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Welcome to the grand opening of my new tuning garage dedicated solely to Forza Motorsport 3.

Here at Renown Tuning we aim to provide some of the best tunes to the best of our ability, we have already gained quite a good reputation in such a short time and that will continue with the new garage in this new environment. We specialize in track specials and all the speed you can withstand, we also have a primary obligation of giving you, the customer the best possible experience for the money spent on your vehicle. We focus purely on tunes on that correlate to that of a racing nature, we do not specialize in drifting, however, we will gladly accept any applications that come our way for an additional partner(s) that wish to fill this void and complete what little bit of our circle was left incomplete in our previous garage location. We will continue to provide custom settings on a request only basis, and these requests can be filled publicly as in the tune requested will be displayed in our garage for all other possible customers to view, or at the request of the customer said tune can be provided through private means for his or her eyes only.

We are always more than willing to acknowledge criticisms whether it is positive or negative as long as it's civilized otherwise it will simply be ignored, in the event any criticism received is negative we will readily adjust any problems with any of our tunes provided the criticism is informative and provides insight as to what the problem may be. All tunes will be handled by myself or the vice mechanic, providing one is recruited, should I be unable to stock a request or any particular tune in a timely fashion; our true goal remains to provide the customer the best possible simulation experience we possibly can.

With a new store comes a fresh design, or at least an improvement of the original design or process and with that said in our original garage the tunes were situated into several echelons: RT Track Special, RT Speed Special, RT Custom and finally the RT Exclusive. These echelons will, from hereinafter be referred to as the following: Track Spec, Speed Spec, RT Spec, and Exclusive Spec. We will also we'll be adding an additional echelon to our tuning group - Drag Spec.

Renown Tuning FM3 is now officially opened and services will begin shortly, however, If you are unfamiliar with the work we've done thus far, please, have a look at our original garage here.

The following good policy and procedural techniques have been adopted from our original garage to apply specifically for this garage.

What goes into testing and how does Renown Tuning test vehicles?

We are currently reviewing the options for an official test track. Circuit de Catalunya is in our sights, however, the following standards apply regardless of the sight chosen.

- How much countersteer is needed to maintain the vehicle's orientation?
- Is the overall braking distance satisfactory?
- Is the suspension capable of absorbing bumps without bottoming out as a result?
- Are the aerodynamic properties satisfactory without severely hindering the cars performance?

What constitutes as a "good" lap time?

- Official RT Test Track is currently undecided.

How long does it take for a vehicle to qualify as being "RT-Spec"?

- Depending on the class it can vary from one car to the next. Some cars are a lot easier to tune than others, some only require minimalist effort while others require time and concentration. The standard waiting period for any tune to be stocked is within 24 hours, unless otherwise noted.

Does Renown Tuning offer drift tunes?

- Drift tunes will not be provided at this current time, however, should a vice mechanic be recruited "Drift Spec" tunes will be added to the lineup.

What if I am unhappy with the tune?

- Simply alert me to whatever the problem may be and I will do my best to alleviate the problem as soon as possible.

What's the difference between Track Spec, Speed Spec, RT Spec, Exclusive Spec, and Drag Spec tunes?

- First off, before the answer is addressed in full, the reason these tunes are divided amongst four sets is for ease of access and are purposely arranged as such. As for the differences, a Track differs from a Speed Spec in the specific sense that the former has the sole intent of giving the best performance around a track, allowing the user to get around any track as fast as possible using as much speed and aerodynamic ability as possible. The latter focuses on getting the absolute of performance capability while maintaining overall stability. The RT Spec is that which has been specifically requested by a customer, and an Exclusive Spec are the tunes of my own personal taste according to my own driving style, or at least to the extent that the game will allow. Additionally, the newer Drag Spec are tunes with one intention: the quarter mile covered in the shortest time possible going as fast as possible. Should a Drag Spec tune be requested it will not be stocked as an "RT Spec" tune, instead you will find it under it's appropriate Drag Spec echelon.

Does Renown Tuning have any specific business hours?

- In fact we do, Renown Tuning is available Monday through Thursday for all reasonable hours, and we are closed Friday through Sunday, however, this does not mean requests still cannot be filed within that time.

Tunes currently in stock - 1 New

Track Spec

RT ACR 666 (S-699)

Speed Spec

RT Spec

Exclusive Spec

Drag Spec

Credit to Nicknamealguem for the garage banner.
Renown Tuning - Driver Discretion Advised.
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The steel ridges have been lifted and this tuning garage is now opened for business.
Until Renown Tuning gets situated and is ready to take requests (starting business 100%), there's going to be a raffle of sorts...

I've got a an additional voucher for the Motorsports Legends pack, High Speed Ring and the Sidewinder Proving Grounds track packs, and the voucher is up for grabs. How can you get it you ask? Simply answer the following questions and should you do so correctly the redemption code is yours via PM. 👍

The original Friday the 13th was released in 1980 and was directed by Sean S. Cunningham, how many subsequent Friday the 13th films has Sean been involved with?

Friday the 13th was remade earlier this year and featured Derek Mears as the man behind the mask, in the scene where Jason bursts through the floor boards to take Mike under (Nick Mennell) who stood in for Derek in that one scene, and why wasn't Derek able to do it himself?

Answer those (hopefully not to geeky/hard as I'm an F13 weirdo, er, buff :lol:) and you've got yourself 10 additional cars and 30 tracks.
Congrats and hope u'll get plenty of business. How much are you charging? in game credit? paypal? or simply by Friday the 13th triva? hahah

What might this be referring to?

