Seasonal Event - SSR5 is the most fun I've had on GT5 so far.

Discussion in 'GT5 Seasonal Events' started by MidianGTX, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. MidianGTX


    Who was the genius behind spreading out the AI? It's fantastic! The CPU intelligence seems so much better when you're only tackling one at a time, rather than having 12 cars throttling it into the first hairpin. You can actually overtake without any bumps or scrapes at all. Does this happen in the other seasonal events? I haven't checked yet.

    Anyway, another great aspect of this mode is the fact you can't just power to the front of the pack within 30 seconds. The whole race is actually a race rather than a boring game of "I Spy" with the background scenery. You're constantly trying to catch up to the next guy, pushing as hard as you can to get maximum performance.

    ...and you know what? I came 7th. Yes, it's pathetic, but damn it was fun. I still got awarded a respectable 210,000 credits and 21,000 XP despite my crappy performance and now I have something to improve upon.

    So with that last paragraph in mind, can anyone recommend me a car/tuning setup for the SSR5 event? I drove it in a stock GT-R SpecV which clearly wasn't the way to go.
  2. I got a SpecV, put some aero parts on it and brought it as close to 493 BHP as possible. Came second, tried a few times again and got first after a while.
    I was a fun event! Although most of it was spent trying to find lines that combat the understeer.

    Also, the reward! 1 MCr for half an hour's work, and loads of XP. I like.
  3. Rossticles

    United States Houston, TX

    Nice! I can't wait for these to be updated. It seems like they will make leveling a lot easier even if you can't get 1st place.
  4. whatbrown


    I managed 3rd place with the SpecV by lowering weight, adjusting the suspension, soft tires, and adding about 13 horsepower or so. Be careful not to do an oil change or you will go over the maximum horsepower.
  5. MidianGTX


    I installed the aero parts & racing filter and upgraded the tires... 2nd place :)

    That's another 490,000 credits in the bank and 49,000 XP on top of what I had before. I love you PD.

    Edit: Alright can someone give me suspension settings for a little more performance out of this thing? I can place 2nd consistently now, I just need a bit more of a boost.
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  6. If you finished 2nd, that's 700 000 in the bank. :)
  7. noliat


    Same here, got the GTR Spec-V, lowered the weight as much as possible and tuned it to 492hp, which is the closest you can to the limit. Then just buy Full Suspensions, do some tweaking, and you're off to a gold medal.

    First try got silver, golded on my second try. And the EXP and Cr are amazing for this event!

    And back on topic, OP is right, these events are some of the best GT5 has to offer.
  8. High five MidianGTX !
  9. After a few upgrades to get power up to 492hp, all of the chassis/body upgrades, and all of the areo/wing modifications, I used LDP's setup ( for the suspension, LSD, aero, and brake balance. This yielded by 2nd place without too much trouble. Have yet to add the fully customized transmission, but I think this might be helpful on SSR5 since I'm often in between 2nd and 3rd at places. Hopefully that'll knock my time down. Comparing the LDP setup to the base setup is amazing, makes the car much more sure footed.
  10. N155AN


    whats the best anyone has got with the GTR '07?

    Ive got 3rd.. was wondering if installing aero parts will help reduce my laptimes.. currently I am lapping around

    I bought a GTR '07 as I already have a spec V but fully tuned, and I'm unable to de-tune it to 493, so I chose to buy the standard GTR. I added a few mods and am running exactly 493bhp.

    would aero parts such as the big spoiler and extensions help me crack into the 1.31's and below?

    or do you think just buy another Spec V GTR?
  11. Aizen93nasty


    I overtook the first car on the start of the 5th lap but it's too bad that after you get 1st place you can't redo this event for more cash. Oh well that would have been too easy to become multi-milli. I got the Spec-V for this event, fully lowered on weight no engine upgrade but everything else i could put on it. Got a 01.26.528
  12. Track_Veteran


    I used a stock 09 GTR Vspec from the dealership.
    Proper tires and all weight reduction. That alone got me 1st.

    I agree that it's a pretty fun race.
  13. Mr. Boy


    Do you really need so many upgrades? I only did a stage 3 lightening and added sports suspension and sports softs and won the race.
  14. Creative0


    Is this event in GT5 permanently or will it be removed? Sorry I haven't had the time to check yet.
  15. mizx

    United Kingdom Somerset

    I really enjoyed it too. I've done this one and won first two so far, those were ok too albeit a bit slow :)

    I had an R32 that I'd been planning to set up as a time-trial style car so I thought I might as well start on that. Leaving the engine stages for now, I'm running 490BHP for the race. I finished third with my first attempt, the first few laps were a little untidy so I had another go (also shortened the gears to 180mph). I lost a little time hitting one of the Vipers in turn 1, it understeered badly just as I shot around the outside; I finished in second, 15 seconds behind the GT.

    I'm really pleased with the car, stable fast entries and it absolutely flies through the high speed corners, it should be possible with some fiddling and another attempt. Otherwise I'll use the R35 V-Spec.
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  16. Aizen93nasty


    Just finished 1st on the Dodge Challenger event. pff that wasn't too easy. 01.50.769 on the best lap. Was freakin fun though. 750.000 moar in tha bank. :)
  17. fitftw


    I have an R32 Spec V and got 7th with 492hp. I'm gonna try tweaking the top speed and suspension for more oversteer.
  18. I totally agree, these overtaking special events feel so different to the rest of the game. I did the first one and could only manage 2nd, but I didn't care cos I loved it! This is really exciting racing and you have to push from start to finish, great stuff! :)
  19. The goo thing is, in 3 weeks time these events end and if they keep adding new events like this every 3 weeks, it will be perfect!
  20. I found that I needed to run mostly 1.28s or 1.29s to win, for reference.
  21. MildAshers

    England Wymondham, Norfolk

    This was insanly fun. SpecV with 488bhp and some aero. Made more tense with no hud! No info on gaps or position so it was tight!
  22. JosVerstappen


    twas the first time I felt like I played an arcade game. GTR 07 on soft sports I dunno...
  23. Just buy a GT-R V ´09 (Premium), get soft sports tires and you will win it easily. No need to tune it.

    I am completely with you. First time in a GT-R in GT5 and first think I thought was "What the hell?". Even when deactivating all aids (ABS 1) it felt like driving with everything on.
  24. blownMonster1


    adding all of the aero parts make a pretty significant difference. I was able to pass the ford GT in the first couple of corners in the 5th lap. Very fun series of races.
  25. filphil89


    The whole set of bonus races has been fun. For some reason the Fiat one was the most challenging, imo.
  26. Dijital Majik

    PSN:GTP_Majik / Majik893

    Agreed! It's fun chasing down all the cars and overtaking them as quick and easily as possible.

    I'm running my fully modded R32 (detuned to exactly 493BHP), and can regularly get second. First place, however eludes me greatly. I'm lapping high 29s to low 30s and every time end up about 13 seconds behind the Ford GT in first place. I guess I'll have to get a new V Spec or run the GT Academy version's power down...
  27. Just practicing for it now! Stupid engine break in... So I have to wait for oil hp loss heh.
  28. Track_Veteran


    It's great to get this amount of A-spec points without running an endurance race too.
    Also a lot quicker.
  29. J32

    United States New York

    Aboslutely love this event. Got it on my second try, the first try I got second.

    All weight reducton/Tourque sensing diff (40/60)/racing filter/sport softs.
  30. for those of you who won, what were your lap times. I am hitting high 1:31's and only got 3rd, though close to second about 20s from 1st. I dunno if I can shave my lap to 26's
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