Round 06: Silverstone 12 Hour

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    Congrats to my Russian Roulette Racing teammates, @AJHG1000, @Timlour & @Whitetail on a stellar second place! I'm definitely disappointed that I wasn't able to drive that weekend as Silverstone is my favourite track, but family comes first :) . It was definitely good fun watching the race when I could. Great racing to all involved, and a big thanks need to go out to the commentators, @Famine, @PASM, @Tom, and anyone else who stepped into the commentators booth, and more importantly, @AJ for dedicating a large portion of his time to run these events on a regular basis and to make them run efficiently.

    Without them, this would just be a concept, and not a reality. So a big, BIG thanks to you's.
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    Thanks. :O Driving two stints early in the morning was a challenge for me but it was fun and a relief to see the checkered flag (although I REALLY wanted that last lap, so close). Doesn't look like I improved my driver rating on this one but there's still a lot of racing left this year.

    You can't discredit my teammates, they drove valiantly and sacrificed a good bit of sleep and time to get the car around the track. Thanks once again and I'll see you all in future rounds. :cheers:
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    Well I'll be jiggered. Despite bring the 2nd slowest driver in qualifying and touring round as the 2nd slowest driver on the track for most of my 60-odd laps, I'm on the top step of the GT Cup podium. Thanks to @MINT_GTR, @Beau Albert & @Heathenpride I think!

    I've had a look at the replay of my race and it seemed nicely consistent - 78.9% of my laps were 2'09 or 2'10, with two on fresh tyres in the 2'08 and 10 on worn tyres or in traffic (or straightlining Maggots) slower than 2'10.
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    :tup: It's always a pleasure having you on board Famine!

    This goes to show just how important it is to be consistent! One can be as fast as one likes but it's the consistency that will get results 9/10 times.

    Well done again to you, Beau and Matt, I was just the guy yelling from pit lane :D

    Also let's not forget our Qualifying driver @Ph1sher, who was unable to drive, and also Mic who looked to be out of town for the event but had it delayed at the last minute, you can thank your boss for that one Mic :lol:
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