S10 S7 and other S-Class Tunes *Mines PRO tune added*

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  1. HaylRayzor

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    I completed all the events in Spec II before updating. I did have 3 or 4 silvers that I cleaned up after I updated. The biggest problem with Spec II in my opinion is that the penalties are ridiculous. If you brush or nudge another car you get a penalty.

    I used the Lotus 111R Tuned for all the S-class in Spec II. If you search older posts you can find tunes for Spec II. Here is the tune I used way back when. https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showpost.php?p=3134968&postcount=78

    Can't say how good this tune is since I was pretty new back then but it should be a start for you. I got gold with it.
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  2. darkangeldc5


  3. Matti_Dude


    Great tunes, the first time i tried them I was thinking wow these cars are really loose, but then I realised they were tuned with standard physics. I thought I was just a terrible driver, but as soon as i changed the physics to standard I beat S10 first time. I never realised how much quicker standard physics are than professional physics.
  4. HaylRayzor

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    Many of us (even some who won't admit it here) used standard physics to beat S7 and S10 the first time. If you want to beat them "the hard way" give my Pro Physics Tuned Vette a try.
  5. Matti_Dude


    Well I was using the Amuse tune you have here, and I was still able to set some pretty reasonable times. On one lap I think I managed a 2:00.7XX, but I just struggled to be consistent enough to win the race. I'll give the Vette a try once I've saved up enough money
  6. Shaunn


    Very nice settings as so they look!
    I'm gonna try these when i'm home^^
  7. Scottcam24


    Is it possible to drive the ferrari f2007 in the tuned S class races?
  8. HaylRayzor

    HaylRayzor Premium

    Neither the F2007 nor the Citroen GT can be tuned down to use in any S events.
  9. wanabgoodbutsuk


    The s2k2k3 Z06 Tuned PRO Physics tune is awesome! s7 & s10 pro physics was so easy, i had to keep checking it was on pro physics, the car is so planted, i used variations of that tune on every s event it allowed me to and smoked em all.
  10. Hawk99


    Thanks to this thread I finally beat S10....well...I came in 3rd. lol. But I'll take it. Thanks guys.
  11. Hawk99


    Update: I just came in 1st 5 times in a row. The settings work with practice. :tup:
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  12. HaylRayzor

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    Glad to see people are still getting use from these tunes. Hopefully I can do something similar for GT5, although we still don't know exactly how tuning or PP will work in the full game.
  13. GTPorsche


    Yes, the tunes work very well. I used the Mine's tune to clear S10 with a 3rd place after I was stuck finishing around 8th. My setups always lack good transmission tuning and that's what holds me back from being as fast as I could be. I was only 1 second behind 2nd place and 1st place was well off with a huge lead before I got out of the main traffic. Those Tuned Z06 Vettes run off from the field when they don't have anything slowing them down.
  14. yakapo


    I was really stuck on S7. I just got 2nd (after at least 2 penalties). I probably would have had 1st if not for the corvette in front by 5+ seconds.
    My primary problem was that I had active steering on mild instead of off. I was just earning money on S3 and I was stuck at 2nd place. I noticed by chance that I had active steering on. I turned off active steering and easily got 1st. I beat my best time by almost 2 seconds just by turning it off. The game would have been much easier if I had done it a while ago.
    I used your auto blitz tune. Thanks!
  15. Stocki1987


    i just discovered gt5p 2 weeks ago to get me in the right mood for gt5. your posts were very helpful. thank a lot for that especially for the s-10 post for pad users with the blitz.

    now after 2 weeks of playing i got gold in every race except the time trials, in which i only got silver. can you tell how you managed them, please.
  16. HaylRayzor

    HaylRayzor Premium

    There are lots of threads about the time trials. Tons of great advice just a click away.
  17. dasal


    Cheers S2k, I finally did a gold on S10 with the tuned vette (auto)

    These are my tips:
    - Aim for under 2.10 first lap
    - 2.01 second lap
    - Solid 3rd lap will see you take lead just around half way through
    - Around a 2.03 for laps 3-5 will see you stay in lead and take gold
    - Any penaltys just restart, for gold you cannot afford any
    - Stay on the road, drive smooth and no need to try and go too quick.
  18. mik_69


    Thanks for the tunes s2k2k3!

    I've had GT5P since release but only recently progressed to a wheel and manual gears so given the S-class a good shot for Gold. With the help of your tunes (S10 with Blitz) i;ve finally got all Gold.

