S10 S7 and other S-Class Tunes *Mines PRO tune added*

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    S10 was a 700PP race in Spec II. It was changed to 750PP in the Spec III update. The Lotus was a god car in Spec II. The Clio T and Ferrari C are god cars in Spec III.
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    oh right, any big tips or advice for tuning and cars to use on spec II for races s 7 and s 10? just dug it out and im pretty rusty to say the least. Thanks.
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    Seriously, my advice would be to do the Spec III update. It's better in every way than Spec II.

    But if you don't want to or can't, here is my 111R T tune I used to beat S10 back in Spec II. https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showpost.php?p=3134968&postcount=78

    Be very careful about bumping other cars. The penalties in Spec II were severe.
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    Well, this is my first post in this forum (I read it a lot, but registered only some days ago)

    I want to thank s2k2k3 because when I bought GT5:p (a year ago, when I bought my PS3) I won almost all the events, except the infamous Suzuka S-10. So, anticipating the release of GT5 I picked up Prologue once again, to see if I could beat S-10. And I got a Silver with the Mine's R34 and s2k2k3 tuning within a few tries :)
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    Hi all, and Thanks to s2k2k3

    I am new here but not new to GT. Got out my GTP to get back up to speed with a new wheel (Fanatec Turbos S) and found this forum a few days ago. While I usually do not frequent forums, I had to try and find some help with GTP S10. I for the sake of not went ahead and tried some of the other tunes on this thread by s2k2k3 and liked thema good bit. I surely needed the help with the S10 specificaly and have now finished it for a Silver. I will keep at it untill I get the Gold as is my nature. Anyway, just a quick thank you to s2k2k3 for a great set of tunes for all to start out with.

    Keep the Peace
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    I hope to bump up this thread a notch, because s10 is continuing to give me a hard time. ...and I don't just mean a hard time, I mean it's totally impossible for me to complete. I have completed all the other races. Some of them have been hard, but I've completed them eventually. But with s10 I'm just hitting a wall every time.

    I don't understand it. How can just one race be so much harder than the rest. By now, I've spent more time on this single race than I have on the rest of the game altogether. When I'm in shape, I can get lap times of 2:06-2:07, but that's it! Occasionally, I'm able to hit a time at 2:03, but I never know what really happened and I can't repeat it... Any hints would be greatly appreciated!
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    Read back through this thread. Tons of advice on what to do and not to do.