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  1. ISI Surprises again, damn! Has anyone tryed the mpdemo yet? First GTR and now this. If anyone is interested, the demo and info can be found here. http:\www.rfactor.net
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    I will give this a go.I heard a lot of good things about this game.
  3. This game looks great, I can't wait to try it. It looks like LFS but seemingly better in every way.
  4. It wont work for me, after I installed it, I click on the icon and it seems like it's loading for a few seconds, and then does nothing. Any ideas? I have the update patch too.
  5. Does anyone know what the system requirements for this are?
  6. I checked the readme included and there isn't a system requirement listed. Judging from the CPU usage, I’d say you’d need a 1.+GHZ processor with at least 256MB of memory. I don’t know of anyone with less than WIN 2000. You’ll also need a fairly decent graphics card to render details in full. Clock speeds of 250mhz with 128MB DDR memory on board or better should do ok on medium detail.

    Less powerful cards @ 200mhz /64MB are tolerable. . you just can’t play comfortably with details high.

    DiectX9 must be installed.
  7. Eeek getting a bit close to what I have. I've only got 1ghz, 384mb of ram and a geforce 2 mx400 64mb card. Seems like yet another reason to upgrade.
  8. You should upgrade your vid card soon. Keep in mind that the demo is primarily for multi player testing. Performance isn’t fantastic when comparing to many other PC games available. This has been addressed an there will be many revisions before the game is complete. If you’re new to PC sims with a limited system budget. . the demo may be less attractive.
    There are some interesting and unique features, a few similarities to GTR if you have tried that one as well.

    The physics, audio and sensation of speed are convincing as you’re flying down the track. I find I can get my drift on more in this ISI game opposed to past ISI based games. . not quite as much as LFS tho :) .
    The lighting effects that take place as you progress through a day grab your attention after playing a bit. It has a kind of psychological effect on your driving because the road surfaces and surrounding markers appear to change as the light shifts directions. By the end of a session the lower ambient light makes the track appear differently. Night time is not implemented as of yet so that should be cool when enabled.

    The developers of rFactor intend to provide a game that can be modified by the user. The few cars that are in the demo aren’t entirely authentic, but that will change once the modding community becomes actively involved. I can see a sim like this becoming increasingly popular over the next couple of years.

    Right now the issue is performance. . . you do need a swell system to enjoy the Demo. I’ve raced online with rFactor many times and it’s gobs of fun!. . I look forward to the finished product :tup:
  9. I'm not too fussed about getting the multiplayer demo right now mainly because my computer is in pieces downstairs :) . I had a look at your mod site, those cars look really great, I can't wait till this game + that mod are released. If you don't mind another question otherbrother, do you know when the full version comes out? Hopefully before then I can get a new vid card. For christmas I bought myself a Driving Force Pro, not ony for my PS2 but also so I can get into some PC sim-racing. I have a copy of Grand Prix Legends and a copy of NASCAR 2003 just lying about waiting to be played. I am also planning on getting a copy of GTR and F1 Challenge if my computer can run them. My shopping list for the next 5-6 months:

    New Motherboard=$3-400
    New Processor=$2-300
    New Graphics Card=$2-300
    More Ram=$100
    Midnight Club 3=$100
    Forza Motorsport=$100

    =$1600 = More money than I have/can possibly get. :grumpy:
  10. Well I hear April/May towards completion, but I don't know for sure. Right now the hot video cards are the x800 and 6800GT. All I can say from the ongoing tests is the 6800 works great. Guys with 9800 Pros are envious of the FPS the 6800GT players are seeing. The x800 is right up there too. PNY’s 6800 GT is pretty cheap @378$. There was a sick deal not to long ago where 6800’s were going for 279$. I just missed that one. That might be out of your price range being that you’re on a budget.
    Don’t bother with F1C. Sim fanatics who played the F1 series forgot about them games the day they got their hands on GTR. rFactor will replace many of the F1C mods I thinks anyway. Mod development teams are eager to get a hold of rFactor because GTR really isn’t moldable, besides, rFactor will have a revised ISI engine.
  11. I'll cross F1C off my list then. But I forgot about LFS S2. I suppose they will cancel each other out. Those prices I listed were NZ$ otherbrother so I can't get a really good card. I'm just aiming for something which will cope with most games.
  12. Do NOT forget about F1 CHallenge. First of all..it's still the best F1 racing game avaible..and since Sony grabbed the F1 license..we won't see another one soon. of course..it's nowhere near GTR..but it's great game on it's own. And most of all..it's THE modding game. GTR won't get many mods, Nascar2003 has amazing looking GTP, but that's about it from upcoming mods. And the library of those avaible is extremely small. I expect rFactor to take over from F1C as main modding platform..but it won't get released for at least another six months..add another half a year at least for some good mods to come out..and ..well..F1C is must-buy now...for mods. ETCC and PrototypeC are worth the price alone. There's just to many great mods for F1C to not have the game in your collection.
  13. I have never seen a copy of F1C anywhere so I'll have to do some recon. If I can't find a copy I might have to pass it up anyway but as I said, I'll have to have a look around.
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    I dl the MP test but LFS S2 will be better but it doesn't matter, I'll will buy them both

    GTR, LFS S2, rFactor --> future looks great :)
  15. I played this game and hated it. A mate who got the demo also hated. It's uninstalled from both of our computers at the moment/ :thumbsdown:
  16. LMAO
  17. It's out and I love it! :)
  18. What are your first impressions of it?
  19. F1GTR

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    Autosimsport has given it 94% so it must be good.
  20. Gabkicks


    rFactor has a JGTC mod that is already close to being finnished
  21. That's pretty much the only reason I got it - for the mods. The base game is far from impressive.

    I can't wait for the JGTC mod, as well as So76. :D
  22. The game is career based and includes 2 fictional series: a touring car series and open wheel racers, including a low hp-trainer and a F1 lookalike. Add-on tracks and cars are coming out already. Apparently it's relatively easy to develop add-on stuff for it. A first mod is already out, the F3 Euroseries.

    Graphics are cool on my 1-year old PC, on max settings they look even better. The best feature is day-night transition, which can be accellerated. It's great to race on a track where lighting changes realtime. Weather type is only sunny or overcast. No rain untortunately.

    Another nice feature is the replay fridge, where you can edit replays and save them to *.avi files, haven't come across anything like that in a PC-game.

    It manages to create a racing atmosphere very well. AI is better than GT4 although it does acts suspicious at times. Standard race field is 20 cars.

    Physics feel ok (I must admit I'm not an expert) for the different cars I've tried so far, and the sense of speed is great.

    Overall I'm very pleased with it, I've stopped playing GT4.....


    So is this game for online only? It's empty when I try to play online.
  24. Dave A

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    On and off, though I haven't gone online with it yet.


    :odd: Where is the offline d/l then?
  26. zoxxy


    You have to buy it, I think. The only demo is the MP Test demo. :grumpy:

    I might be getting this too, mainly because of the F1 2005 mod! :D


    Oh... :grumpy:

    If there's no one online and I can't play the single player how am I suppposed to want to buy it? :dopey:

    BTW, nice tar. :lol:
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