    I led twice with Amuse by lap 4 but on the final lap it always seemed to slide out so easy on the corners, like there was tyre wear! lol
  19. MeanElf


    s2k2k3 you're a star! I haven't got all the S-level events, hey, I only started tackling them yesterday, but now they are starting to make sense thanks to your tuning tips and also those spawned from this thread.

    Cheers again!
  20. oldturtle


    This is my first post, I have been lurking the site for a couple months now. I just wanted to say thanks for the tunes! I finally got gold in s-10 with the SRT-10 tune.

    However, I do have a question. I seemed like the rest of the cars were running a little slower than they were when I was using the mines tune, or the blitz tune. Does what care you are using effect the speed/lap times of the AI cars?
  21. HaylRayzor

    HaylRayzor Premium

    The AI cars run very consistent times regardless of what car you are using or how you are driving. They just seem slower when you are driving faster. :sly:

    Some of the AI cars (like the Amuse and Tuned Corvettes) are faster than the other AI cars and can be quite a challenge. But sometimes they can be held up by the slower cars, making them much easier to pass.
  22. zhunterzz


    Thank you so much, I used your tunes for the Blitz R34 to beat S10! What a great tune. I thought it was impossible to drive that thing that fast, what a beast! Thanks for all your hard work on these.
  23. ranhammerR34

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    United States
    All you need to know is your tunes help me finish the game. :D Thanks! :D --- Randy
  24. Dissident


    I just wanted to say thank you for these. I purchased a G27 and GT5P about a week ago to start practicing for the real thing. I managed my way through class C,B,and A events, but was stuck in a rut on these S events and the tuning.

    I had been attempting S7 with the S2000, and could not manage better then 11th. I found your setup, and got 3rd place on my first try. Would have done better but getting used to driving without ABS caused a few shortcut penalties.

    Anyway I got 1st place on try 2. Every setting is the same as yours however I had to switch to automatic trans, since I can not figure out how to get to 7th gear with my G27 only have 6 gears and the paddle shifters not working in GT5P.

    Anyway, I am excited to try the other setups and the rest of the events now.

    Thanks again.
  25. HaylRayzor

    HaylRayzor Premium

    Yeah the S2000 stops so much faster and turns in so much quicker without ABS that it's easy to get shortcut penalties when you first try it.
  26. Harley45

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    Sorry to dig this Older Thread up but I just wanted to say thanks to s2k2k3 you're a star! mate , thanks to your tuning tips i've just Cleared the SUZUKA Spec III 750 Point Race in First Place :tup:

    I even got a Sub 2min lap :)

    *EDITED* I meant Suzuka D'oh :dunce:
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  27. HaylRayzor

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    I hope you mean you got a sub 2 min lap on Suzuka. You have to be WAY under 2 minutes per lap to win the Fuji 750pp race. :sly:
  28. Harley45

    Harley45 Premium

    Yup sorry I did mean Suzuka :D

    Thanks again :tup:
  29. Dissident


    Wanted to thank you once more. I have managed to gold all of the S events on Normal physics. 6 and 10 were really the only difficult ones. I modified your setup for S6 and ended up getting a gold after many tries. I used:

    S6 - Suzuka - F40 Mission Race

    Auto Transmission
    Power: -2%
    Weight: 97%
    Tires: S3
    Aero: (fixed)
    Height: -11 -11
    Springs: 5 6
    Dampers: 5 5
    Toe: +0.18 +0.50
    Camber: 1.6 1.2
    Brakes: 8 6
    Max Turn: 50
    ABS: 1
    TCS: OFF

    1: 2.346
    2: 1.765
    3: 1.349
    4: 1.068
    5: 0.846
    F: 3.260

    Best lap was 222.037

    and for S10 I used:


    Power: +6%
    Weight: 85%
    Tires: R1
    Aero: F16 R20
    Height: -10 -10
    Springs: 4 8
    Dampers: 4 8
    Toe: -0.10 +0.30
    Camber: 1.0 0.8
    Brakes: 5 3
    Max Turn: 50
    ABS: off
    TCS: off

    1: 2.388
    2: 1.843
    3: 1.518
    4: 1.244
    5: 1.045
    6: 0.880
    F: 3.654

    Basically just your setup with slight alterations. Not even sure my changes made a difference on this one, because I think I finally just got lucky. I am really bad at this track.

    Anyway, I took the lead on lap 4 and my fastest lap was 159.360. Average lap was 201.

    Thanks again for all your help. I def need a lot more practice at this track though to be consistent and get my times down.
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  30. hhhwa


    stupid question time but how come i can only tune to 700pp on the s races? i did the s 10 with the lotus tuned but all this suggestions are for 750pp?