Renault Sport Race Series (Finished)PS4 

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Results from Sakitto


A funny example from this race of how sportsmanship can be displayed.
I was trailing @AndreasR by a couple of seconds for the first half of the race and waited until he pitted so I could stay out for some laps to maybe try and undercut him that way.

I pushed like hell and we ended up right there next to each other as I exited the pits.
I totally blew it at the first corner though and made contact with Andreas. I felt it was clearly my fault so I wanted to let him through. I don't know if you also felt responsible @AndreasR but you also slowed down to let me through.
Both of us slowed down more and more until we quite literally stood still on the track in 1st and 2nd position :lol:
It felt like an eternity and neither of us wanted to take the lead. Eventually @IfAndOr catched up to us and we got going again :dopey:
Thanks for the sportsmanship @AndreasR 👍
@AndreasR You are so consistent and so fast, but I'm more impressed with how well you race from the front.

Reminds me of Lewis Hamilton who never loses his nerve when somebody is behind him.

@richroo @RagingBullLC Congrats on having the 2 fastest laps. Getting in to the 1:41's is impressive.

To all of you: I've had great fun racing with you and that includes the practice sessions that some of you arrange.

I am also appreciative of the help you give me and the time you take with me. I only wish @Sick Cylinder was still racing with this group to see my progress (although it may not have been evidenced in today's race).

Looking forward to whatever comes next.

EDIT: I have asked Paul to review my race and am always open to critique. But, any one of you can give me critique if you see something. Apologies in advance to anyone I may have frustrated.
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Results post updated

Consistency is the key and besides doing the occasional "Simba" Andreas generally has consistency covered.
Although I was nearly there in the RS! I should really tag another race on and not tell him about it. :P

Congratulations @AndreasR on your championship wins
in both the Mégane TC and the R.S. 01


No you can't have 2 cups, that would be greedy.

And a big well done to @richroo and @half_sourly for their podium positions in the two championships.

Ooh and to me. All those laps in prepping the races must have helped. :)

Another thank you to Simba, Half and John for their posts to keep the scoring going and pictures to keep the entertainment going. 👍
Andreas did get another trophy after all.

And thanks also to those who have taken part and stuck with it, it wouldn't have been the same without you!. I hope you've had some fun at some point at least. If you liked that format we could perhaps revisit it some time.

News on the fill in series to lead us up to next year to follow. I'll probably create a new thread but will post a link here so you can find it.
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