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So yesterday I opened my first roulette ticket since the update, a 2 star and I was surprised to see the prizes were all credits ranging from a few coins to 5 bars. Now today I received a 5 star ticket and it had the same prizes as yesterdays 2 star one.

Is anyone else getting this? Does this mean there might be tickets that don't have credits and just parts as prizes?
I recieved a 4-star an hour ago with 4 parts and 1 invite, so it might be possible.
If someone could datamine the game we’d probably get a good idea not only of what’s possible but also the likelihood/odds to get it.
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1 star ticket today, another 5.000 credits.

Also, I did notice the "animation" has changed and that my 1 star ticket also only had cash prizes ranging from 5k (small pile of coins) and 5 gold bars (500k credits).

So maybe something did change... Just not my luck.
I had a few tickets saved up and got the following prizes:
1 Star: 2.000 Cr.
2 Star: 5.000 Cr.
3 Star: 5.000 Cr.
4 Star: 10.000 Cr.
2x5 Star: Subaru Viziv GT VGT & 100.000 Cr.
2x6 Star: 2x 500.000 Cr.

I had exactly the same prizes on offer (all cash) for different star tickets, but seems the possibility to get better prizes is increased with higher stars.
Yeah PD changed something about the tickets for sure. As @Grimm6Jack said, the animations seems different as well and a lot faster after the 1.11 update.
4 star ticket. Everything on the wheel were cars. 3 were safety cars if I recall correctly. Won the BMW M6 GT3 Endurance model 16.
After 45 tickets here are the most notables;
Blue BRZ
Black BRZ
Silvia engine
RedBull standard

The rest was usually the lowest or a handful of parts. Maybe there's better luck for the tickets received after the update and not the date when opened. 🤷‍♂️

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I wouldn't hold my breath...

I think those cars (heck, 2 of them are the exact same xD) are just there to leave you "oh, will I get a car? so many chances" but always end up getting the crappiest payout most of the time.

If anything, the post-update roulettes makes more of a fool out of us. But heck, I've only opened 1 ticket so far post-update. Let's wait and see first... Let's gather people here to post what they get (this would have to be everyone, even the bad payouts, so we could get a decent sample size).

I won a Tomahawk GTS-R (5 star ticket), 1 million (6 star ticket), 1 Porsche Invitation (4 star ticket), 2 Normal Car parts (an exhaust and brakes) and some other random car I don't care about (I think it was a Hyundai Genesis, if it wasn't, I just remember it being a low-cost car anyway).

So, basically, after 36 days of tickets (36) + several Menu tickets (17), I've gotten:

*A car that is going to be of no use to me because it's too overpowered to participate in events, and it's also not even the outright fastest car in the game (Tomahawk GTS-R);
*An invitation to a car I had already won from the last championship (Carrera GT);
*2 Normal car parts which I could've just bought on the Tuning Shop for 10k credits or less, not to mention that one of those car parts is for a Safety Car which I will never drive since Safety Cars are not my go to at all;
*A sub 100k car from a 3 star ticket.

All others were coin piles of which they were either the worst or 2nd worst prizes of those roulettes. And the 1 million may look like a good prize, but when you consider that it was a 6 star ticket and among those prizes that 1 million was the 2nd worst prize, it really is nothing to brag about at all. I had a P1 GTR, a Ferrari invitation and an engine there... The only prize worse than the million was 500k which was 5 gold bar (1 million is 10).

So let's talk realistically here.. I gained nothing, almost literally, from these tickets. And only once have I gotten a 5 and 6 star tickets (and the 6 star was from the menus).

Am I just that unlucky?
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Yesterday I got 30k off a 4 star ticket, which was surprisingly the smallest cash pile on the ticket. Today I'm back to getting 2k off a 1 star ticket.
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That’s todays 3 star ticket. Was very surprised because the other days after the update I always got the usual 5k cr.


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back then i got the GT3 BENZ, i had one that had 4 cars and lil money and I got the lil money. It's still fine, the game doesn't give cars out like candy
I've gotten more non-5000 credit rolls, but I still mostly get the least credit prize. I've also gotten one invite which now with more credit I can actually use...
I’m no longer getting tickets from daily workouts. Unless it bugs when you start a one hour race a few minutes before midnight.
I dunno if it's related but I know that if I started a race today and finished it tomorrow (by pausing and letting the console in sleep mode) it wouldnt register in my daily workout. Used to be like that in gts already. Could be the same thing, not sure.