Yaris. No doubt it was a couple of kids drag racing, but then the Civic pulled a move that not even I would dare. Both cars braked insanely late, perfectly side by side, but the Civic let off the brakes and back onto the throttle first, grabbing enough of a lead to take the Yaris around the outside.

I caught a glimpse of the Civic’s driver as it passed by, with plenty of room between it and my Skyline. I guess I had nothing to worry about after all.

I got off the wall and watched the Civic continue down the road at high speed. The Yaris had backed off, I guess that Civic is too skilled to take on with a Yaris.

The funny thing is, what the Civic pulled off isn’t too out of the ordinary, but its not often you see such a young woman driving like that. Actually, I’d say most guys would be intimidated by something like that. I got back into the Skyline, started it up and pulled a 180 right in the middle of the road.

I only turned around so I could get home quicker, doing a lap of the Clubman wasn’t really that high on my priorities list right now. What was high on that list was getting home faster so I could sleep!


Next chapter, d24/7. ;)
a woman driving a red EG6?? to see how this goes..,

Small portion of moar.




Next chapter, d24/7. ;)

it better be. :)
I think the whole "Asking for moar" thing is well worn out now.:rolleyes:

Good chapter Roj, I'm interested to see what happens with the Civic chick.:)
100% chat and 0% action this chapter guys, sorry!


Remember The Name - Chapter 12

The next morning, I took a trip to the market. I was in that kind of a mood to go browsing for random stuff for the car. Usually the stuff at the market is cheap, low quality stuff, but there’s always some novelty thing like furry dice or charms that you can hang from your rear view mirror, those are always nice to have.

When I got to the market, the place was pretty quiet, just a few groups of people, but it wasn’t as busy as it usually is. I drove in to find a parking space, only to find a familiar looking red Honda parked up in the market. I parked behind it and had a quick look around it. Could this be the one from last night?

The exhaust looked new and the wheels were genuine Mugen items wrapped in Yokohama tyres. Expensive stuff, but it was definitely that girl’s Civic from last night. I walked into the stall to find tables and shelved packed with wheel covers and furry steering wheel covers. Pretty typical market stall stuff. I walked over to the counter where a middle aged guy was standing, sorting out a selection of keyrings.

“Welcome. Looking for anything in particular?” The guy said, still sorting the keyrings out.
“Well, you wouldn’t happen to have a Nissan keyring in there would you?”
“Hmmm… I’ll look.” He looked at each one as he put them on the display, there was plenty of Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and the like, but no Nissan badge appeared once.
“I guess not?” I asked, feeling a bit down.
“Not in this pile, no. Perhaps we have one in the back, one moment please.”
”Yuka! Yuka!” He started yelling to someone at the back.
“Yes, dad?” Yuka appeared from out back, it was then when it was so clear to me. Whilst I didn’t get a totally clear shot of the girl in the Civic last night, it was completely obvious that this was her. Yuka appeared quite short with a cute face, fitting of a ’95 Honda Civic driver.
“Yuka, go see if we have any Nissan keyrings for this gentleman.”
“Ah, no problem! I think I saw one when I was cleaning.” Yuka ran back inside.
“So, what sort of Nissan do you drive then?” Yuka’s dad asked.
“Well, not to brag or anything, but I own a Skyline GT-R.”
“Who owns a Skyline GT-R?!” Yuka yelled as she returned with the Nissan branded keyring.
“This gentleman right here does, Yuka.”
“Really?! You do?” Yuka looked at me with wide eyes, like a kid being told they could have any chocolate bar in the shop.
“I do!” I laughed. Yuka handed the keyring to her dad and ran outside, looking right, then left, seeing my Skyline behind her Civic. She screamed with delight and ran over to the Skyline.
”Haha, I haven’t seen her this happy since she got her driver’s license.” Yuka’s dad laughed.
”Oh? Then that Civic out there is hers?”
“It is indeed. Listen, take the keyring, for free.” He handed me the keyring.
“You sure? Uhm, thanks!”
“It’s okay.” Yuka’s dad smiled. I walked outside to find Yuka still running around my Skyline, pointing out every detail.
“Ahhh! Genuine Nismo wheels! I think I’m in love!” Yuka poked at the wheels some more before realising I was watching.
“Oh! I’m so sorry! It’s just…” Yuka’s face went completely red.
“It’s okay. I’ve just never had anyone so obsessed with my car before.”
“Umm… could you, I mean if its not too much trouble… could you take me for a ride in it?” Yuka asked with a soft voice.
“If your dad is fine with it, I guess I wouldn’t mind a passenger for a while.”
“Great! Thank you!” Yuka ran back to her dad, pleading with him to let her go. After about 20 seconds she ran back to me, with a huge smile across her face.


“So, Roj.”
”How was America?”
”Not bad, not bad.”
”Not bad? Is that it?”
“Last I heard you got challenged at Laguna Seca. Never heard the result though.”
”How’s your heart, Luis?”
”Hey, I’m not an old man yet!”
”I lost.”
”What?! You lost?! What did the other guy have? A 500bhp Mustang or something?”
”Nope. A Civic.”
”You lost… to a Civic?”
”Don’t be like that. I wasn’t driving the Impreza.”
”No, I borrowed an Integra, race prepared too.”
”Ah… I am still confused. A man of your skill should be able to handle an Integra against a Civic.”
”I did handle the Integra, although the settings were a bit off I have to say. That Civic though, wasn’t stock by any means.”
”So in that case, why didn’t you use the Impreza?”
”Funny reason for that.”
”That guy… Tori, the Civic’s driver. He travelled the world defeating opponents with cars twice the capabilities of his own.”
”Team Mugen, right?”
”Ah, so you know about them too.”
”They came here, beat some locals. I followed their progress from there.”
”A lot of us did.”
”So, I guess the Impreza would’ve been too much of an advantage?”
”Yeah, something like that. I wanted to see his skills up close, rather than relying on the Impreza.”
”But why?”
”I feel like I’ve hit my limit with it, or rather, in order to go faster, I need more experience with other cars.”
“I understand. So, he’s skilled?”
”Very. Impressive technique he has. He has a lot of experience in that Civic over a wide range of tacks.”
”I see.”
”So where’s Tanaka? I noticed the 300ZX is still here but the Impreza is gone.”
”I gave him the information he needed.”
”And the Impreza too?”
”Don’t be silly. He’s just borrowing it.”
“Good, I have plans for that car.”


Happy now, =drifting24/7=? :P Also, free invisible money for anyone who can guess where Yuka's name came from. :sly:
Small hint on Yuka's name: It comes from one game in the series CONTAINING the game I nicked my forum name from. ;)
now THAT'S what I'm talking about.., 👍👍 :P

Yuka's name, hmm.... Persona 3??
:indiff::(OMG I wish you were me. I get tomorrow off so you could write all day tomorrow if you were in my shoes. Thanks for putting redline. IT fills the empty void ever since redline ended.:nervous:

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