Same Car, Same Colour, Same Track & Time Thread *(Read OP)*#1

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This was difficult as the light wasn't quite right at the time for what I was planning..any how I changed my mind and for a change no rainbow this time! Where I could the plan was to get the pictures in the 'reflections';) (top/3rd pic)đź‘Ť

DRIVECLUB™_20151117183941 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151117183642 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151117183409 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151117182733 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151117182555 by torque99, on Flickr
It looks like this will now be Bi-Weekly until Xmas and then decide whether to go back to weekly, Bi-weekly or even Monthly (when/if more details on future cars/tracks dlc released) due to other recent games being released/people playing those and not as many entries in the past few weeks.

So for the next 2 weeks to see if more join in/likes and give more time to get the 5 photos in etc it will be:

Current Week 22.png
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Ok guys-Great choice of dawn shots to be had on these settings and dirt track in India ;) I didn't make it right round the track and took them all in the first half as I didn't want the sun breaking through too much and just the red/blue clouds and the beautiful backdrop vistas..I forgot what a handful this thing is but with the small narrow wheels wide apart the chassis flexes more than most cars so I also tried to capture the flex on the turn as well..đź‘Ť

Remember this is now running for 2 weeks so no rush...:cheers:

Here are my 5:-

DRIVECLUB™_20151124101928 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151124102901 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151124101735 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151124102831 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151124101655 by torque99, on Flickr
Bump - easy to overlook this thread when we run for two weeks, anyone else want to throw their hat into the ring? ;)
I will, but probably not until tomorrow - heavy work schedule (y'know how it is, employers need to maximise that profit for an essentially one-day non-profit holiday celebration...)
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