Congrats and hope u'll get plenty of business. How much are you charging? in game credit? paypal? or simply by Friday the 13th triva? hahah

Once everything gets underway I'll charge in-game credits, the amount of which varies depending on the car requested or tuned by myself.
I thought everyone that bought the game got that pack, maybe I'm wrong.

They did, but the offer is there for those who might not have gotten the voucher or brought it second hand. 👍
Ok, hopefully this is right.

4 films Sean was involved with.

And he had nick perform the stunt because he had the *****.
If you have an extra VIP code...this thread would've burst with response hahaha.

That, my friend, is undoubtedly true.

In any case the first round of tunes are coming soon, and the first on my list appears to be the ACR. Check back here for info about pricing and a tuning synopsis shortly.
RT Viper ACR 666, Track Spec (S-699)



714 bhp
666 lb-ft
0-60: 3.2 secs
0-100: 7.0
Top Speed: 197 mph


Engine and Power

Hays Race Flywheel

Platform and Handling

Wilwood Racing Brakes
Hotchkins Front and Rear Racing Anti-Roll Bars
OMP Race Chassis and Roll Cage
Mopar Racing Driveshaft
Detroit Locker Racing Differential
Goodyear Racing Compound
Dodge Rear Tire Width

Aspiration Conversion

Garrett Turbocharger

- Uses ROTA Tarmac 3 (Reduces weight further by 11lbs.)

This tune is intended for use in all Class S events and can take them with ease. The RT ACR will be available in four stages, this being the first.
If you're worried about the brute only known as the Bugatti Veyron, don't worry, you have two major advantages: turn-in and braking.
Limited to 666 orders, however, as of our grand opening the first 100 are FREE. Hurry while it lasts once the first 100 are spoken for the price will rise to 12,000 cr.

NOTE: Success with this tune depends on your launch from the line, tremendously so in fact, do keep in mind the ACR is very stable unless the rear exceed their traction limits. Also appears to have an irregular slip angle (which will be dealt with shortly) because you're using the stock transmission absolute acceleration is somewhat limited forcing you to rely on the braking and turn in capabilities of the ACR 666, while top end speed and acceleration are of a second concern.

Renown Tuning - Driver Discretion Advised.
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thanks! download it today. will try it out as soon as i have 90k to spare to work on the ACR.
This is pretty cool what with the little business type deal going on... it would be cool to see a couple of the same tuned car go head to head in some drags... all down to the driver :)
Alright folks, here at Renown Tuning are going to be doing things a bit differently for our FM3 garage, throughout the rest of the week I'll be reformatting/expanding the layout of the garage to include the new RT Shop, where you'll find vinyls, designs, photos, and replays that will be uploaded to our video front on Youtube. I'm currently working on an official coat of arms for Renown Tuning that will go onto every vehicle I work on; I could also work up an official decal design or a full-bodied design that will feature on only the top performance vehicles.

If all should go well, Renown Tuning will have an entirely new face and agenda before 2010.
The RT ACR Stage 2 is upcoming as is the RT Hawk (Dodge Challenger), in both RWD and AWD trims.
An updated version of the original tune and a version 2 of the ACR 666 are now Live.

Version 2 updates the ACR 666 to R3-703 and uses WedSport SA-70 wheels. 0-60 and 0-100 are improved - 3.237 and 7.046, respectively. Top speed is increased a bit to 198.1 mph, distances covered under hard braking are also improved (decreased).

Also, there's a improved stock braking/handling tune for the Veyron which is also live. All three are free. Stage two of the ACR as well as the RT Hawk are still on the way.
RT Hawk AWD, RT Spec (S-700)



886 bhp
698 lb-ft
0-60: 2.4 secs
0-100: 5.0 secs
Top Speed: 232 mph


Engine and Power
Weiand Race Intake Manifold and Throttle Body
Mopar Remove Restrictors

Platform and Handling

Wilwood Race Brakes
Race Springs and Dampers
Hotchkins Race Front and Rear Anti-Roll Bars
OMP Race Chassis and Roll Cage
Cobra Race Weight Reduction


CM Race Clutch
Mopar Street Transmission
Mopar Racing Driveline
Detroit Locker Racing Differential

Tires and Rims

Goodyear Race Tire Compound
Dodge Front and Rear Upgraded Tire Width

Aero and Appearance

Dodge Street Front Bumper
Dodge Street Rear Wing
Dodge Street Hood (Hehe...street hood)


Dodge Stock Car V8
AWD Drivetrain

- Uses RO_JA Motorsports R2-7 wheels.

This tune is intended to prepare the Challenger for all S-Class racing events and is well capable of succeeding at these events. A few things worth noting, first, be aware of your racing line and more importantly your braking points. The Hawk may very well haul ass but it is still very much a passenger car underneath all of the modifications and should be treated as such. Testing around tracks is 100% recommended as this will help you to learn the Hawk's tendencies, the biggest concern of which is the distances covered during braking. Understeer is a mild issue that's only worth taking notice to under hard throttle while cornering. The back end will step out if provoked, launch, turn-in and acceleration are all fantastic at this stage.

RWD version to follow shortly. Currently going for 10,000cr.

Renown Tuning - Driver Discretion Advised.
And this is why I think they went a little too far with drivetrain conversions...
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