Roulette since v1.11

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Guys, are we sure Tickets get better with higher Collectors Level? Since level 50 i feel like they got worse, only 1-3 Star Tickets with lowest Creditamount. Before that i had good tickets with some Cars, 2x 0,5 Mil and 1x 1 Mil rewards.
Nope, still get ****ty tickets with ****ty rewards.:lol:
As with all things RNG, you need lady luck on your side.:D

Enter my collection

Extra menu

Select the toyota 86 rapidly 2 times.

Go to garage and you earn a 4 star ticket.

Close game to repear

So yesterday I opened my first roulette ticket since the update, a 2 star and I was surprised to see the prizes were all credits ranging from a few coins to 5 bars. Now today I received a 5 star ticket and it had the same prizes as yesterdays 2 star one.

Is anyone else getting this? Does this mean there might be tickets that don't have credits and just parts as prizes?